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Joining a guild

Newbies should be able to join a guild on their own.

The move to put the guild joining to primarily be just for the players has led to the demise of the guilds. Combining organizations just so that activity is centralized is a flawed logic which has contributed to the decline of the game.

As it is, guilds that are dying or dead cannot grow mechanically or from within. It only takes a couple of players to go dormant for an organization that has been built/nurtured for years to go dormant as well, and eventually be shuttered off.  


  • Used to be able to use Cerise, didn't you?  I don't understand why that would have been changed.
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  • Nope. Cerise only let you join cities. 
  • When guilds were divorced from professions, the guilds were given the ability to control who entered the guild and Cerise was turned off so people couldn't join without the guild approving.  Since guilds are solely for RP purposes at this point, it seemed to make sense.  With some guilds all but defunct at this point something will likely change again, but I don't think what exactly has been decided.
  • I feel that that the combination of guilds and eventually naming of the combined guilds random whatevers lowers the game's friendliness to newbies, ease of a person to latch on their personal RP to the org's RP, and just lowers the game's environment over all.

    Like, wtf is an Axion. Can I still be a knight in this game (no Lorekeepers, Diavlous, and Justicars anymore)? What happened to internal city politics/guild rivalries etc etc? Or the wonderful little rp events when Dragon took over Taekyon, Wytchen (on its own) was at war against the Ashtears, or the Saboteurs' mid-winter ceremony.  As in all other games, guilds are guide post for RP so now that everything has become/is becoming generic XYZ guild, is there any really surprise how unfun the game has been?  How much it's a struggle for a new player would have to endure to get into the flavor of everything?

    IDK, as a really old player (back when Ithaqua was still a clan), it's just pains me to see a world that I was really at awe of for a long time with great org role and RP across the board just become so...bleh.

  • Honestly guilds should be all just deleted. They don't add much to the game in the current framework. They have no purpose. 
  • I wouldn't mind seeing guilds have some sort of org point system like the cities will, and maybe even a custom daily quest that counts for the dailycredits one.
  • Ohm said:
    Honestly guilds should be all just deleted. They don't add much to the game in the current framework. They have no purpose. 
    Yeah, in particular for me, with orgs that have only 1 guild is just incomprehensible to me. I understand WHY and all, but it just feels...odd and purposeless otherwise, as if its just not really worth the time/effort to advance rp-wise.
  • Guilds still have some identity inside of Ithaqua. Can't speak for other orgs whatsoever other than my IC "Axiomun-or-somthing" reference to Axion is not just an IC can't remember. I never remember the name of that guild.
  • This has been raised in other threads, but I believe it bears mentioning here. Population is improving, but still an issue overall. I wouldn't mind seeing ONE cross-circle newbie guild, to complement the current NEWBIE channel. To cover non-peak times. Cause how are newbies supposed to have an opinion about those outside their circle when they've probably have not met one until circle 80 of experience (your results may vary)? In my opinion, org rewards could be handed out once they've committed to their (hopefully) "informed" decision. @Mereis has put up some fantastic help scrolls, cheers for that.
  • Crossing circles leads to friendship. Friendship leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to lack of conflict. Lack of conflict leads to suffering.
    I dont wanna talkto other circles. I might like them too much.
  • Cities are not the best place to organize newbie information. The decision to strip guilds of any function was dumb, is dumb, will remain dumb, and needs to be revisited. 

    Guilds SHOULD and CAN serve a number of purposes. Helping newbies get acclimated to the game, RP hooks, progression post-newbie phase, initial social hooks. 

    The fact that Imperian's response to everything they don't like is to either ignore it or delete it is super problematic and terrible management. 

    Meanwhile, ya'll thought it was stellar to build a completely hand-holding newbie intro that drops them into overwhelming land with zero easing hoping that our cities are gonna pick up the slack. 

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    Guilds still seem to have an important function in helping people (not just complete newbies) learn how to properly wield their profession.  This isn't a mechanical necessity (ie they don't have a monopoly on profession skills anymore), but it is still the most logical place to go looking when you have something you want to learn.  The rp hooks the original poster mentioned are all still possible, and even necessary to a certain extent in order to give newer Guilds a degree of validity.  We just don't have anybody implementing then at the moment.

    I would like to see the guilds move from being purely combat oriented and utilitarian, though, to having their own political agendas and being able to switch cities and circles.  Is this the way it used to be? Someone could create a completely pacifist guild, for example, and relocate it to the old Taekyon guildhall.
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