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Welcome Newbies!

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With the 1000 credit challenge underway, I have noticed an influx of newbies who have come to <br>Imperian's doorsteps. First, I welcome you all and without rambling too much, below I have <br>written a small guide to get you underway and to be as efficient as possible on your journey <br>to level 100.

We have a comprehensive HELP system. Simply type HELP <TOPIC> in game and if there is a help <br>file on that topic, it will populate your screen with the information. Even if it is something<br>obscure, you will find references to that keyword in a help file and that will generally answer <br>your question.

For all other questions and concerns, you should make liberal use of the NEWBIE channel and use <br>it via typing NEWBIE <QUESTION>.


Efficiency means taking advantage of what the game offers and Imperian offers a plethora of <br>experience bonuses to help you level fast.

You will want these bonuses:

1. achievement bonus    - ACHIEVEMENT BONUS LIST for info.
2. sect highfavour      - join a sect or ask any oldie*
3. owl tattoo           - buy one at Reverie**
4. guild bonus          - join a guild and it is automatic***

Optional bonuses:
1. chamption bonus      - read HELP CHAMPIONS for more info
2. IRE Elite bonus      - bonus varies

Statpack bonuses:
1. Astute               - will give you 30% bonus
2. Normal               - will give you 15% bonus

*   Ask any oldie means, asking any old established player to high favor you. Just reach out <br>    randomly and be like 'hey, can I get a high favor?'
**  PATH TRACK REVERIE will bring you to the NPC that tattoos you. He can be reached via the <br>    PORTALS room as well. This tattoo cost 2800. You will not be able to buy this as a fresh <br>    newbie.
*** You need to ask someone to induct you into a guild, there is no automatic system. HELP <br>    <GUILD NAME> will list who is online and in that guild able to induct.
 <br>HELP XP MODS will give you a list of experience bonuses, what stacks with what and their value.


How do I get my first achievement bonus?

1. When you first enter the game, you will be forced to PORTAL TO HUNTING. Do so.
2. You will then be forced use the TASKS command. Do so.
3. You will be forced to walk some direction. Do so.
4. Now you can do what you want, you'll want to use PORTALS and enter the portals room.
5. READ SIGN. This will give you exits to your character's city or council.
6. Go to any exit that is your city or council.
7. Turn on vermin sights by typing VERMIN.
8. Wait for either rats to squeak out at you or other various vermin and then KICK <VERMIN>.
9. Stand there and take damage. Hint: typing IH in the room will show you all mobs in the room, <br>   there can be multiple vermin. Kick them using their item number to die faster. If the vermin <br>   eventually leave the room, move rooms and try again.
10. Die. Achievement RAT GOON should now be completed.
11. Once you are in Death's room, AUTOCURING ON.
12. Go back to wherever you want.

* If you are already in the game and have done things already, your leveling means you have more <br>  health and makes this achievement harder to accomplish. You can still do it, but CONFIG <br>  SELFHARM ON and punch or hurt yourself a few times first to get your health down. Make sure you <br>  do not have anything that regens health as that will slow you down.

Some notes regarding bonuses:

1. You will not have enough gold to buy the owl tattoo at first, but you can quickly get it by <br>   doing the quests in the newbie hunting area. To get there PORTAL TO HUNTING.
2. Champion bonus is very helpful and gives stacks 25% if you have an achievement bonus up, and <br>   gives overall 100% if you do not. This opens you up to PK, but there is no death penalty in <br>   Imperian, aka, no experience loss*, so go for it. The worst that happens is you lose some time <br>   bashing or questing if you get jumped by Sarrius.
3. Statpack bonuses are very helpful at the beginning, and remember before level 30 you can <br>   reincarnate as many times as you want for free to test out statpacks.
4. IRE Elite bonus is not needed, but if you subscribe to it you are helping support the game and its <br>   developers, but also getting a lot of other valuable things in game. Check out HELP ELITE for more <br>   info. Quick valuation below:

2   x creator token         = 50 credits sold on promo(25 credits each)
100 x bound credits         = 100 bound(not including other bonus, you are paying 0.25 per credit)
1   x phylactery**          = credit value varies, but min. 15 bound
5% xp bonus for first month

Added up, you're paying $0.15 per credit(165 value). Binding and turning those 50 unbound you get from <br>selling tokens will also give you 125 lessons if you are going that route.

All in all, Elite is a great value for new players.

*  Experience is only loss if you die to guards. You will only die to guards if you are enemied or <br>   unwelcomed to an org and enter their city/council.
** HELP PHYLACTERY for all possible prizes.


Okay, great, but now what after all these bonuses?

You have two options - hunting or questing. During you under level 30 period, you will be allowed <br>in the newbie areas, but afterwards the game will not really guide you on where to go.

Because of this, you will want to make use of the command AREAS. It will list level appropriate a<br>reas for you to hunt in.

You can always ask on the city channel if someone will take yout hunting too. You can communicate <br>on the channel with CT <MSG>.

Before you really get deep into hunting or questing for that matter, you'll want to buy the appropriate <br>gear.

1. vials         x 12 - this stores your elixirs
2. vialbelt      x 1  - this stores refills for vials
3. pipes         x 3  - this is to give you bronchitis*

HELP HEALING LIST will list the herbs you need to buy and the elixirs/salves(these go into vials). <br>Ignore bittlebrew. Ignore ribwort, spearwort, and moonwort for now. A good amount if 50 each.

Fill your vials and vialbelt. Fill your pipes with the three L herbs - linseed, laurel, lovage.

Hint: REFILL EMPTY FROM <ELIXIR> is a quick way to fill your empty vials. You can interchange EMPTY <br>with VIALBELT and that will fill the vialbelt.

You can purchase these things at any shop around the world, but the cheapest option will be Caanae.

PATH TRACK CAANAE to get there, Aryana's Springs is where you will find the directory. DIRECTORY <br><ITEM> will populate all of the shops with that item for sale.

You can also PATH TRACK SHOPS if you are in a city and need to get to its directory.

*I lied. Pipes are smoked to cure afflictions and to also provide a weapon or aura defence.

Tattoos you will need:

1. tree     (you start the game with one)
2. boar     (regens health)
3. moss     (clot bleeding automatically)
4. shield   (shields you against some mobs when touched to give you a breather)
5. owl      (experience bonus)
6. mindseye (allows you to hear and see while deaf and blind)

Cheapest option is to ask someone from your city to tattoo you. For those who are independent and <br>don't need no man, PATH TRACK REVERIE.


There you have it, a quick guide! Note that I cannot possibly cover everything there is to know <br>about a game that a newbie should know. With time you will learn these things and also, for the <br>quickest help, ask on the NEWBIE channel.

If you have any questions, you can also ask here and other players or myself will do our best to <br>answer.


If it wasn't obvious already, my name is Wyll in game. I am often around and if you see me <br>online, send me a tell for ANYTHING. I will help all circles and classes.

I will tattoo you. I will take you hunting. I will buy you a virtual drink. I will let you make <br>fun of me. I will take you shopping. I will tell  you a joke. I will let you borrow my artifacts. <br>I will give you candy if you hop into Arakis' caravan.

I love this game and want to see it thrive. No question is dumb and no time is an inconvienence. <br>I promise you, I will help you to the best of my ability.

So, welcome to Imperian!<br><br>
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  • SarriusSarrius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 1,682 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Great post by Wyll.

    I am loaning my artifacts to any newbie basher that asks. Take turns!

    Reminder that I even rez champions that I gank and beat, you won't even have to wait for the death timer. Pick up Champion, it's honestly free extra XP. I'll probably only kill you once a night.

    Last but not least, I am fielding PvP questions for any newcomers, just catch me online.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>****, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    This is a great post, so I'm going to sticky it for the rest of the month.
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  • OhmOhm Member Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    Also  offering artifacts  on loan 
  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere coldMember Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    We should also make a community list of people who can do mudlet wizardry for those who don't really know how to use it. Been a few noobies and transplants that have come around and get intimidated by the code talk.

    Also, my artifact is up for request as well if/when I'm around.
    Pocket watch, so it shouldn't interfere with any other items you may be wearing.
    Has on it:

    Bandages - Gives you the bandages skill, if you have the bandages skill already it lets you use the skill with no comms cost

    Crit Boost - Useful if you're in a class that can take advantage of crits either through multiple attacks, or can attack fast.

    Health/Mana Increase - Just all around useful in my opinion

    Health sip L3 - big health sips, stacks with any class skills that passively increase your sip amounts

    Health/mana regen L1 - Mana regen alone is useful for the low-level mana drain skills. (Deadaim comes to mind) and this stacks with moon tattoo. Boar 'stacks' with the health regen as well (health regen ticks are calculated differently)

    Physical resist - This is almost mandatory if you're getting into the PVP scene, and is obviously useful for bashing in general. Does not stack with anyone else's physical resist arti sadly, because if it did we'd be as invincible as Superman.

    Reserve Regen - Handy to have if you're in a clutch moment against something strong and you're off sip balance, and don't have any other means of healing at your immediate disposal. Works with the 'COMMIT # HEALTH/MANA' command and just makes those reserves recover faster. 

    Shroud - Hides some of your actions, like wielding weapons. Thematic really.
  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere coldMember Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Also seeing some newbies that kind of plateau around 60. 'Areas 60' helps alot, but not all areas are created equal. Some areas are being reworked to be more profitable (experience or gold, don't know as I have not explored these areas myself as of this writing. Bad Dimitri, I know)

    These are just the areas I remember vividly, and I don't make any guarantees to their effectiveness for you.

    Erorag - Horde fort, huge fort. Depending on your level and how active the area is you might get to the last mob in the area and find that all the previously dead mobs are back. Unsure if there's anywhere that takes the bodies, but if you have a high favour active and aren't in a sect, whomever favoured you usually will take the bodies with a smile.
    Mobs of note (to be wary of, or just avoid entirely):
    Tanjin, Horde Commander: Avoid unless you've got a group with you. No real quirks, just a large damage increase over the rest of the mobs in the area, and will chase you until you die or leave Erorag.
    Goblin Priests: Electric damage, which may hurt depending on statpack or just general lesson gains in the miniskills, also binds you. Can appear in pairs which is really annoying if they start tag teaming you with binds and zaps.

    Vorrak Mines - Another horde area, populated by miners and has a chest located in it somewhere. Not as many mobs as Erorag, but they're stronger.
    Mobs of note: Ogre Watchmen. Hostile, hit harder than most and where there is one there is usually another one close by.

    Veiled Chaparral - Good area, I spent a lot of time there just because no one goes to it that much. There's a quest of sorts attached to the area, but i'm not going to spoil that here.

    Personal favourite though? The portals you can summon with blue shards. Costs a single blue shard, and can only summon/open this portal when you are not on consecrated ground, near a monolith sigil, or hazeward stone. Basically if it stops teleportation, you can't open a shard portal. Shard portals will open a 'personal' bashing area for you for 30 minutes. Fair bit of mobs, and if you can persuade your city leader you can also have it customized to suit your org's theme, potentially even adding in stronger mobs?

    Those are just some of the areas I can remember and might provide you with an alternative until you're strong enough for places like Demon's Pass and places like it.
  • TyannaTyanna Member Posts: 42
    Just wanted to throw out a thanks, especially to @Dimitri. Up to 77 so far. Y'all are great :)
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    With March ended, I've removed the sticky from this post (but I'm going to give it this last bump)
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