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  • Re: Shopkeeping

    I run my shop just for funsies. I never expected to make money which is why I chose to invest 200k gold in a city shop, rather than like... 400 credits (or however much tokens are now) into a token-shop. On that note, what I wouldn't give to have things easier to organise, and easier to price. I would love a pre-set price thing. Maybe this exists now... I don't know (If it exists now, please tell me how!). But when I run out of say, leathergreaves, I want to just be able to put them back on the shelf and have it remember the last price I sold them at, instead of me having to manually price them with price all leathergreaves 2500.

    Also, the idea of using keywords is great too.
  • Re: Help PK

    I don't think anybody took anything out of context, it was a legitimate question I had! And now my question has been answered, so that's all I really have to say on it. I think this is a good thread, to clarify some common issues. I don't think anybody really needs to get defensive about things said on here.
  • Re: Newbie Improvement

    Just brainstorming, play nice.

    Maybe we could try introducing more of the "fun" things into the newbie tutorial. Liiiike, pets/Taming, even if it's just a dog that follows them around and does nothing.

    Maybe they can sample some of the classes before having to pick one - I know they can sort of do this already, but I was thinking more like the Elder Scrolls intros.

    I agree with the others who are saying that there isn't much introduction to lore. That said, I hardly even know what the lore is, anymore. So I'm not sure how to fix this.

    Also, making sure the HELPs are all up to date. I made a newbie once in Achaea (I think), and half the commands in the HELPs I was directed to didn't even exist anymore. I dunno if ours are as bad as that, but I'm sure we're a bit of date too.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Another thing: I was reading the designing HELP GUIDELINES and one of them is really... I dunno... passive aggressive.

    1. PROOFREAD. On occasion, approvers will overlook minor errors out of the kindness of their hearts,
    but should you consistently submit sloppy work, you will find anything and everything rejected on
    the smallest of discrepancies.
    Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar are integral in order to
    maintain the quality of Imperian, and this goes just as much for mortals as it does for anyone else.

    This implies the approvers see who is submitting stuff. If that's the case, that's super bad and should change, because people can be really petty. If it's not the case, the HELP thing should be changed to be less mean-sounding.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Since caravans are non-existent, can we get rid of all the guard spam on CT?