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New... sort of

AnkanAnkan ONMember Posts: 2
Can anyone give me a quick update on how smithing and metalworking behave? I have read helpfiles, but that's all and the info seems a bit scant.

Also, if I just literally want to make stuff for people and roleplay a smith, as long as I have the tattoos/defences that will keep my city from being annoyed so that I'm not ganked or made a travel target or whatever it is kids do these days... how viable is that as a plan? 


  • UltrixUltrix Member Posts: 288 ✭✭✭
    Smithing allows you to forge the underlying item/weapon/sword. Metalworking allows you to apply custom layouts to the item/weapon/sword, which will change the description (short, dropped, examined) of the item.
  • AnkanAnkan ONMember Posts: 2
    Does the quality of the weapon change based on anything?
  • SalikSalik Da BurghMember Posts: 143 ✭✭✭
    These days they're pretty much set stats.
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