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Hello all you.. Ahem.. Lovely people. While I am pretty known to be an insufferable **** at times, wouldn't you believe I can also be nice?!

Surely my words are enough proof, right? No..? Okay, then... Have a nice and (from my usage), very helpful little script. Just so you all know you're not being played, here is a little demonstration of what it does/how it works.
Note: All of the 'think' stuff is manually done by me. That's not actually a feature of the system.

So, how do you use it? Simple!
  1. Make sure GMCP is enabled,
  2. Install the script via the package manager (untested on 3.0 delta, use at your own peril!)
  3. Use 'ptinstall' to get everything up and running. Voilà! You're done. Might wanna check the aliases below, though!
Following is a list of all the aliases featured in the log above.
  1. qwc will display who's online, as well as the cities they're a part of. The highlighting is not a feature, either. You can find all of that lovely stuff inside of CONFIG WHOCOLOUR! @Garryn and co are to thank for that, unfortunately for me!
  2. qwup will update everyone who shows up under the 'untracked' column. Please give this a moment or two, if there's a lot of people it can take a bit of time.
  3. pt stats will display the total players tracked, as well as the cities that have each number!
  4. ptc (city) will display the members of the defined city. 'ptc celidon' for instance!
  5. ptp (prof) similar to the above, will display members of the defined profession! 'ptc hunter' for example!
  6. pt rem will clear out the database, especially helpful as it can get quite large! - This will only removed dormant/inactive/retired people.
  7. Finally erep (city) (channel) will clear your enemies list, and then enemy everyone of the defined city/faction, then report it to the designated channel. If you don't want it to report, simply put ? or something in its stead. Note this'll likely fire a 'invalid command' to the game, I'm too lazy to add in optional reporting!
  8. erep m/d/am clt1 will enemy all online magickers/demonic/anti-magicker (respectively), as an example and report it to clt1;
  9. erep celidon rt will enemy all online celidon people, and report it to ring!
That's about all there is to it! The database will save/load on logout/mudlet start automatically. Though there is a manual save alias as well with 'ptsave' - i didn't bother adding one to load, sorry! The save one was just in case of disconnects, which you can still type in even when not connected to the game.

PS: For those of you oddballs that use affliction trackers, you can also use this to get around people who like illusioning separate class cures. Simply by capturing the line, and doing something like "if player_tracking.names[matches[2]].Class ~= "Runeguard" then " --- Cool huh?

PPS: I shall not be held accountable for any variables/function names that might conflict with existing ones! I made them as 'obscure' as possible, to prevent this, but who knows!


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    Oops! I forgot to add, there's also a
    whois (person) command, that'll print stuff like this!

    I'm amazing, I know.
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    Thanks so much for this! I have a few oddities that don't work exactly like yours unfortunately :<

    ptp and ptc are drawing blanks for me, and I tested things that should be known:

    enemying is being... strange, but I think I know what's causing that... (using | as a separator, so that should simply be changing the reporting)

    other than that! this is a great edition and tool to use, thank you so very much!
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    You'll have to use QWC each time before you can use QWUP. Can't update names when they aren't known by the system! Just doing 'qw' on its own doesn't work, unfortunately, because I am lazy.

    Yes, using | as a separator will conflict with the reporting sorry to say! Simply because when I used this in other games, I used triggers to capture people who would report enemy lists like that.
    (Party): Person says, "Enemies are: One|Two|Three|Four." - for instance, would be captured and separated into a table of enemies for me to have!
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    Can't seem to figure out why PTC and PTP do nothing. For me | is not a separator. :/

    Otherwise, this is a lovely tool. Thank you!
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    Oops! Turned out I was dumb, and forgot to change a few things, from when I broke the gadget out of my system as a whole. Those two functions were still using my system echoes, rather than the tracker's one.

    Apparently I can't edit the original post, so uh... Just delete the one you downloaded, and get this one instead. You won't have to do PTINSTALL again, just uninstall/reinstall and restart mudlet!
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    Yay updates. It just occurred to me I never got around to adding this before releasing it, so here it is: A way to update the current database, without having to start over from scratch.

    @Garryn / @Eoghan / @Jeremy, mind clarifying the last 'think' in that log please? Useful as this seems to be, don't wanna be breaking no rules with it!

    @Everyone else, I don't wanna make another long post, so just read the log to see how to do it!
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