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We used to have one. May still have one gathering dust in the recesses of the forums, but I wanna see your mugs. A good reminder that we are all humans behind the word-smashing, peekay angst, and faction tension. 

I'll start. 

Me in cat ear's with my girlfriend getting ready to eat post-Dracual-ballet pho. 

Bonus @Kabaal and the tiny terrorist, when he was still mostly immoble: 



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    There are very very few photos of me. I have even less I've taken myself. I don't like cameras.
    Pasty skin from being a nightshift worker.

    Image may contain 1 person

    I think I was looking at a small lighthouse, wishing I had swim shorts in my backpack to go swim out to it and climb it for a better view.
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    Here's me from a half-marathon I ran a few years ago:

    Me choking a dude:

    Me getting eaten by a mindflayer:

    Me being sexy:

  • Does it count if it's the one from the website?

    Also, cat in the hat shirt while wearing a cat hat.
  • Well la-dee-da mister VIP at a Caps game.
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  • Eoghan said:
    Well la-dee-da mister VIP at a Caps game.
    I'm still confused about those seat covers.  The tickets were re-sales, so maybe the buyer got something, but I certainly didn't get anything special from sitting in the "VIP" section.  They were the same seats as everyone else's.
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    I guess I can also post the picture of me from the website. This was like, a few dozen hair colors ago, not that you can see it in the picture.

    ETA: It's also at least two sets of frames ago.
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    I’ve been told that no, a picture from YEARS ago doesn’t count.

    Here’s August, post-bleach pre-dye on my way to a marketing event for #dayjob

    It may be the most suave I have ever looked.

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  • Suave-oghan.
  • Obligatory cat picture. 

  • @Ryse, I'd like to inform you that my male cat looks just like your cat.
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    Well, you are my game mom...maybe our cats are related?!


    In the absence of further player pics, please post pet  pics. 

    Additional relevant cat tax attached. 

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    @Ryse...staph (please tell me that you don't have any more cats! How are ours so similar?!)!

  • @Myrcella cat twins! High five!
  • This ridiculous beast is Vader. 
  • Athena and a bonus demon.
  • The most ridiculous pit bull to ever live, Nita. 

  • Krysaliss said:
    This ridiculous beast is Vader. 
    An absolute unit.
  • @Ryse Did you steal my cat?

  • Altheia said:
    @Ryse Did you steal my cat?
    Yes! I expect 1000 credits by noon, or he shall be ruthlessly snuggled. 

  • If I ever fail to post cat pics, then you know I have died.

  • Me and the gremlins aka mini-trolls.

  • Alright, a rare exclusive view of the real me. This is gonna be weird for some of you but literally the only pictures that exist of me are from Airsoft (not real military) because I never leave my house for anything except airsoft.....

  • Fanglor inspired me to take a picture of a picture. This is from 17 years ago!

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    Seems vacation is over for me now. Miss the community. Long time no see everyone, hope y'all been well. ^ ^
    ~ When things go ta hell on earth. You will be searching for 'dem Twinkies. Just give me 'dem Reeces ~
  • Me 2 minutes after realizing peoples beautiful mugs were on here.
    You point your finger at Wyll and pretend to shoot.

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