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  • Re: New Engineer Class

    I went back and played as a fresh newbie. With the flintlock provided(like other weapons are provided for other classes to newbies) I could hunt just fine. It's actually more bearable hunting than some of the other classes. Needing a bayonet won't be an issue until around level 40 when you have enough lessons to actually learn to bayonet.

    With the gold I got from hunting in the newbie area alone, I will have enough to buy the mats for a bayonet and blunderbuss, no problem, provided I find someone who can make them.
    Jeremy Saunders
  • Re: New Retiree

    Sarrius said:
    I personally don't agree with this line of thought, but there's more logic/thought put behind it than my entirely rational hatred of grinding: no, prism bag isn't really worth it from a monetary perspective. For it to pay itself off in any reasonable frame of time, you will need to sell those inks.. and that's not as easy a task as you'd think. (paging @Wyll ; to elaborate, as I've surely butchered his point)

    It is worth getting the mask no matter what, though. From a pure cost perspective.. +1 to a stat is at least the price of the mask.. +1 to two stats must assuredly be worth way more.
    Sarrius and I have done the math on this prism pouch, if I am remembering correctly. The prism pouch currently goes for 4 tokens. Tokens will run you around 25-30 credits each. Let's go on the low end and say you can buy a pouch for 100 credits. Honestly, that's not that bad.

    At the current market price for credits, we are seeing an average of 32K. I want to really bring this down further, because only currently did the average spike to this ridiculous price. A more reasonable price for credits is 25K per.

    100 credits at 25K per is 2.5 million gold. Ink prices range from 20g-400g. At the most expensive price of 400g,  you can buy 6250 gold inks.

    Will you ever use that many gold inks? Probably not. The pouch also randomly generates ink. I don't know the frequency and I also believe the color is random. It seems nice, but you will never reasonable see your return on it. You will also find a plethora of shops in Caanae that sell inks at a discounted price, the shop owners themselves being owners of the prism pouch.
  • Re: November Wheel Promo

    December 1st, can't come fast enough. 
  • Re: I HEART

    I heart #BugDay.

    Seriously. It's great and I feel really bad if the other games don't have something similar. Thanks for adding custom self and item posing as well!

  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Yesssss, let joint accounts be a thing. This way in case anywhere ever decides to RP divorce court, it will be extra juicy when joint accounts are brought up.

    PS: If anyone plans to divorce anytime soon, please do a divorce court. I desperately want to be an audience member.