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  • Re: New Retiree

    The bosses also drop quite a lot of useful artifacts, so you can save quite a lot of money that way if you're willing to rustle up some people to do those once a week.
  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    Astris got a boomerang and a vitality ring from a cheapie $5 stocking! What a prize!
  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    They're honestly such good value. I don't really understand the complaints about "gambling" promos, because so far I've (I think) always been better off with these stockings than buying straight credits, even with the 30% sale.
  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    Honestly, I think Grand is good value if you want one of the mid-range artifacts off the loot table (I got Gem of Cloaking - I kept this-, Feathered Armlet and a Scorpion's Tail, + soulstone + 3 gems) - so 1100 credit value sans tradein, plus 100 per gem. Even after tradein it was still pretty good.

    Otherwise it does look like Fancy is the way to go. In fairness too, that familiar stocking also gave me a Gem of Cloaking so it balanced out. I just thought it was funny that familiars would be in there at all.
  • Re: Champions/Boneyards

    Okay so all of this is coming from someone who doesn't PK and doesn't like to PK and knows basically nothing about the Champion system, but... Killing that Reaper plague is possibly the most frustrating and boring thing I have done in Imperian in like... as long as I can remember.

    My gripes:

    • That BS cleave is way too random. Sometimes it was jumping targets in the space of a single attack, sometimes it was sitting on people for what seemed like a good minute or two. At one point it didn't target cleave on someone for about 3 minutes. I think if that awful mechanic is going to stay, it needs to have a set timer and very clear messages when focus drops from you as well.
    • It took like... 30mins or 40mins or whatever (I didn't time it) and awarded nothing at all except much less experience than Behlonoch, who takes about 10 minutes to kill.  It was also extremely frustrating because of the constant need to leave and re-enter, and to fend off the defender also. This makes it extremely unrewarding and I think next time I won't bother trying to kill the plague and I will just gag out the war-call spam it gives off. 
    • I feel like the reaper needs to cancel out walls, because with its cleave mechanic it's a massive **** for anyone who doesn't have wings/can escape if defenders decide to plonk those down. Combined with swim rooms, this is super annoying. It annoyed me anyway.
    • It appears to me that there is no real way to kill this particular plague if there is any sort of meaningful resistance. When we managed to kill it, it was just Twistus (Ilu Justus I promise) defending and even that made it an absolute **** to defend. I can see it being nigh impossible if there was an actual defending party. I can't speak for the other plagues, however Sarrius' one dropped in about... 3 minutes last time which seems really unfair but what would I know.
    • It seems that it would be satisfying for the summoner to have a mighty plague, but this experience was extremely not fun for those of us trying to kill it. I imagine it wasn't too fun for Justus either, given it was he vs the world.
    In summary: Killing the plague was hard, boring, pointless, and unrewarding. Please fix the Reaper mechanics and give me something for killing it.