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Apparently Broken XP.

AgriasAgrias Member Posts: 3

This is my def sheet.

Current Defences:
A curseward has been established about your person.
The aura of the owl surrounds you.
You are benefiting from a guild experience bonus.
You are benefiting from a guild reserve bonus.
You are benefiting from an experience soulstone for 217 more minutes.
You are benefiting from lucky critical hits for 2 hours and 37 minutes.
You are benefitting from 10 percent bonus damage to mobiles.
You are blind.
You are deaf.
You are extremely heavy and difficult to move. [1:26]
You are feeling so full that you could not eat anything.
You are moving with heightened celerity.
You are protected by a waxy coating.
You are protected from the freezing elements.
You are resisting magickal damage.
You are surrounded by a cloak of protection.
You are tempered against fire damage.
You are utilising your bodily control to become more fit.
You are walking on a small cushion of air.
You are walking with the blessing of the stars.
You can perceive the unobvious through the sense of your third eye.
You have a focused and clear mind.
You have activated the boar tattoo.
You have activated the hood tattoo.
You have activated the moon tattoo.
You have activated the moss tattoo.
You have eaten the quince fruit and are extremely energetic.
You have insomnia, and cannot easily go to sleep.
You will attempt to parry attacks to your head.
Your armor offers you 68% increased protection to cutting and blunt damage.
Your body is weathering the storm of life a little better.
Your hands are gripping your wielded items tightly.
Your mind has been attuned to Dis.
Your mind is racing with enhanced speed.
Your sense of time is heightened, and your reactions are speeded.
Your senses are heightened.
Your veins burn with immunity to deadly venoms.
Your vision is heightened to see in the dark.
Your wounds are tightly bandaged in cloth.
You are protected by 39 defences.

That line up there, the one about the soulstone? Hasn't changed in over twenty-four hours. Before that. it said '480 minutes' since the beginning of the tournament. In between the change? There was maybe an hour of time or so and a logout/login between the two. That's concerning.

More concerning is that I've had that frozen for over a week, now. I've sent in multiple bug reports, and I've been told my achievement timer (frozen during the first Horror Hunt) was frozen because of a soulstone I'd purchased to get around the frozen timer. So...something I bought because of a frozen timer is the cause of the frozen timer? Makes no sense to me. Then I was told that the world-bonus pauses both timers, which makes sense. During the Horror Hunt, that line about the soulstone was replaced by something like 'you are benefitting from a double experience bonus' until the event ended. Then, the event ends, and...timer's still frozen.

More concerning? Everything I kill is worth .02 percent. Everything. Except when I'm in a group. Then it's .01 percent.

Highfavour? .02 percent. No highfavour? .02 percent. Varying waves of varying strength in the Underworld? Every single kill, .02 percent. Join a ring at all? .01 percent. Even if my ring members are in another room, .01 percent.

Something's going on. I don't know what. I don't know if there's a hidden bonus, or a hidden malus, or -something-, but my timers are frozen, my XP gain -itself- is frozen except in a negative manner, and I'm absolutely lost without a clue about what to do. I've put in multiple bug reports, been treated like an idiot, told it would all straighten out and go away when the Tournament ended, told that the actions I performed -as a result- of this were in fact the -cause- of this...I need help.


  • TashiTashi Columbus, OhioMember Posts: 13
    This was fixed as of ~15min ago far as I can tell. I was having the same issue.
  • SalikSalik Da BurghMember Posts: 143 ✭✭✭
    Any time there's an event on that boosts experience gain overall, other sources of experience gain are 'paused', so if the hunt was going on, this would be why.
  • TashiTashi Columbus, OhioMember Posts: 13
    Correct @Salik.

    Issue was it did not "unpause" immediately following the ToA.
  • SalikSalik Da BurghMember Posts: 143 ✭✭✭
    Ok, that would be the issue then. Didn't realize it was broken then! I was wrapped up in finals and barely got involved with the ToA.
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