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So. We love novices, they're super adorable and they have this energy to learn and explore and stuff. It's amazing! Now, in the interest of helping out the newblings as much as possible, we're going to publish the Khandavan CHELPs for novices here. Hopefully this will give ideas to the other cities and councils on what they can add to theirs, and also give us feedback on ours.

One thing you might notice is that we have a lot of CHELPs for novices. This is intentional; we broke them up into shorter segments so as not to overwhelm new players with a really long CHELP to read when they first come arrive. Plus, if you're a newbie Engineer, information meant for newbie Hunters will just be additional noise for you to filter on an already intimidating game. It's best to trim things down into easily digestible parts.

Furthermore, we removed as much as possible any use of pseudo-tables, since screenreaders have a difficult time of making sense of them. Instead, we made use of the colour tags to "break up" huge walls of text, and highlight important ones (such as syntaxes).

Perhaps most importantly, these CHELPs were written with the assumption that there would not be any experienced members around to guide a new player hands-on. While the hands-on approach is by far the best method of introducing a new player to the game, the reality is that there are "dead" times in Imperian. So, the first file that newbies are to read when they join Khandava is CHELP WELCOME. From there, newbies are directed to read other help files (CHELP NOVICE <profession>, CHELP NOVICE EQUIPMENT, so on and so forth). The aim is that they won't feel too lost and aimless after being dumped onto a newbie area.

Each CHELP has the displayed version (what you see when you CHELP; these are the .html files) and the raw version (the "code" behind it, mostly in terms of colourisation; these are the .txt files). 

Please, feel free to make use of these for your own orgs, or post feedback and suggestions on what we can do for ours. Thank you very much!
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