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Is Imperian a good fit for an RP/basher?

KaevarriKaevarri Member Posts: 5
I've found the things I enjoy most in MUDs are the RP and the PvE. I'm pretty much entirely disinterested in PvP. I like the lore in Imperian, and I've met some cool players so far, but is there a place for somebody who'd rather kill denizens than other players here? I'd like to be able to advance in city/guild rank, and to feel like my character is contributing something to her community. I envision playing as an avid reader/writer, so writing texts of various sorts is a possible contribution, once I get settled. But will I be disappointed in the end if I'm not into the PvP scene?


  • WyllWyll Member Posts: 343 ✭✭✭
    PvE is inside the game and right now they are currently working on adding and revamping hunting areas. You can also find some boss encounters, but you will need to find a group of people to assist you in taking down the bosses. Some of them are tank and spanks, some of them have other mechanics you need to keep your eyes peeled out for.

    Because we are playing a text based game, you will find some mechanics are not as engaging as a graphical encounter. However, I think the creators of this content really did a good job while keeping those limitations in mind.

    I have personally enjoyed all of it and found it challenging to figure out some of the fights. You will also find that you are rewarded with temporary artifacts through the bosses. Which is a major bonus!

    If you enjoy grinding as whole, you will never be bored as you can hunt to your heart's content here. One of the bonuses of a game on the smaller population end is that you will generally be able to get to a good area to yourself outside of peak times. You can even go in there and hunt at peak times, but there will be a bit(1-3) of competition. Even then, some players have a Warhorn that they can blow and reset an area for you. Just ask.

    RP in this game is largely what you make of it. And it will require you to take a lot of initiation and seek it. Are you looking to have small interactions with other players that build relationships and develop your character on a micro level? There are people here willing to RP with you.

    Are you looking for epic stories that add to the history of Imperian where your character is part of it? Yes, those opportunities do present themselves as well. We have more active entities now that will pop up and RP with you and just chat with you in general. While I personally am not big into sect RP, I enjoy their presence in the world and have found that they have given a lot of other characters purpose and a bit of a jump start in new RP storylines.

    The biggest factor in PvE and RP is really finding other people to do it with you. Being new, that can be a little hard, but the community here is very friendly when not engaging in PvP or being salty about anything PvP related.

    If you put yourself out there and put an effort into your character's story and develop a personality, a lot of people will gravitate towards you. That has been my experience anyhow and it has worked for me, and I see new players who are active in forming friendships to be those who stick around and go further in the game.
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  • KaevarriKaevarri Member Posts: 5
    Thank you for the detailled response, @Wyll! I have played text-based games for many years, and my computer hardware tends to be on the wimpier side, so lack of graphics is a plus to me, not a minus. :) (I beat Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, even though I never got all the way through Zork.) I've already been approached by a few people, all of whom seem very cool and willing to engage with me. I admit to being a bit shy about reaching out to people, but I will sure latch onto those I've met so far and work with them, one of whom was Kavar, who was great to RP with a few days ago.

    You mentioned some of the bosses have mechanics to watch out for: I like encounters that are a little more than 'whack enemy, grab loot'. Quite some time ago, I played Achaea, and was proud of myself for learning to fight lycopods, plants that entangle and trip you during battle. Then I discovered most people use scripts and triggers to do that, and was mildly disappointed. Still proud though! I caught on to the special moves the critter did and coped with them long enough to kill it. Looking forward to finding more things like that in Imperian.

    I would like to get my character into a position where she can affect larger things. I've only very rarely successfully gained city/guild rank in other IRE games (that was just one rank, I think), and I want to have the opportunity to work my way into that, to offer things to the IC community my character is a member of, as well as the game at large. I'm going to be looking into guilds and sects and other group-y kinds of things too, for what might fit my character.

    One of the main reasons I gravitate toward RP games is that I pretty much can't play a game like this without having a character who has... character. :) Especially with the variety of detailled skills, races, classes, and locations present in the game (that goes for other IRE games I've played too). I've already bashed through a quest a Diabolist probably ought not have done, but I thought I might work that into my character's backstory somehow... if it's appropriate to do so, that is.

    Looking forward to meeting more people in game and making some great stories through gameplay. Thank you again!
  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,680 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2
    Kaevarri said:
     (I beat Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, even though I never got all the way through Zork.
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  • ZyvZyv Member Posts: 56 ✭✭
    I'll just chime in that we are making a push to improve PvE quite a bit this year.
    Pirate behavioural scrolls when? :O

  • TyannaTyanna Member Posts: 39
    Imperian has a roleplay channel, which I find pretty cool, as another RPer. I haven't made use of it yet, as I've been distracted by the level 100 challenge, but I think it's really cool and promising that the channel exists!
  • KaevarriKaevarri Member Posts: 5
    A roleplay channel? I hadn't heard of such a thing. How do I get into that?
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 914 mod
    I believe Tyanna is referring to the RPT command (short for roleplaytell). Unfortunately, this is actually defunct and no longer used; it was part of the docent system, which is itself not currently used.

    If you see an Entity about, you can initiate roleplay with them, but we aren't currently making use of RPT (and I've just disabled it).

    Sorry :(
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  • KaevarriKaevarri Member Posts: 5
    Aw, boo. Well, I'll just continue seeking RP in the more straightforward ways. :) 
  • TheophilusTheophilus Member Posts: 784 ✭✭✭✭
    For bashing, yes.

    For RP, no.
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  • TyannaTyanna Member Posts: 39
    Kaevarri said:
    A roleplay channel? I hadn't heard of such a thing. How do I get into that?
    No, it's a thing. ffs now I am installling a client to login to prove it.
  • TyannaTyanna Member Posts: 39
    edited April 15
    Kaevarri said:
    A roleplay channel? I hadn't heard of such a thing. How do I get into that?
    Apparently, they've deleted it.


    rpt does this exist?

    The roleplay channel is currently disabled. If there's an online entity, try reaching out to them in-character!


    WTF? Why? I am wrong and very sad :(

  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere coldMember Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, Eoghan disabled it really recently as it was part of the old docent system (RP focused/generating player = docent i think?) that was disabled ages ago. They forgot about the channel, or assumed the channel was attached to the system when it was retired. Sucks, but it is what it is.

    There is an RP clan though which I think is primarily for discussing personal/player-plot direction and oocly explaining your IC activities in plain english. Though I suspect it is more used for posting links to cute cat pictures and random songs, such is the way of all ooc clans.

  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,680 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Our entities are cool and provide an experience that Gods sometimes do not: entities came after mortals. They're beings possessed with much the same qualities as gods (and in the lore we have available to us, there's literally no difference between the two, really) but they didn't learn at the feet of some ancient Creator diety. Instead, mortal player characters pass on their values, idiosyncrasies, etc to those immortal beings.

    Eventually, they gain their own individuality, but their beginnings make them very different in personality than your traditional IRE god. I think the space provides for far more compelling characters, in a way.

    Of course, that's without regarding the absolute toxicity surrounding them..

    They exist to facilitate RP and we should be supportive of that. 
    Message #2062  Sent By: (imperian)      Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a rightass, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."
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