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  • Re: Owned

    Fanglor giving Dyun temp arties.

    Fanglor flashes Dyun a joyous smile.
    Alpha Pup Fanglor says, "There's another one."
    A great weight seems to have been lifted from Cyr.
    Cyr rubs some salve on his skin.
    The thunderous crackle of Diachaim rumbles around you, distorting the air.
    Alpha Pup Fanglor says, "Wear that one, good boost."
    As Dyun dons a macabre dirk-shaped pin, he clutches at the talisman before it suddenly shatters. A shadowy figure appears before you.
    Dyun backs away and eases off.
    Reurr the surgeon says, "You would seek me out, Dyun? Very well. Meet me at the Necropolis, and we shall play."
     Unable to restrain himself, Fanglor begins laughing out loud.

    A+ troll.

  • Re: Quotes

    Did someone say another artied templar?


  • Re: Raiding

    Swale said:
    Some of the bug stuff is part of what made me feel like people are playing "for keeps" and that somehow this all became sort of srs bsns :(  There was at least one bug that I am pretty sure we were basically the last to know about (the push bug).  I deeply wish we'd all been turned loose on the beta server for a lot of this, but oh well.  

    I mean, I'm not going to lie and say we don't play to win. We do. I think most people go into things hoping to beat the opposition.

    That said, for us at least this is just a bit of fun figuring out the best strategies to steal objectives and finding out various timings for things. I think its as serious business as you want to make it. Personally, the idea of losing an objective doesn't really bother me. Just an opportunity for glorious revenge (and potential cataclysmic failure).

  • Re: Raiding

    For what its worth, that got me more excited than anything has in Imperian for a very, very long time. Seeing all raids go up was a "well, this escalated" moment.
  • Re: Raiding

    Re: raids, I honestly don't feel its getting heated at all. There's the normal brief frustration post loss but personally I don't notice much difference in that respect. For myself, I yell angry things at Owyn then am all good again. I've been able to laugh with people post raid still about stuff, so I'm pretty happy. This actually feels less hostile inducing than obelisks to me.

    Do like vulnerability windows idea, gives more risk/reward for the better objectives. +1

    As for population, let's be real here. 90% of the fights from Am's side have been me/Dyun/Cyr/Fanglor. Two of those people have no arties or next to no arties, one of them (maybe both) doesn't even have trans skills. There is not a reallistic way Am can downsize our primary team without just shifting the power to another circle or becoming mostly non-competitive.

    That said, I don't think the power differential is honestly that pronounced. Am is losing a lot of fights. Not as many as they're winning, but its better than its been in a good year (probably longer) at least.