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  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    Curing/misc changes (I'm going to possibly cover ones you were active for, I forget when some of these came in). No particular order:

    - Burning nerves got added. Does minor fire damage when you use certain curing methods.

    - Addiction is now the mvp of focus affs: makes them sip whatever is higher when attempting to drink an elixir. This essentially means you will be drinking mana when you want to drink health and health when you want to drink mana.

    - Totems got made to not be a channel (yes, we classleaded that to change back, yes people only agree its an issue now that totems aren't circle locked.)

    - There is a new aff I can never remember the name of that reduces agile sourced damage similar to weariness does physical.

    - Avidya (ignorance) is no longer focusable and changed cures. It reduces magic damage similar to weariness does physical.

    - Knights do bleeding stuff now (rg and dk are ok, just prioritise haemophilia vs templar and you're good. Brute force clot vs dk since you're artied and you should usually be fine too.)

    - Wardancer became berserker, no more flick/dsb/sdrop, stacks affs into pierce now (see AB WARCHANTS PIERCE for relevant info).

    - Relics exist, see help relics.

    - Earrings exist, see help earrings.

    - Jinx got added - this is a shaman only aff that is very dangerous. Essentially massively buffs their aff rate when its on you: you ideally need to cure this as soon as you can without opening yourself up to dying another way. Focusable.

    - The rage ability got nerfed, no longer balanceless.

    - Peace got nerfed, it doesn't block your attacks anymore.

    - Dryblood exists, does damage if you clot when you have it. I can't remember if this is new or not but more classes have it now.

    - Defilers basically hit you a bunch then randomly one shot you. It is meant to work that way, you're not doing it wrong.

    - A bunch of outrider pet passives/surges got changed multiple times. Safe to assume they do not do what they used to for the most part.

    - Hunters can no longer trigger some of the affs they could on release.

    - Kaido immolate just blocks shielding/treeing now rather than all tattoo useage. Long live hammer tattoo.

    - If memory serves, druid choke is no longer a writhe cure - its a timed one. Possible that never went in but I'm fairly sure it did.

    - Check out sect rituals if you don't know what those are.

    - Druids can use shields. (!)

    - Malignist is completely different now.

    - Ancestral stones unlock special custom races with some minor but useful bonuses. I forget the helpfile that covers them, but helpsearch ancestral will probably make it show up.

    For changes in the last 11 months or so, I can't really help. But these are most of the big things that spring to mind over 2013-2016. I have likely missed a lot.

    Bonus: raksha needs to be worn to be used now. Sorry.

  • Re: Quotes

    Wyll said he'd never trust my hunches again.