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Statpack Question

AmbroseAmbrose TexasMember Posts: 197 ✭✭✭
I've been running through recent forum posts to try to get a grasp on how the game currently stands combat wise and such. From what I can gather, if you play a physical class - strong is the way to go unless you need to do fast for afflictions. Back in the day, fast was king and athletic was a pretty close second if you needed the added tank. Am I correct in this assumption? I'm currently playing an athletic outrider, but I still have my reincarnation... as I am slowly getting higher levels and working my way towards trans - should I consider switching over?


  • AhkanAhkan TexasMember Posts: 2,375 ✭✭✭✭✭
    My personal opinion lately is that strong and athletic are pretty awesome. I've been enjoying my 2h balance with athletic.

    Sturdy and Dexterous are solid runners up.
  • JosiphJosiph Member Posts: 33
    edited July 2013
    Fast is only really good for fast afflictions (Correct) but in the current state of the game, being able to afflict fast doesn't mean anything if you get dropped in 2 seconds. Surviving and doing damage is what is relevant in most of the game's PvP.
  • KhizanKhizan Member Posts: 2,648 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't know the specific for outriders, but I will lay out some general statpack rules-of-thumb here:

    Strong: The bashing statpack of choice for physical damage classes; the DPS has been within ~1-2 of Athletic in every physical class I've tested with it, and it is tankier. PvPishly, it's solid for shardfall/obelisk type combat for physical DPS classes that have a decent damage button. If you're a "spam longslash in groups and wait for a bloodfreeze" style outrider, this is a pretty solid choice. If you want to be a 1v1 all-star, this is probably not where you want to be. 

    Athletic: Athletic is also a strong bashing statpack, though less tanky than Strong. It's a solid choice for a physical DPS class that wants to be fairly tanky while still needing the balance bonus. As a physical DPS class, Athletic is never a bad choice. It's a jack of all trades, but a master of none. 

    Fast: Fast is the statpack of choice for Renegades, Diadem-Hunters, and other affliction-centric classes.The problem is that If you're unartifacted and not trans evasion, you're incredibly squishy and basically non-viable unless you're able to control the fight REALLY well. 

    Dexterous: At trans evasion, the physical mitigation matches that of Athletic, but the Evasion bonus is reduced when you're prone/paralysed/etc, making Athletic's more reliable. It has no sipping penalty, but it does have less health and so has correspondingly lower sips. It's also less strength. Overall, I consider this a generally inferior choice to Athletic unless you're fairly artifacted.

    Sturdy: It's like Strong Lite. Slightly tankier, does less damage, doesn't have the eq penalty.

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  • FazleeFazlee Member Posts: 5
    Outrider is pretty good in that several statpacks work for it, you'll just have to change the order of skills you use. Fast, Dexterous, Athletic, Sturdy and Strong all work 1v1, and in teams. 
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