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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Firstly, wow, this got heated fast.

    @Jeremy Saunders I strongly, strongly believe killing the Gods in the first place was a mistake. The people that were the most vocal about "stop letting Gods control us" were mostly PKers who are now ALL GONE. As an aside, I also believe this demographic objected the most to someone telling them what to do because they liked to have the feeling of power in the game. I don't care one way or the other what powers entites get, but I do think that as it stands right now they are rather pointless because they do carry less sway than a regular player. I can interact with them and I enjoy doing so on occasion, but it does feel pointless because they carry no influence at all. At minimum, I would like to see them able to possess mobs (mob RP is great, even little inconsequential interactions), create random little items (I loved the God trinkets we used to have), be able to make their sect temples more than a door and some empty rooms (please bring back God Temples). I'm still undecided whether I would like them to have stuff like the "God slap" or city patronage, merely because they can be abused. However on the other I think without "power" abilities, they remain little more than a glorified player.

    If entities are becoming "more actively involved", I think this would need to be done alongside making sects actually matter. As it stands right now they are boring and have basically nothing at all to do with RP, and I'm only in one because I can highfavour myself at will. Likewise with shrines: the way they function right now is so prohibitive to encouraging new cults/sects and drives people into the one with the most shrines in the best places. In turn this limits RP opportunities hugely. Both Conquest and Hunt are incredibly dull and with crappy premises. Can't speak to the other circles though.

    Also I object to the "this is a conflict driven game" mindset over "this is a text RP game" mindset. I don't mind conflict, but myself (and a lot of less vocal players who don't read the forums) are not here for conflict for conflict's sake.

    That said our avenues for RP have been slowly whittled down... Guilds are next to useless, sects have next to no RP, so on an org level that leaves us our cities, and even those are being whittled down.
  • Re: New Retiree

    The bosses also drop quite a lot of useful artifacts, so you can save quite a lot of money that way if you're willing to rustle up some people to do those once a week.
  • Re: Apparitions Event

    Tonrar gave us visions of Antioch's destruction, so there's your RP.
  • Re: Apparitions Event

    My feedback:
    • The grind was terrible and too long and really at the end the personal barriers didn't do much at all, so I feel like I massively wasted numerous hours. It also came down to "our barrier just has to be better than Antioch's", which took away some of the urgency because their barrier was always 0.
    • I didn't like the entity ending at all. Esmy-whosit has been inactive for so long that half of us didn't know her, and have no special attachment to her. The death also seemed really sudden and anti-climactic. I find myself not caring at all that she died because I don't even know who she is and it really ended with "a door killed her". She had no character development or anything, just wham-bam-dead.
    • I also didn't like entities dishing out the information because there was no sense of discovery and it took much of it away from the players. I liked that they were involved however - as the post said... a balance would be nice.
    • I think clustering the objectives together at the end was a mistake - they should have been divided up across the world. There were so many people there doing stuff that the spam pretty much overtook everything and I had no idea what was happening for most of it.
    • I also agree that the non-PK crowd should have had more avenues for participation in that end part. It would have been very easy for the large gank-squads to just kill any RPers from other circles (which happened), thus making it unenjoyable for them. I'm unimaginative so I have no ideas for alternatives.
    • I think events should be geared with more palatable options that each city and council could find merit in. I.e. actively focussing to weaken the Rashirmir was only ever going to be Khandava's gig and alone they wouldn't have the numbers. There should be different options, and not so much of a "good and evil" avenue. I'm still unimaginative so I have no ideas for alternatives.
  • Re: Apparitions Event

    I just want to clear up that Khandava said they weren't interested in focusing anything, which is why Ithaquans were assisting them. So we weren't working against anything except Kinsarmar. :) And I only did that because I got killed for no reason by Kinsarmar.

    We could have killed the people focusing on many occasions, but we didn't. (Some of them did cop a death or two before we realised they weren't part of the Kinsarmar gank-squad).