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  • Re: I HEART

    I had a dream about Imperian last night, which happens often, and it has me thinking..

    I love this game. Despite its flaws and despite some of the arguments we have with each other, I really do love it. And our community. I get to do cool stuff with people I've known for a decade or more. When I'm out with friends, sometimes in the back of my mind I think, "Man, I wish I could go home and play Imperian." I am addicted to it, and I don't see it as a bad thing. If we're honest, most of us are or we wouldn't be here 12+ hours a day.

    So.. in a word, I heart Imperian. I heart our community (most of the time). And I heart the admins who make it possible.
  • Re: I HEART

    But then I would have to make amends with Antioch and pay billions of gold so that I could join and fulfill my destiny. :(
  • Horde Caravans

    Horde caravans are no longer a system being put to use. Most cities have completed their research (and thus do not require quartz), and our small playerbase makes it difficult to gather a group. They can be solo-ed or duo-ed if one has WAR powers to CALL SENTRIES, but that requires 1) building beacons with quartz and 2) the rewards simple do not make the juice worth the squeeze.

    I think the system should be removed entirely via an RP horde event that stops their caravaning, or the system be revamped (preferred).

    It would be cool if they acted similarly to shardfalls. Random caravans with three-four average guards appear throughout Aetherius with a chance for larger convoys to appear every few hours or so (this would require a team of two or three). The small caravans might net 5 plunders or so with rewards such as gold or commodities to be sold for gold or shards. The larger caravans might net temporary arties or stat soulstones (just something a little more worthwhile since it will be more difficult and require more gold). We might even add a quest for caravaning (i.e. kill the leader of a convoy of caravans and return his corpse for substantial gold, kill small caravans [receive gold after plundering so many].

    Either way, the system is outdated and needs to be removed or changed considering current rewards and the resources needed to accomplish them.

    I know there are other things in the works, but this is worth looking at as well. No sense in CT being spammed that caravans are crossing through when nobody uses them.
  • Re: I HEART

    1189/1189 (100%) 637/606 (105%) Bl 0 
  • Re: Quotes

    Kabaal tells you, "Dunno. Flip a coin, and if you don't like the answer, do the other thing."

    This is profound, and it's a great way to make decisions.