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  • Re: Quotes

    (Noob): @Juganothion says, "So what's the new raiding you were talking about."
    (Noob): @Kabaal says, "Help raiding, can't type a lot atm with baby arms."
    (Noob): Juganothion says, "You have baby arms? Do you get disability with that."
  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): @Lynyssa says, "I am a joke :(."
    (Ring): @Caelya says, "Wow."
    (Ring): Caelya says, "Let's not be negative. Smiles, pls."
    (Ring): Lynyssa says, "I am a joke :)"
    (Ring): You say, "Hahahaha."
    (Ring): Caelya says, "Better :D."
  • Re: Horde Caravans

    I simply want to be able to solo stuff (bosses, caravans) for reward, and then assemble a team and tackle it for even greater reward.

    Smaller bosses vs. bigger bosses, single caravan vs. convoy.

    And I don't want the rewards to be quartz nobody needs anymore or for it to require special city privileges.

    That's all I'm saying with this. Give us a way to generate income in the form of gold, temp arties, whatever without mindless bashing an area. Throw in a challenge, but make it soloable in some instances since our playerbase is small for less reward.
  • Re: I HEART

    I had a dream about Imperian last night, which happens often, and it has me thinking..

    I love this game. Despite its flaws and despite some of the arguments we have with each other, I really do love it. And our community. I get to do cool stuff with people I've known for a decade or more. When I'm out with friends, sometimes in the back of my mind I think, "Man, I wish I could go home and play Imperian." I am addicted to it, and I don't see it as a bad thing. If we're honest, most of us are or we wouldn't be here 12+ hours a day.

    So.. in a word, I heart Imperian. I heart our community (most of the time). And I heart the admins who make it possible.
  • Re: The costs of combat

    Aren't artifacts meant to make this 'problem' not so much of a problem anymore?

    Ink pouch, for example. It's not an unlimited supply, but you sink some credits into it and never have to buy inks again (potentially). 

    Profession specific example would be Summoner tarot deck. Not only do I not have to buy the stuff for tarot, but I don't have to sketch cards mindlessly.

    Lowering cost of stuff makes the artifacts less appealing, and I think that's a problem for the business side.