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Bad lag?



  • AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    Could it be the garbage-collection type stuff, ie message deletion was a problem before, you also presumably have item decay and stuff like that going?
  • JuranJuran OhioMember Posts: 909 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'd be interested to know if the processing time per heartbeat cycle changed significantly when the servers moved and Imperian changed hosts, because it sure 'feels' like Imperian lately has been struggling under the weight of itself.
  • DecDec Member, Immortal Posts: 216 mod
    As an update, Garryn found a likely cause for the 33 minute lag.  It has to do with a regular log dump that's not written in a very efficient way.  It likely wasn't a problem until the logs hit a certain size.  Fixing will take a little work given the already existing data, but it's in progress.
  • GarrynGarryn Member, Administrator Posts: 527 admin
    And, fixed.
  • AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2016
    [edit] For some reason it didn't show @Garryn's post.  Disregard this one.
  • OhmOhm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭✭
    looks like xx:33 is no longer as bad. I'll keep monitoring. 

    Thanks @Garryn @Dec
  • OhmOhm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭✭
    Some really bad lag just now. 1:18:XX EST

    01:18:23 The sun climbs to its apex, scattering darkness, illuminating the land with its

    01:18:23 holy light.

    01:18:27 (RP): You say, "Hanyou is awesome."

    01:18:27 The elements spark and collide about you, sending a pulse of energy throughout

    01:18:27 the room.

    01:18:27 Pouncing happily at shadows, a little calico kitten leaves to the east.


    01:18:27 (Market): Arakis says, "Wolf and Rose Supplies. For when you have to have the

    01:18:27 best, 5297."


    01:18:28 The bright sun shines down upon you.

    01:18:31 The sound of metal heralds the entrance of Sergeant Crombie Alason as he

    01:18:31 strides in.

    01:18:34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    01:18:34  Agrias - Ash Ankiseth, Agrias Nesemme, Belo - A concealed forestal den

    01:18:34  Arakis - Sir Dr. Arakis Aelinelda, Iron Wolf, DDS

    01:18:34  Arcann - Arcann, the Spiritbreaker - Monarch Square

    01:18:34  Arina - Aide to Estates, Allegro Arina Kra - Kinsarmar Crossroads

    01:18:34  Arina - Aide to Estates, Allegro Arina Krax'ai

    01:18:34  Baasche - Baasche Krax'ai - The Redwood Path

    01:18:34  Erro - Revenant Erro Zaridiux - A fork in the caverns

    01:18:34 Type MORE to continue reading. (30% shown)

    01:18:36  Etienne - Etienne A'thenelle, the Redwood Bu - The gladiator pit

    01:18:36  Ihsan - Centurion Ihsan Nessaja, Son of Wa - Entering the gates of St

    01:18:36  Iluv - Iluv Bialystone, The Glacier

    01:18:36  Iobelia - Royalty of Romance, Queen Iobelia - Midnight's Shadow

    01:18:36  Jace - Jace Covante - A concealed forestal den

    01:18:36  Katinel - Lady Muse, Katinel Keth'Aera, the - Kinsarmar Crossroads

    01:18:36  Khizan - Khizan Vladin, Kaark'Goron Apprentice

    01:18:36  Liqo - Initiate of the Sanguine, Liqo Lae - The Hall of Accolades

    01:18:36 Type MORE to continue reading. (61% shown)

    01:18:36  Lyaewyn - Dame Lyaewyn Aelinelda, River Rose - A raised, flower-covered

    01:18:36  Merack - Night's Maven Merack Shaolar, Sage - The Celidon Threshold

    01:18:36  Mirai - Mirai Xathclyde - A concealed forestal den

    01:18:36  Mirela - Revenant Mirela - A shrouded kennel

    01:18:36  Oystir - Oystir Krax'ai, Veralai - A partially shaded atriu

    01:18:36  Salik - Disciplinarian Salik Iscariot, Emi - The Stone Forge

    01:18:36  Sela - Sunkissed Sela Keth'Aera, the Crim - Caanae Road near the Shu

    01:18:36 Type MORE to continue reading. (89% shown)

    01:18:36  Sorat - Sir Sorat Tellaris, Nightspawn Sla - Kinsarmar Crossroads

    01:18:36  Yuphy - Yuphy - The Celidon Threshold

    01:18:36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    01:18:36 There are 25 players in this world.


    01:18:46 An unseen presence whispers in your ear, "There is no more, friend."

    01:18:55 (RP): You say, "Anyone getting lag?"

    01:19:04 (RP): You say, "Like 30 seconds."

  • AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2016
    I haven't NOT had lag when I logged in the last few times.  I've just stopped bothering.  Hopefully it will even out after the holiday.

    [edit]: And just to be clear, it's probably the holiday that's doing it.,  Youtube etc are also being pretty laggy.  A couple of trunks dropping ~10% of internet traffic doesn't help either.  You can check to see how the NA infrastructure's doing.
    Post edited by Anette on
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