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Newbie Predator Questions - Bashing and Stances

CiroCiro Member Posts: 7

I have a few questions as a new Predator (well newish - level 70).

I've primarily focused on bashing, leveling, and exploring to learn the system...but I've noticed that just hitting "knife @tar" seems to do more damage than any complicated combo I've tried. In particular, I've experimented with combo vertical trip crescentcut and other combos to trip and follow up with crescentcut, but it seems to be less effective than spamming "knife".

Am I missing something? I've been reading and rereading the knifeplay wiki and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


  • SarthanSarthan Member Posts: 27
    Predator, Ranger and oldschool Noctusari are my favorite classes. But Predator died for me when they introduced the whole Beastmastery thing. I don't know if the Knifeplay stuff has been changed, but regarding bashing attacks, you want to be doing Vertical -> Lateral -> Vertical. Start in Ein-Fasit and you'll rotate through the appropriate stances and back again.

    Crescentcut is for using on Proned player targets afflicted with Broken Limbs for high damage.

    UNLESS Knifeplay has changed. If it has you can disregard what I said in its entirety.
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