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Imperian Discord Server

Greetings. I'm new in Imperian. I've checked the forums but haven't seen any Discord server of Imperian. Do we have any? If there is one, could you send an invite in here? So in the future newbies can find it in forums much more quickly. If there isn't any server yet, anyone able to open one and invite people? I'm not good at Discord things. So someone more experienced would be better. I know Achaea and Starmourn have Discord servers. And I think we should have one. Waiting for your answers. Thank you.


  • edited December 2018
    So far as I know, there is not one.  I suspect this is because ooc rules are rather lax, and if we want to randomly say "hey" to one of those sad beings that picked the wrong Circle, we just shoot a tell. :smiley:
  • Plus discord/skyping with a Mud kind of breaks the immersion 
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