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  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Easily one of the best games I've ever played.
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Aodan said:
    Paragon :o its an interesting twist on MOBAs, I've been quite addicted. and one of the best part about it... its crossplatform between PC and PS4!
    I hopped on the beta for Paragon when it was $20. It was good at first, and then they completely revamped it and ruined it. I'm not sure how it is now. I might check back.
  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    Being upset about the zombie costume is like Antioch being mad if the admin creates a hunting area full of clerics or something.
  • Horde Caravans

    Horde caravans are no longer a system being put to use. Most cities have completed their research (and thus do not require quartz), and our small playerbase makes it difficult to gather a group. They can be solo-ed or duo-ed if one has WAR powers to CALL SENTRIES, but that requires 1) building beacons with quartz and 2) the rewards simple do not make the juice worth the squeeze.

    I think the system should be removed entirely via an RP horde event that stops their caravaning, or the system be revamped (preferred).

    It would be cool if they acted similarly to shardfalls. Random caravans with three-four average guards appear throughout Aetherius with a chance for larger convoys to appear every few hours or so (this would require a team of two or three). The small caravans might net 5 plunders or so with rewards such as gold or commodities to be sold for gold or shards. The larger caravans might net temporary arties or stat soulstones (just something a little more worthwhile since it will be more difficult and require more gold). We might even add a quest for caravaning (i.e. kill the leader of a convoy of caravans and return his corpse for substantial gold, kill small caravans [receive gold after plundering so many].

    Either way, the system is outdated and needs to be removed or changed considering current rewards and the resources needed to accomplish them.

    I know there are other things in the works, but this is worth looking at as well. No sense in CT being spammed that caravans are crossing through when nobody uses them.
  • Achievements and Rewards

    After reaching 1,000 achievement points (and receiving 250 bound credits), I feel like there is no reason to pursue achievements now because there is no tangible reward. 90% of the achievements award experience bonuses, and I have hours and hours of those stocked up already, and I will never use them. I think that the reward aspect of achievements could undergo revision.

    Going through each one and thinking of an appropriate award would be incredibly time-consuming. What if, however, we could trade in experience bonus hours for other rewards. For example:

    12 hour experience bonus = one stat soulstone

    Handling the conversion would probably be messy this way, though, so it might be a better idea to let the achievement points be currency. So.. if I complete an achievement worth 10 points, that 10 points goes toward both my achievement points in honours as well as my currency. It'd be like trading in yeti pelts at icecloak mountain.

    So.. 1 achievement point = 5 lessons
    10 achievement point = 1 stat soulstone
    100 achievement points = 50 credits.
    etc. etc.

    And you can redeem them anytime you want, saving up for better rewards if you'd prefer.

    Just a thought.