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Mudlet Systems?

EhtiasEhtias Member Posts: 5
I know people have them in general, however I was wondering if there were any that were publicly available or being sold or something similar for a decent price. I want to swap back to using mudlet but I haven't scripted anything in years at this point thus looking for other options.


  • EochaidEochaid Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
    For curing autocuring is really stronger than any system you'll find. You only need to make some basic triggers and aliases to tweak it a bit.
  • EhtiasEhtias Member Posts: 5
    Well, it's mostly I just need a functioning UI for mudlet more than anything. Possibly something that helps with bashing.
  • DeklanDeklan Member Posts: 80 ✭✭
    Kaylnthari has her Starlight system buried here in the forums somewhere, idk if its still available but i do know she's not actively updating it anymore. Pretty awesome bashing system, relatively noob-proof too i think. Just read the manual it comes with in the thread i think.
  • EhtiasEhtias Member Posts: 5
    Was taken down otherwise i'd had used it honestly, I like the UI for it.
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