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New Races

edited February 2013 in New Ideas
Adding a couple new races, or even making existing ones playable, could freshen up the RP in the world and, I think, would be simple enough to implement.

How about playable orcs and goblins? Come up with some RP excuse like, an offshoot of the horde, transformed by Moradeim/Entities/Avasyu's biceps/etc to be more intelligent and less hostile to civilization. Maybe I'm just a little biased towards this because I think goblins are adorable (and I would love playing one.)

Playable kobolds?

Hyena-like humanoids, evolved from humans that settled the Heartlands?

Spider-like humanoids, ancient racial enemies of the akrabi, with the ability to secure their wielded items with strings of webbing (or spit it at an enemy as a weak entangle?)

Shark people that are distant cousins of the lamira, with an innate powerful bite attack?

Monkey people from the ruins of n'Aryanvella?


  • In all seriousness though, there's not a huge amount of culture/story for every one of our existing races as it is. If anything, it might be cool if we were able to evoke the power of Moradeim (regardless of aspect affiliation) to 'evolve' our current race to unlock even more wacky racial benefits and bonuses - but it's really unnecessary and probably won't ever happen.

  • The only race I think would make sense to see, given the very weak lore around it, is ryadai (aka gnomes) that fight the xiur. Otherwise, I'd prefer if we flesh out the history of each race before we start adding new ones. :P
  • MathiausMathiaus Pennsylvania
    Something with six arms would be unplayable and awesome.
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