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Athene vs the Ouroboros, as told to Ithaqua.


  • AodanAodan Member Posts: 192 ✭✭✭
    this kinda makes me want to be a diabolist and become your evil rival xD
  • AtheneAthene Member Posts: 22
    edited September 2017
    Fair warning: I was completely shitfaced when I typed this, thus the misspellings, typing errors and stolen Manowar lyrics.
  • PhaPha Member Posts: 14
    Get it Athene! Don't forget about your brave allies in Antioch. Pha is 19 and, as can be seen in the log *blush* happy just to learn the basic of sects. You're off inspiring populations and leading groups of combatants. Keep it up until every demonic submits to your shout B)
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