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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Turn schelkins into turtles, not crabs. No one wants to be Zoidberg.
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    Yeah, no. E: If you understood Assassin, you would understand how different the ways that Iluv and I approach the class are.
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    Affliction 3Ps

    I would kind of like to give all unhidden affs a 3p, especially toxins. Clan aff calls are so icky, and I can never get people on board with the coding necessary to make in-line calling a thing (but it is technically feasible without any changes).
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    To get the first bit out of the way: Assassin has good afflicting, but my artifacted aps during setup is ~1 aps (bounces between .8 and 1.2), equal to shaman. With a snapped trance, I hover around jinxed porcupine aps. Hypochondria (excluding the double proc which I already agreed needs to go, and I even suggested non-aps changes to it in this thread) inches that up slightly higher with another .1 aps. Deadening is a dramatic boost to snapped trance aps (from .1ish to .5ish). Shaman doesn't have hemotoxin, but assassin has heavily gated impatience use + focus is a better lock breaker + failure. Shaman turns into sabre dsl on crack once marks ignite, where assassin has to stop aps entirely to devour or puncture, or they go for one of the more req heavy true instas in the game in Annihilate.

    So, no, assassin is not as bad as shaman is right now. Strong? Sure, but the sample size of Assassin is also literally someone who has been playing only that class for years.

    Inhibit still gives confusion, but later. You can also swift/throw inhibit, if you didn't know.

    'I only have just under 1 aps while you shield' is kind of funny, especially considering how underutilized bat has been. Breaking shaman momentum requires running, active cures, or killing them. No class is going to hinder a shaman before they do the same.  To compare, assassin can pull 0.5 aps on a shielder and can't flat out ignore fenugreek.

    In summary, Shaman is far more powerful right now than it seems you want to give it credit for, which is odd considering you went from losing consistently as Outrider to winning against literally everyone as Shaman.
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  • Re: Raiding

    Jeremy said:

    Are you losing right now. Yes. But that is mainly because you're not really doing a good job organizing. Khandava and Kinsarmar should not have too much of a problem taking back objectives from Antioch if you group together and plan it out a bit more.  

    Okay. I'm about to get ill when you're going to throw that out there literally after a bug ruined a likely successful raid, disregarding every other problem.

    100% not going to participate any more off the last two responses.

    E: And I don't agree with Swale that the debuff is a bad idea, just bad in an open beta test. But whatever.
    Jeremy SaundersAodan