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  • Re: New Profession: Engineer

    Want to see a hat trick?

    Inventing - Yeti snap trap - Stops movement for a short time when triggered, no other hindrance though.

    Inventing - Clockwork familiar - Utility pet with attitude

  • Re: New Profession: Engineer

    Horrible Skill Ideas pt 1


    Return fire - Defense that has a chance of triggering a basic blunderbuss shot when hit with a line attack.

    Take cover - Defense that reduces damage from ranged attacks (I would say chance to dodge a la arrowcatch, but that's too crappy of a mechanic, even for this horrible list).

    Mortar - LOAD MORTAR WITH (bomb), FIRE MORTAR AT (target, outdoors + in area). Delayed impact a la meteor, detonates on landing.

    Boomenlugger - LoS bomb launcher, instant detonation, limit 1/engineer with long reload time.

    Morgan Freeman's Soothing Voice - Optional direction at end of LoS attacks to bend the bullet around corners. Example input: quickdraw blunderbuss|quickload blunderbuss with caster shell #4|headshot bob ne nw

    Smoke Canister - Limit vision in room and adjacents heavily for a short time

    Dance all day - Substantially boost resistance versus target, scaling to focus when used and expending it.

    Rat-a-tat-tat - Channeled series of fast shots that hits all enemies in the room. Each tick drains focus.

    Valkyrie - In-area track to target, equilibrium cost and delay based on focus (down to instant on both at max focus).

    Doubletap - Fires two flintlock shots. If either shot kills the target, they are unable to be revived. Damage should scale between focus and missing health, and balance cost should scale heavily with focus.


    Bettercorder - Basically the same thing as the engineering recorder, except capable of recording action and with a larger capacity.

    Continuum Transfunctioner - An engineer can make a continuum transfunctioner, a two-item device consisting of a beacon and the transfunctioner. Both pieces of the transfunctioner are small cubes with multi-colored panels that flash intermittently. The engineer can activate the transfunctioner to instantly move to the beacon, wherever it is, so long as it's not in a confined location like someone's hands or a container (not pretty). The transfunctioner would also be able to summon the beacon if necessary. 5m cooldown.

    Clockwork Upgrades - Tired of being a squishy fleshy, an engineer can swap out various portions of their body for improved functionality. Too much ruins their connection to the Lifestream, so they can only choose 2 options (3 with arti!).
    Eye - +vision
    Hands- +dex 
    Leg - +acrobat
    Olfactories - +chem strength
    Chest - + damage resist, +con
    Face - +exp,+gold
    Brain stem - +Focus gain

    Golem - A big, durable golem! It takes some winding, but it serves as a punching bag that diligently reports status updates to the activator.

  • Re: Imperian LoL Club

    Is that my Katarina play, @Gjarrus?

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  • Re: Exciting Upcoming Changes

    On the one hand, it's super obvious.
    On the other, I went through the Hammer event.