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Theophilus ✭✭✭✭


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  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    You open a fancy chocolate brown and white stocking and find a 1,000,000 credits and a multi-facet gem inside!
  • Re: Quotes

    (Noob): @Juganothion says, "So what's the new raiding you were talking about."
    (Noob): @Kabaal says, "Help raiding, can't type a lot atm with baby arms."
    (Noob): Juganothion says, "You have baby arms? Do you get disability with that."
  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): @Lartus says, "I've never watched game of thrones."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Is that the show where two kids, a wizard, an elf, a dwarf, and a random person go to the dark lord to give back his wedding ring."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "And then the dark lord tells the man that he is his father and then they have to escape the exploding planet that is actually."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "But they need the help of a young wizard with a scar on his face by stopping a hole out in space that spews out aliens. But."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "They are not alone because a guy with a shield and his friends are there to help the group."
  • Re: I HEART

    Gjarrus said:
    The tall boots are made from deep black leather bearing a soft shine of polish. Lacing along the back secures the footwear in place on the legs, but the material is not quite long enough and leaves a strip of flesh bare from heel to cuff. A turned-down cuff rides around the top. A thick layer of demon hide serves as a sturdy base for the arching soles. A thick coil of spring juts out from the reinforced heel, the coil narrowing to a small, flat platform at the bottom. A small pair of metal contacts on the inside of each heel causes the spring to uncoil with a snap before automatically locking into place once more. The gears and pistons driving the spring's coil are embedded along the sides of the boots under a cover of the same dark leather as the rest of the footwear.
    It radiates with the powers of acrobatics and dexterity's deftness.
    It is strangely weightless.
    It bears the distinctive mark of Kabaal.
    This will occupy the shoes clothing slot.
    You are dressed normally, and utterly, utterly satiated.
  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): @Lynyssa says, "I am a joke :(."
    (Ring): @Caelya says, "Wow."
    (Ring): Caelya says, "Let's not be negative. Smiles, pls."
    (Ring): Lynyssa says, "I am a joke :)"
    (Ring): You say, "Hahahaha."
    (Ring): Caelya says, "Better :D."