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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Owyn said:
    Thought: A special bashing area that gives negative experience. That's right, you have to pay to hunt there with your existing experience. Pro: the mobs have low hitpoints and there are too many of them to run out of.

    Edit: They also do low damage. And don't group-aggro.

  • Ballistics, Time Period and Engineer

    I have a passing interest in firearms, primarily in just the mechanics (my eyes glaze over when the discussion turns to grains and special loads, I'm not a ballistics/handloading nerd). Imperian's set in the (late) 1700s tech-wise, but Engineer clearly breaks laughs at the time period somewhat. So to me that begs the question:

    What can the engineer with metalworking trade skills get away with in terms of design for firearms?

    I suppose this is why some of the engineer designs are listed as class items and not under the jurisdiction of the Crafter's Guild.
    Flintlocks, as we have them currently, are the same design they've always been and we've seen them under every iteration of any Golden Age of Piracy set movie (Looking at you Pirates of the Carribean). But those were everywhere cause they were easy and cheap to produce, apparently. There were all kinds of guns available at the time, even some guns we didn't perfect until very recently.
    One example is this from 1625 (if that is the year stamped onto the gun).

    I don't think I'm the only one looking for some sort of explanation as to why engineers can reload flintlocks so fast, other than just for the sake of mechanical viability.

    Sorry if this seems all over the place, as I'm currently perusing the channel the above video belongs to and trying to design something at the same time.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    I think there'd be more life to a guild if it was separated from its parent org, still circle bound but not bound to the politics of a larger player org.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Since this is thread is about improving Imperian, and the bandwagon's destination is Entity-ville...

    1) Give entities the power to use NPCs as ventriloquist dummies, this could be fun, and is probably intended for them in the future anyway. I'm still saying it because it needs to be said.

    2) Give entities the ability to reverse teleport/summon (i prefer reverse teleport) people, not to the entity, but to some pocket dimension or somewhere similar to this. Some entities have their own little secret place already. There is an voluntary acceptance clause attached to the ability. (You have received a collect call from 'It's asking for my name, why is it asking for my name?', do you accept the charges?)

    3) More meddling. They're pretending to be gods, or most of them anyway. Let them meddle more since it's a hell of a lot more entertaining than the norm of 'Org A raided Org B for Objective Butter' or 'Hm, would you look at the time... it's Boss-Rush-o'clock!' and the fan favourite of staring into the Abyss of Idleness whilst slipping slowly into madness yammering on Discord (an appropriate name considering the bent of this thread now). Let them run their proverbial leash out on that, find out they're not gods. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Maybe they're secretly spaghetti monsters and we wind up with another plot monster to fight over when it'd make way more sense to band together on it.
    (This is not more of the same bitterness that is repeated ad infinitum, this is just a tribute to the bitterness and then the immediate kneejerk reaction of NO NOT LIKE THAT that often follows immediately afterwards)

    Meddling is the enemy of stagnation. Yes, the routine is nice. It's pretty, it's normal. I like showing up and finding out that my pants are still on my person, my guns are still loaded and my world is exactly as i left it as before. But every now and again, I like to flip the ant farm on its head and shake it up. We all do this as gamers, we save the game. Break our internal RP and go on a rampage with our super-powered protagonist and when we've had our fun, reload the save and resume normalcy. This is good. I like it when things get flipped on their head for a while, and we fight to return to our normal status. Do I want some lasting changes from it in this particular game? Yeah, I'd like some persistent consequences. I'm still waiting for some myself from the last event.

    Castrating the entities into a shell of what-could-have-been just so you can continue on your own power trip has got to be the most boring 'fight' I've ever heard of. Imperian turns players into supermortals. We're not gods per se, we're not entities, but we are definitely not standard mortals. We need a proper challenge, the only thing that stands in the way of Aetherian 'mortal' supremacy is the last few vestiges of pre-Mortal Age divinity (Legion), an MIA horde entity, and a newly minted High Lich.
    The entities can give us that, either through whatever they get empowered with in the future and give it to us through mini-plots that hopefully run together or at least follow a comic book like formula (complete with retcons!) or by being an actual pain in our collective necks. But they NEED to have teeth to be even a remote challenge to us in any regard be it 'physically' as an actual keyboard mashing fight, OR as basically a DM.

    And you wanna nerf them like an overpowered profession? Are you serious? Are you that insecure about whatever it is that's got you (I'm using the general 'you' here) in such a twist over a handful of people who wanna make our lives a smidge less boring on a regular basis like we wanted that you're calling for a ballgag on their potential before they've even had a chance to get to grips with the game?

    I want to see the entities get really elbow deep in this sticky mess we call a game. They can provide a welcome distraction while Dec, Eoghan, Jeremy and whoever else tinker away at whatever machinations they have in store for us. But they can't do that if we constantly bash their faces in whenever they slip the leash you're trying so very hard to slip around their heads.

    Only it's not a leash. It's a damned noose.

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  • Re: Apparitions Event

    This is starting to feel like a high stakes localized shardfall, which already (from what I've heard) have low turnouts due to it not really being a big problem if you don't have shards. Now it's a problem, You got people who crush it, got people who are usually pretty good at ducking hostiles and people who just don't care about it, to begin with, cause (insert reason here). You bust your butt to hold your spot, at the very least, till your population dwindles as we all have to sleep sometime because if you don't do it? Legion's Bug Zapper(tm) comes to town and forces you out into the world, thus forcing you to participate if you want your home back. Which is fine, something to slap the eternal AFKers on the wrist a bit, but it's starting to wear thin.

    Save the world
    If the endgame on this is to cause players to work together and effectively play hot potato with the chain, it's not gonna happen with how things have gone so far. Khandava wants Kinsarmar to go boom and will rain its unholy tree sap on those who get in their way, they don't give a damn who it is. Antioch is decimated by the fact the barrier strength isn't circle based and has most of their players burying their heads in the sand (I mean this in a more 'I'm out' sense not in a 'pretending this isn't happening' delusional sense) because if it was? Ithaqua's numbers would compensate for Antioch's. Kinsarmar (as far as I know) is trying to play the 'save the world' card, but it's probably getting nowhere.

    TLDR: we're not going to work together, there are too many ulterior motives at play, so the grind is going to continue unabated.