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Hollow basics

I think this is RP! I don't really understand the god system here, so I'm just playing Tyanna as a derp/I am a derp. Riatan is very patient. :)

(Cult): You say, "Ah so more for the feast and such?"

(Cult): You say, "I like to imagine us all sitting at a feast. Feels warm."

(Cult): You say, "Maybe I'll cook one. Is that allowed?"

(Cult): Riatan says, "It does. If that image makes you strive, then please keep it firmly in mind."

(Cult): Riatan says, "As I do not 'eat' as is commonly done, I am not the best to ask. I will accept all dedication and pre-feast prayer, however!"

(Cult): You say, "I'll have to learn to cook first and- HOLD UP."

(Cult): You say, "You don't eat?! What- now, how- Have You TASTED food?! How could You not-."

(Cult): Riatan says, "I can eat and taste. The act simply has no purpose, aside from sharing community and solidarity with the Chosen."

(Cult): Riatan says, "I do enjoy tastes. I just find it non-essential."

(Cult): You say, "Hrm."

(Cult): You say, "Essential's a mighty odd thing, I think. I don't need to hear music, but if I didn't I don't know if my life would be the same."

(Cult): You say, "Oh that's why You're hollow."

(Cult): You say, "I'm rather dumb."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Not dumb, you simply were looking down the road in a different direction."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Now you understand. I am hollow. A being of pure craving, with all the desire, savagery, and ambition that comes with that word."

(Cult): You say, "I wouldn't want to be You."

(Cult): You say, "Do offerings make it better?"

(Cult): Riatan says, "Assuredly."

(Cult): You say, "Then I'll offer my best, promise."

(Cult): Riatan says, "My existence is not so bleak as the word 'hollow' implies."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Have you ever been so hungry that an entire feast did not suffice?"

(Cult): You say, "No, that sounds like a worm in the guts. My sister had that."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Ha."

(Cult): Riatan says, "How about a well you could not see the bottom of?"

(Cult): You say, "Oh, that's frightening. Don't know what's down there."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Mmm."

(Cult): You say, "I think I quite like being me. Worship is a bit scary, but mighty reaffirming."

(Cult): You say, "Wouldn't want to be You if they paid me mountains of gems."

Riatan, the Ravening has bestowed his highfavour upon you. It will last 2 hours.

(Cult): You say, "Thank You much, but I hope this doesn't diminish stew. Bellyache's the best seasoning."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Oh no. My strength is as such now that such acts are not noticable losses of essence. Hunt well, Tyanna. I am pleased to know that you are comfortable in your own skin. Masks are a glorious thing to hide behind, but the visage most fierce is the naked truth of an uncovered identity."

(Cult): Riatan says, "Be well, Chosen. I am always watching."

(Cult): You say, "Thank You again."

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