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  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    I figured I would want those goggles eventually.

    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a fire pendant, a gem of radiant offerings and a multi-facet gem inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a Heartwood Bow, a gem of radiant offerings and a multi-facet gem inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a festive peppermint-stick vial, a multi-facet gem and a wand of reflection inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a bookbinder's trinket, a deep red boomerang and a multi-facet gem inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a bookbinder's trinket, a multi-facet gem and a silver ring of meditation inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a feathered armlet, a multi-facet gem and an ebony figurine inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a mask of lifevision, a multi-facet gem and a translucent glass box inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a bucket of wheel grease, a deep red boomerang and a multi-facet gem inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a multi-facet gem, a pair of Renascent Armguards and a translucent glass box inside!
    You open a grand green and silver stocking and find a Brooch of the Tempest, a Vorpal Knife and a multi-facet gem inside!

    I traded in everything except the grease and the special gems, made 2261 cr and still have ~1k in gems and two special stockings to open when those come around. Good artefacts too, so if you weren't actually just trading in anything that's a lot better than my yield, which I'm very happy with.

    I also have these bookbinding trinkets and the peppermint vial, but have no idea what those are.

    Essentially, not including gems I got ~2300 cr for the price of 1500. With the gems its more like 3k+. If you actually needed some of those artefacts probably more like 3600-3800 ish (ballpark figure accounting for duplicates). No idea if we have more extravagant info yet (I steered clear because of earlier concerns), but grand seem great to me. I avoided fancy because what I really want are the gems so that guaranteed gem roll was my initial hook.

    For a suggestion, maybe consider making extravagants always give two gems. I'd have considered them if this was the case, but as the primary drive behind the promotion, its hard to justify that increased cost with the same net gems as the grand stockings I feel.
  • Re: Mudlet Scripting

    In addition, you might want to consider abstracting all that out into a single function. Having a list of functions you call in every alias does not scale well (for instance, 2 weeks from now you're going to add a "pullArrowCheck" for incendiary. You now either have to put that somewhere unintuitive like your check mount function (this is what you'll do because its easier, its also a mistake and you'll hate yourself a year from now), or you have to add it to every alias that have your various checks. You have a few common approaches to this:

    - You can define a table of functions, then have a preCommands function that is called in your aliases that just iterates over that table and calls each one in turn.
    - You can have a preCommands function that just calls a bunch of functions one after the other. This is fine though less flexible, not allowing you to trivially dynamically add/remove checks at runtime. Its quite possibly the simplest way and the benefit of a single abstraction like this is that you can rewrite that function later without actually having to change anything else.

    Something else to consider is if you want to handle commands in this way. This might not seem important now but its a pretty key thing to decide, given you're not in a location with great ping. A linear list of functions that you call that then send commands does prohibit you from using ifeqbal/queueing/separators trivially. If you do want to use these you can:
    - Rather than sending the commands push them to a table, then have your own send function that joins those commands by your separator and dispatches them to whatever method you want to use (be that a standard send, a queue eqbal, an ifeqbal, etc).
    - You can have your functions return strings and just append them. I see a lot of people do this and advise against it. It is inflexible and doesn't allow for clean lookups for if you're using a command already, etc. It also requires you to handle your separators yourself, and you'll inevitably miss one somewhere and then have to track down where you forgot to insert one. A join is just better in this case.

    I'd go with something like this:

    function prepare(command)
        append command to action table

    function exampleTrueassessCheckYouShouldNeverDoBecausePreTrueassessOnEveryActionWillKillYou(target)
        prepare("trueassess " .. target)

    function preCommands(target)
        reset action table to empty
        foreach check in checks

    function dispatch(prefix)
        command = join(action table, your separator)
        send(prefix .. " " .. command)

    function spearStab(target, toxin)
        prepare("spear stab " .. target .. " " .. toxin)

    function yourSpearStabThing(target)
        spearStab(target, "probably chiltran because chiltran is awesome")
        dispatch("queue eqbal")

    That's all very rough, but is how I would do things if looking for a good place to get started. Ideally you want to spend less time coding and more time playing the game, so having something that let's you throw attacks together quickly is ideal. Even if you do go with just a standard send and forget about queueing etc, I recommend writing your own wrapper around your client's built in send function. This is because down the line there's a good chance you'll want to double up commands or something like that when afflicted with stupidity etc.

  • Re: Apparitions Event

    I would think it worth posing the question if org deletion has actually solved any issues. From my (admittedly now limited perspective), it has not. Circle deletion is a very different beast and I think there are tangible pros/cons there, but I remain sceptical of the idea that single org deletions has any nontrivial benefit without a very specific aim in mind.

    As for the event, I don't have the full picture (I turned up for the ending and got randomly mobbed by Kinsarmar and then got recruited by Khandava), but a couple of thoughts:
    - I think its important to give established characters a bit of hype when they do die. I suspect people would've cared less about Esmyrsia getting smashed if it'd been a bigger send off.
    - Liked that we got to decide who would die when it came to the lichs.
    - Like the thematic changes to death.
    - Sad we lost Lhortae because he's easily one of the toughest bosses in Ire and has some of the best(griefiest) mechanics. It takes a special kind of boss to only die twice to players in half a decade.
    - Obviously, I liked the pk chaos. Do think some more things to do for the rp types while they were being defended would've been good, and would've added an additional sense of urgency.

    Re Grashella saving Antioch: going to disagree with the people who said it shouldn't have been allowed. I understand their side (that Antioch is struggling and a logical org to kill if one has to die), but most of the reason to play a mud in 2017 over typical multi player games is you get to tangibly influence the direction things go. Just look at the last few posts to see how people react when they feel they lose their agency to influence something they think they should've been able to.

  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    Curing/misc changes (I'm going to possibly cover ones you were active for, I forget when some of these came in). No particular order:

    - Burning nerves got added. Does minor fire damage when you use certain curing methods.

    - Addiction is now the mvp of focus affs: makes them sip whatever is higher when attempting to drink an elixir. This essentially means you will be drinking mana when you want to drink health and health when you want to drink mana.

    - Totems got made to not be a channel (yes, we classleaded that to change back, yes people only agree its an issue now that totems aren't circle locked.)

    - There is a new aff I can never remember the name of that reduces agile sourced damage similar to weariness does physical.

    - Avidya (ignorance) is no longer focusable and changed cures. It reduces magic damage similar to weariness does physical.

    - Knights do bleeding stuff now (rg and dk are ok, just prioritise haemophilia vs templar and you're good. Brute force clot vs dk since you're artied and you should usually be fine too.)

    - Wardancer became berserker, no more flick/dsb/sdrop, stacks affs into pierce now (see AB WARCHANTS PIERCE for relevant info).

    - Relics exist, see help relics.

    - Earrings exist, see help earrings.

    - Jinx got added - this is a shaman only aff that is very dangerous. Essentially massively buffs their aff rate when its on you: you ideally need to cure this as soon as you can without opening yourself up to dying another way. Focusable.

    - The rage ability got nerfed, no longer balanceless.

    - Peace got nerfed, it doesn't block your attacks anymore.

    - Dryblood exists, does damage if you clot when you have it. I can't remember if this is new or not but more classes have it now.

    - Defilers basically hit you a bunch then randomly one shot you. It is meant to work that way, you're not doing it wrong.

    - A bunch of outrider pet passives/surges got changed multiple times. Safe to assume they do not do what they used to for the most part.

    - Hunters can no longer trigger some of the affs they could on release.

    - Kaido immolate just blocks shielding/treeing now rather than all tattoo useage. Long live hammer tattoo.

    - If memory serves, druid choke is no longer a writhe cure - its a timed one. Possible that never went in but I'm fairly sure it did.

    - Check out sect rituals if you don't know what those are.

    - Druids can use shields. (!)

    - Malignist is completely different now.

    - Ancestral stones unlock special custom races with some minor but useful bonuses. I forget the helpfile that covers them, but helpsearch ancestral will probably make it show up.

    For changes in the last 11 months or so, I can't really help. But these are most of the big things that spring to mind over 2013-2016. I have likely missed a lot.

    Bonus: raksha needs to be worn to be used now. Sorry.

  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    For some thoughts on bleeding:

    This is something I've fought about a fair bit when trying to make longswords less bad against good curing. My conclusion basically comes down to this: classes without either (1) dryblood to complement haemophilia or (2) excessively high bleeding values just are not good at bleeding against artefacted targets. This is because imperian bleed classes are very much attrition rather than burst, which means a single roll of the di on the nightshade eat can be a full progress reset, and because kill sequences tend to be fairly long, the reallistic chance of that lucky haemophilia cure happening is extremely high.

    This is partially because of how bleeding works with being able to instantly clot it all away as well, but that's a far mor far reaching change and fairly necessary just because of teams. This is also why dk's position is so tenuous - teeth somewhat works because the values are too high, but if they weren't high they'd be in just as subpar a position as templar (and arguably they still have the same issues, it just comes down to how much artefact weight the target can throw at the problem). Its also why rg actually does its job fairly well (though rg suffers from many of the other issues). Naturally, runeflares obviously help.

    I would personally recommend avoiding bleeding for berserker. The successful bleed class formula hasn't really been nailed down yet for the classes its already used by, adding another one into the mix is probably not going to work out. Impatience could work, though personally I feel one of the biggest issues berserker suffers is that outside of its endgame there's not much going on - there's no mid fight pressure etc. The target can basically go full throttle the whole fight until the execution phase where they just have to play safe for a few seconds. That execution phase is actually pretty good, its just in a vacuum so is trivial to deal with.

    Its not a coincidence that most people play the classes that can kill outside of their closers if the target plays poorly. I think if this part of berserker can be improved it would see much more adoption.