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  • It's not all cuddles for the citizens of Celidon

    Rei gives the corpse of a small human baby to you.
    Rei gives the corpse of a small human baby to you.
    You give a horrified gasp.
    Clutching her blanket, the bloodied corpse of a small baby is lying here.
    It weighs about 21 pounds. <-- lol
    You see nothing in it.
    Rei shuffles her feet uneasily.
    You say, "Why."
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "I wasn't my fault."
    Above a canopy of trees.
    A spectacular view awaits one here, above the canopy of the oak trees. Beyond the immediate enclosed
    area there is no safeguard against falling to the ground far, far below. A vine rope closes off a 
    square portion, another is positioned around the hole leading to the entryway below. Two chairs have 
    been placed about the hole, one has been positioned to look out over the canopy and towards Stavenn; 
    in the other, one can see the river, leading to the mountains beyond. Looking out over the canopy, 
    Igbert marks down something on a map in his left hand. Its lips pulled back in a snarl, a spectral 
    barghest paces in the nearby shadows. Rei stands here wreathed in scintillating flames reminiscent 
    of a rising phoenix. She wields a truesilver broadsword in her left hand and a wyvern-shaped shield 
    in her right.
    You see a single exit leading down.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "Igbert wanted food."
    You pace impatiently back and forth.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "But not that food, apparently."
    You say, "He eats babies?"
    Rei gives Igbert the once-over, eyeing him suspiciously.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "Well no. That's the problem."
    You say, "We will give these babies a proper burial."
    Rei looks about herself, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.
    Stars fill the firmament, illuminating the evening sky with a pale light.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "How?"
    Wiping away a tear, Wyll holds the deceased babies close to his chest, shielding
    their cold bodies away from the elements as he looks away from Rei, unable to look her in the eyes. 
    "I will find a place." He says, his voice shaky.
    Rei eyes you suspiciously. "Well then. Do I HAVE to participate or can you take care of it in your
    Wyll finally turns, glancing at Rei from the corner of his eyes. "I think you've
    done enough." With that, he makes his exit.
    A secluded corner of an overgrown orchard.
    The softly sighing wind rustles the leaves of the overhanging trees beneath the distant sound of
    running water. The scent of apples and apple blossoms fills the air with a sweetness that can almost 
    be tasted, while the lush carpet of green and brown cushions the tread with softness. This abandoned 
    orchard exudes peace with each new breath of wind. Several large white oak trees form a peaceful 
    grove. <-- sorry to the grove owner, now you have ghost babies
    You see exits leading northeast and northwest.
    Wyll carefully wraps each baby in their blankets and places their cold, lifeless
    body on the ground before he begins to dig small graves. He digs two side by side so that the babies 
    will have each other in their final resting places. As he stands up from the digging, he walks over 
    to the river and washes his dirty, dirt-caked paws and then returns to the babies. He carries each 
    one carefully, sniffling as he places them into their graves. He bows his head, eyes closing as 
    tears stream down his cheek and muzzle. Finally, he buries them, making sure the area looks 
    undisturbed so that they can rest peacefully. "I will bring you flowers, little ones. Rest in peace.

  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    Good value because the credit value is also set by the company, but if you think actually put things into perspective $100+ for a virtual sword is insanity. Considering we're on a text based game with a population that pushes 50+ on a good day. I'd have more flex on a bigger game trotting around a $100+ virtual item.

    But yeah, I don't think anyone should regret their purchases. Sadly, I've regretted purchases from not only this month, but also the last with that **** awful wheel that gets shittier with each cycle.

    I should clarify on my regret for this month and that is with the extravagant stocking, I've been happy with fancies I've hung for myself as well as friends. I've even messaged @Jeremy about the extravagant disappointment, but have yet to receive a response. So two thumbs up for that.
  • Re: November Wheel Promo

    Sarrius said:
     Our game is too small for trading-oriented promo items I think, which really hurts the EV on a wheel spin.

    This is probably one of the biggest things I think needs to be realized by players before they buy into these promos, and also something I wish @Jeremy Saunders would consider when calculating value on these promos.

    I don't believe us players are saying this to really dump on the game, and those of us who do take the time to come here and comment are quite invested in the game in many ways. Yes, it's been said so many times that we have a small pop, but I think it's time that events/promos are designed with that in mind. And when our population picks back up, we can slowly ease out.

    This is why when I calculate value, I strictly do tradein value. Because a couple of days in, and definitely come mid-late month, I'm going to have a hard time off-loading all the duplicate posters, pixies, blah, blah, blah, I get.

    Even on a populated game like Achaea, you're going to have a hard time off-loading a crap ton of stuff after so many people have spun. The market quickly becomes saturated. If these values are being calculated based on other factors beside tradein value, such as use/power, consider that you can only use an item so many times and in some cases, and duplicates are worth only their tradein.

    I don't know the numbers of last month's promo, but I knew of ONE whole player who purchased more or less a handful of crates. That's what you get when the market is saturated with items.  And that impact is amplified here with a smaller population, which means less demand.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Poses are a complementary function to emotes that can be used to express emotions to anyone who
    looks at you. You can either set your pose  manually by doing POSE <emote>, or if you enable the
    quickpose option with CONFIG QUICKPOSE ON/OFF you will automatically switch into the pose associated with whatever emote you use, if there is one.

    Varian uses POSE GRIN. Now everybody who looks at the room that he is standing in will see that he
    is standing there, grinning. Varian could also simply enable quickpose and GRIN, which would use the
    regular grin emote, and change his pose as if he had done POSE GRIN.

    Using the POSE verb by itself to view the current pose, or POSE NOTHING to reset it.

    Custom poses
    Along with simple poses, Aetolia also offers -custom- poses. These are self-written descriptions of
    how your character should appear in the room, usually describing their current position or activity.
    You can set these as you would a simple pose, but keep in mind the following rules:

     * Your custom pose may not exceed 120 characters in length.
     * It must contain the '^' symbol to represent your name.
     * It cannot be longer than a single sentence.

    Keep in mind that HELP LANGUAGERULES will apply, and use of poses to gain advantage in combat will
    be punished.

    Posing items
    Items in the room may be posed, conferring to them a temporary custom appearance. These poses adhere
    to the same rules as the custom poses you can set yourself. The Gods will see when you're setting an
    item's pose, so don't try anything foolish!

    The syntax for setting an item's pose is: POSE ITEM <item> <text>. You must include the item's short
    name in the description, so for instance, if trying to pose a bucket, you could do "pose item bucket
    A slop bucket has been set here", but not "pose item bucket A bunch of slop sits in the vessel in
    the corner."

    Note that item poses will not work with furniture or NPCs!

    ^ That's Aetolia's posing system. Which is so much better for RP in order to set up scenes, etc. Can we have similar in Imperian? We I promise to behave so we can have nice things.
  • Re: I HEART

    I heart the beginning of every month because it means a new promo, but please don't let it be the wheel. Jesus, take the wheel from me.