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    Krysaliss said:
    Can the path system automatically unlock and open doors you have keys to? Can we have a single command for attempting to unlock and open doors we have keys to? It isn't hard to code around, but I am lazy.

    Do you have CONFIG AUTODOORS ON? I just tested this and I automatically walked into my house which is normally locked with key in hand.
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    Probably not! Thanks.
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    Do you -want- pirates? Cause that's how you get pirates. Pretty sure Lartus has this big evil grin on his face right now.
    I have a tiny screen, and big thumbs. And im not sure how well my post was thought through.

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    Dimitri said:
    Do you -want- pirates? 

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    Please do not detail this thread.
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    Either make it so that slain sentries do not appear on CT and in city logs, or allow city leaders to toggle it off.

    The spam is unnecessary.

    @Caelya  :smile:

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