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  • It's not all cuddles for the citizens of Celidon

    Rei gives the corpse of a small human baby to you.
    Rei gives the corpse of a small human baby to you.
    You give a horrified gasp.
    Clutching her blanket, the bloodied corpse of a small baby is lying here.
    It weighs about 21 pounds. <-- lol
    You see nothing in it.
    Rei shuffles her feet uneasily.
    You say, "Why."
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "I wasn't my fault."
    Above a canopy of trees.
    A spectacular view awaits one here, above the canopy of the oak trees. Beyond the immediate enclosed
    area there is no safeguard against falling to the ground far, far below. A vine rope closes off a 
    square portion, another is positioned around the hole leading to the entryway below. Two chairs have 
    been placed about the hole, one has been positioned to look out over the canopy and towards Stavenn; 
    in the other, one can see the river, leading to the mountains beyond. Looking out over the canopy, 
    Igbert marks down something on a map in his left hand. Its lips pulled back in a snarl, a spectral 
    barghest paces in the nearby shadows. Rei stands here wreathed in scintillating flames reminiscent 
    of a rising phoenix. She wields a truesilver broadsword in her left hand and a wyvern-shaped shield 
    in her right.
    You see a single exit leading down.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "Igbert wanted food."
    You pace impatiently back and forth.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "But not that food, apparently."
    You say, "He eats babies?"
    Rei gives Igbert the once-over, eyeing him suspiciously.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "Well no. That's the problem."
    You say, "We will give these babies a proper burial."
    Rei looks about herself, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.
    Stars fill the firmament, illuminating the evening sky with a pale light.
    Rei Lorianis, the Equinox says, "How?"
    Wiping away a tear, Wyll holds the deceased babies close to his chest, shielding
    their cold bodies away from the elements as he looks away from Rei, unable to look her in the eyes. 
    "I will find a place." He says, his voice shaky.
    Rei eyes you suspiciously. "Well then. Do I HAVE to participate or can you take care of it in your
    Wyll finally turns, glancing at Rei from the corner of his eyes. "I think you've
    done enough." With that, he makes his exit.
    A secluded corner of an overgrown orchard.
    The softly sighing wind rustles the leaves of the overhanging trees beneath the distant sound of
    running water. The scent of apples and apple blossoms fills the air with a sweetness that can almost 
    be tasted, while the lush carpet of green and brown cushions the tread with softness. This abandoned 
    orchard exudes peace with each new breath of wind. Several large white oak trees form a peaceful 
    grove. <-- sorry to the grove owner, now you have ghost babies
    You see exits leading northeast and northwest.
    Wyll carefully wraps each baby in their blankets and places their cold, lifeless
    body on the ground before he begins to dig small graves. He digs two side by side so that the babies 
    will have each other in their final resting places. As he stands up from the digging, he walks over 
    to the river and washes his dirty, dirt-caked paws and then returns to the babies. He carries each 
    one carefully, sniffling as he places them into their graves. He bows his head, eyes closing as 
    tears stream down his cheek and muzzle. Finally, he buries them, making sure the area looks 
    undisturbed so that they can rest peacefully. "I will bring you flowers, little ones. Rest in peace.

  • Re: Improving Imperian


    Yes, I know it is a conflict driven game. It has been said enough. It's like you can't talk about this game without people bringing up conflict, whether it be the wrong kind of the lack of conflict. Blah blah, conflict. Entities can bring conflict too, but then they'd be meddling and you don't want that but you are pro conflict?

    But the truth is, this game doesn't run entirely on conflict and a good portion of the playerbase don't log on solely for conflict. You can say that is what this game is about and the admin can say that, but it's a game that offers a variety of things for players to do that have nothing to do with conflict or generating conflict. If it was an entire game of only conflict, we wouldn't have fishing, owning homes and decorating them, various trade skills, gambling, etc, etc, etc.  This game doesn't begin with 'conflict' and it doesn't end with 'conflict'.

    I'm not personally insulted at all, just stop pretending that someone is personally offended/insulted when they don't agree with you.

    Again, your influence is within your organization and it doesn't reach as far as the handful of players you decided to tag in an attempt to rid Kinsarmar of entities. You can waddle out and pick on that group I mentioned in my 'stark difference' statement, but Pk rules exist. If they aren't messing with you, then you have no reason to impact their game play at all. Yet some of you still find a way because you'r starved for it.

    That's really all I am getting at. Don't force your play style on someone else. Is it really that hard to understand?

  • Re: New Artifacts Wishlist

    @Jeremy, I know you're busy, but you forgot to add this item:
    Wyll Alwynd, Divorce Attorney, Attorney at Law, Graduate of Attorney school approves of:

    File for Legal Separation: This will make a world wide announce that you and your spouse are having marital strife. Divorce will trigger automatically after a random time period of 1-100 hours.
    OhmJeremy Saunders
  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    But she doesn't get excited about the amazing fishing lure.
  • Re: I HEART

    You can also kill a trapped mouse. This is sad.