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Easter Egg hunt stuff

AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
For those curious what you got at the end of it (though I'm sure those whom placed higher that I got better stuff), I got

"egg342456"               a large candy-filled egg
You are wearing:
Number of matching objects: 1 (out of 203 total)
This large egg has been carefully crafted from two panes of glass, each one molded to fit together
    perfectly. Inside the glass egg there are several candies waiting to be enjoyed.

Which contained a small amount of gold and also:

"candy342734"             a strange rabbit-shaped candy
This chocolate candy has been shaped into the image of a long-eared rabbit. Its normally fluffy
    tail is sculpted into a perfect sphere, its surface chisled just so to represent the furry
    tail. Its front paws are up near its chest, while its feet are firm on the false ground.

You take a big bite out of a strange rabbit-shaped candy's ears, then work your way down the body.
    Once it has been fully consumed, you rub your tummy and lick your lips, enjoying the sweet
    chocolate taste.

"candy342757"             a small bean-shaped candy
This small bean-shaped candy is packed filled with a strange liquid, giving it a burst of flavour
    upon being eaten.

Unsure what a small bean-shaped candy will hold, you pop a small bean-shaped candy in your mouth
    and bite down. To your surprise the sweet taste of strawberries bursts across your tastebuds
    as you consume a small bean-shaped candy.

"marshmallow342760"       a bunny-shaped marshmallow
This marshmallow has been shaped into a little bunny, with its tall ears pointing up and its paws
    curled up next to its chest. The tail has been set with a smaller marshmallow, while its eyes
    are miniature chocolate chips.

You take a few small bites out of a bunny-shaped marshmallow, enjoying the taste of the fluffy,
    soft candy.

I don't think they have any actual affects but if I die horribly or start projecting into the fifth dimension that could be why.

By the by I liked that event.  A thematic little distraction.  I don't have the care to come out first in them with pickup scripts like some, but scavenger hunts like that make for a good excuse to myself to go exploring.


  • OhmOhm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭✭
    I liked the event! For @Elokia and team to come together and make this happen in short time is awesome.

  • UltrixUltrix Member Posts: 288 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2016

    Someone give me a consolation egg, please. :(
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