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Abuse of the Achievement System

OcarisOcaris Member Posts: 34
This is still generally frowned upon, yes? I would imagine it moreso now that it's generating credits, but I remember it being brought up when achievements were released that gaming the system specifically for achievement points would not be allowed.


  • DecDec Member, Immortal Posts: 216 mod
    Hard to answer in the abstract because what people considers "abuse" varies widely.  In general though, if you are generating anything of value in a way that was not the intent of the system, then you are on shaky ground. 
  • OcarisOcaris Member Posts: 34
    The item in question was cities running arena events that are achievement based and providing players wins (players who in no way would win those events otherwise) - I'm sure there are other ways in which the systems can be gamed, and maybe it's worth looking at the numbers with a reduced playerbase - but the prompt for this particular thread was arena events.
  • DecDec Member, Immortal Posts: 216 mod
    Arena contests with predetermined winners would generally be a no, but holding a lot of arena tournaments to give people a lot of opportunities would be fine.
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