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  • Re: Owned

    Fanglor giving Dyun temp arties.

    Fanglor flashes Dyun a joyous smile.
    Alpha Pup Fanglor says, "There's another one."
    A great weight seems to have been lifted from Cyr.
    Cyr rubs some salve on his skin.
    The thunderous crackle of Diachaim rumbles around you, distorting the air.
    Alpha Pup Fanglor says, "Wear that one, good boost."
    As Dyun dons a macabre dirk-shaped pin, he clutches at the talisman before it suddenly shatters. A shadowy figure appears before you.
    Dyun backs away and eases off.
    Reurr the surgeon says, "You would seek me out, Dyun? Very well. Meet me at the Necropolis, and we shall play."
     Unable to restrain himself, Fanglor begins laughing out loud.

    A+ troll.

  • Re: Raiding

    Tomas in Caanae still works, yeah. Room #8424.
  • Re: Raiding

    I don't think Gjarrus is commenting on people using onyx in the last raid, more that this isn't viable short of just throwing people into the blender endlessly (hence onyx). Demonic just raided us 8 v 3 and did basically everything right, and the raid wasn't even remotely close.
  • Re: Raiding

    So, I've finally managed to do a second raid. Some feedback:

    - Siege kind of makes things a nightmare. Two reasons:
    * Bolt throwers throw people all over the place, so actually staying on an objective to drag it is extremely difficult. This makes bringing anyone inexperienced on the raid a basic impossibility - you just lose them the moment you hit siege.
    * Cannon damage still shreds people. You don't get one shot unless you roll unlucky on the rng, but since you can't cure while dragging an objective down a siegeline is really, really hard.

    - I'm not sure if miasma isn't working or if there's just some situation where it doesn't function properly in. A squad of 40 guards moved into our group of people and everyone basically died in seconds. It also might be that 40 times 20 is still 800 damage, which when it comes every round can't be tanked by a group. Miasma seems to work well when there are say, 10 guards - it still is pretty painful but its manageable with reflections and such. I think if you stuck a 100 man guard clot on your gates room you'd become raid immune - there's just no way to tank for any amount of time, and this damage needs to be tankable for around 30-60 seconds at least to move an objective.

    - Objectives seem a bit too close together in some cases - I could work up a list if this is something that is up for change, but it'd be nice if they were scattered around the city a bit more so as to give more strategic choices for attack and defence.

    Basically, I think I like the system, but siege and guards make it way too exclusive currently - bringing new players or non artied out guys isn't really possible with the damage numbers being put out by org passives. It also gives certain orgs massive advantages (Kinsarmar and Antioch for sure), because to get an objective out of the city you have to drag it down a full siege line. With Stavenn (and maybe Celidon? I'm not sure where their objectives are exactly) you get just the one or two rooms of siege line exposure, which you can dedicate a good few minutes to solving. Moving objectives around to limit that exposure might be an option there.

    Will try to get another raid in some time this week, do some more experimenting.
  • Re: Obeslisks, Outposts, Guards, Raids, and XP.

    This bit takes too much player responsibility out of the guard setups and makes it too hard to single-man raid.
    Single-man raids that aren't @Septus being @Septus probably shouldn't being happening anyways.

    WRT experience - Just make PK reduce only PK experience. It's utterly meaningless for a basher anyways. I wouldn't have any at all if we hadn't bashed Khizan about a couple times to do the wraith lords.
    Not sure about that. You shouldn't need to have both the investment in experience and artefacts that I do to go assassinate someone in a city, IMO. That might be an unpopular opinion, but I think it should be doable by anyone with a reasonable amount of game knowledge and a class that makes it viable (assassin, predator, etc). Definitely shouldn't be easy, but there should be a pretty large margin between 'impossible' and 'difficult'.

    Full on raid, probably not.