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  • Re: I HEART

    Iniar said:
    The semester is over. Straight As. Elected as president of Student Government Association. Presenting at several national conferences in the coming weeks. Fell in love.

    Life is fantastic even if it means my time here is limited these days.
    Does she know about Imperian?

    (or he, I guess)
    Yeah, she is the same one I showed Imperian to the first time. 
  • Re: I HEART


    I had been playing D&D for almost twenty years and decided to introduce a group of my friends to the game so we could play it together.

    Being the one with the most experience, I started as the DM. The first adventures were pretty straightforward dungeon crawls that went pretty much 'on rails'. The players got their chance to show initiative, but the story was pretty much set, and if they wandered in an unwanted direction I would gently nudge them in the direction I wanted them to go.

    After they reached level five or so, I decided it was time to cut them loose and let them make their own story.

    A previous adventure had just finished and the party was gathered back in town. To start a classic adventure, I introduced the town bulletin board with various adventure hooks.

    A Mayor that wanted to get rid of a Goblin plague, an old castle with a Ghost problem, a sighting of a young Dragon, that kind of stuff.

    But to make it more 'real' I had a few common notices as well. A Farmer that needed help with his land, a Blacksmith looking for an apprentice, and someone selling fresh cakes.

    I naturally assumed they wanted to find the Dragon or look for Ghosts, but being accustomed to everything having a meaning, they interpreted everything as an adventure hook. So they decided to find out what was wrong with the Farmer looking for help.

    Off they went to find out what was going on on that farm. After an uneventful trip to the farm, they met Farmer Harm who was really surprised to find such well-armoured people willing to help with his land. But a helping hand is always needed on a farm, so he decided to put them to work harvesting crops, milking the cows, and picking up the chicken eggs.

    All along the players were scouting the area looking for trouble, checking the Farmer on his alignment, searching for hidden doors and traps and finding absolutely nothing.

    This went on for most of the session. For good measure I decided to incorporate a lone fox trying to steal some chickens, which they killed in under a minute or so.

    Which of course ended up in a discussion of a nearby fox town with possible Fox People... which was never found.

    So at the end of the session they earned a few coppers from Farmer Harm for their good work.

    They learned a valuable lesson that day: Sometimes a farm is just a farm.

  • Re: I HEART

    I heart Imperian-- the game itself and every single one of you.

    Happy Valentine's Day.
  • Re: The 2017 Post!

    All-in-all, I really enjoyed most if not all of what you guys did in 2016. I really, REALLY appreciate the hard work that goes into this game. I know it seems like everyone is screaming, "Imperian is dying!" but I have high hopes for the future. Population ebbs and flows, and I think we will be on an upswing soon.

    Thank you for all that you do.
    Jeremy SaundersDruuSeptusIniarSkye
  • Re: Clueless

    So, since I have absolutely no clue how to summon Yasyolon, and figuring out quests like that for the first time is not at all an easy matter, anyone got the long description for him? I'm commissioning a piece of art from a friend, and I wanted to see if Yasyolon would make for a good source for what I want.
    Long description:
    Tentacles flailing, the Ocean Abomination, Yasyolon slaughters all in its path.

    Yasyolon appears to have once been a gigantic squid or octopus. Fat, albino ocean maggots infest his pale,
    rotting flesh, writhing in the massive pits and sores riddling his decaying flesh. Dozens of tentacles sprout
    from beneath his body, lined with large suction cups and armored with thousands of stone-like barnacles. Large
    hooks, inadvertently collected along the ocean bottom, pierce these appendages, the wounds oozing a thick,
    black ichor. Sickly, bulbous eyes with a large bone-like beak rest on the top of its shapeless, hulking body.
    The Ocean Abomination, Yasyolon does not even register your presence as a threat.

    An enormous pile of rotting flesh and seaweed lies here, filling the air with a putrid stench.

    Attacks include:
    A tentacle wraps about your leg and and tosses you into the mouth of the Ocean Abomination, Yasyolon.
    The Ocean Abomination, Yasyolon strikes at you with a long tentacle, and you go sailing from the room.
    The Ocean Abomination, Yasyolon opens its boney maw and spews a thick, sticky vomit of decaying fish over you.

    Yasyolon doll looks like:
    This lumpy cloth doll represents the ocean abomination, Yasyolon. Dozens of poorly sewn cloth tentacles sprout
    from the body, lined with large rubbery suction cups. A wooden beak is attached to the cloth, between with two
    large onyx stones. Metal hooks pierce the body in dozens of places, allowing what little sand remains within
    the doll to slowly seep out. A long string extends from the end of one of the tentacles.