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Engineering Chems Discussion

HyperionusHyperionus Member Posts: 41
I've been doing some more experimenting on how to make use of my opening game strategies as an Engineer, and was hoping to get some insight from those of you who posted it when it first came out. I know chemicals are not everybody's favourite tool, but on paper they seem like an effective way to open up until I can garner focus. Unfortunately, I'm running into a problem with domecap curing times.

I set AUTOCURING DOMECAP 1, focus with shooting and have the agile statpack which gives a balance boost. This should give me the optimal method of quickshotting Chems until I gather enough focus for a focus shot. I hit myself with a psiloite (causes limbs to break on a timer, one limb per stack is psiloite, timer between limb breaks also decreases per stacked psiloite). Autocuring hits, I eat a domecap and proceed to quickshot three more psiloite and then an ironite (causes failure on salve applications). Before the psiloite timer triggers for limb breakage, the toadstool timer resets and I cure all of it. Essentially, chemicals that operate on timers (which is everything except ironite, incendite and phosphorite) seem to be useless without a focus shot to lengthen the domecap/toadstool timer. I haven't tested the other timed chemicals to see if they act the same way, but this isn't encouraging. Did anyone who first tested this know whether this is operating as intended, or whether I could be doing something differently without using focus/trick shots?


  • HyperionusHyperionus Member Posts: 41
    edited February 2019
    I've decided that my preferred way to fix Chems is just give us more of them... Let dual shot separate both hands into individual balance times so we can stack faster!  And give Chems (or maybe compounds?) buffing abilities when they're put into a capsule and ingested!
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