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Is this normal?

JalarasJalaras Member Posts: 73
I had earlier went to Erorag to just do some bashing and whatnot, and I've noticed this before in another area awhile back--actually Bloodstone Quarry now that it jogged my memory, that there are ungodly stacked amounts of mobs in one room or several that is not normally the case. I figure its a bug within the prized spawnwave code or something, but I will bug it in case, however-here's a screenshot when zipped past the stack and glanced into the room, just to make sure I'm not going crazy..


  • DeklanDeklan Member Posts: 82 ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    No, the Macabre Tunnels have the same problem. I wonder if it might have something to do with alluring gems. Some mobs will randomly pick stuff up off the ground and maybe it's still active (somehow) in their inventory? Have killed some mobs in lesser spawnwave areas and will pick up someone's gem as corpseloot.

    Edit: I admit it doesn't quite fit cause it's -just- the two-headed ogres from your screenshot, but in Macabre it's all the beasts. I can't even engage cheese mode and duck in and out of the room to hit mobs when they're stacked like that since you hit one, they all aggro and hit you.

    In any case it's super annoying cause clots like those are deadly to unarti'd/non-speedyquick-bash classes. As if Erorag wasn't a death trap to begin with...
  • KalynthariKalynthari Member Posts: 294 ✭✭✭
    There was a change a few months back that made it so mobs weren't meant to clump up in higher-level areas... Apparently it's a change that didn't work like it was supposed to.
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