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Nexus (Stringing multiple Alias's together on 1 button)

edited February 2019 in Scripting
Basically, I want this Alias when I press it to go through a series of events each time I type this Alias..for example
sketchlink engage @t
then after that I need it to enable and execute another command on balance when I choose to hit it again example
Sing Yoth @t

My issue is it's trying to fire all my commands at once. Any remedy to this?


  • Yup, just use queue eqbal. Load them all up. 

    Or, create variables that tick up or down as each prior command hits, then use IF. For example, alias BOB does kill ryse, hug ryse, marry ryse. 

    If you don’t want them to all fire, create VAR kryse, hryse, and mryse. Set them all to 0. Then set different label groups. Then IF and use “if kryse is 0, go to group kryse. If kryse is 1, go to group hryse. If hryse is 1, go to mryse”.

    Youll need to figure out when you want to reset each VAR, though. 
  • edited February 2019
    Alternatively, if you want it to work exactly like you said, you could use open an "Execute Script" box and use this after every button push to change the button's command to something new:

    buttons_set_commands(id, cmds) - Sets the command sent to the game when the button is pressed.  --from
    All in all, though, I'd recommend using one of Ryse's options.  They are much cleaner, not to mention easier to script!

  • Once again you come to my rescue @Ryse and @Hyperionus . I've been pulling out my hair since friday
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