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  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    To be honest I think the comparrison is irrelevant anyway. Assassin and shaman play very differently (assassin is arguably far more of an attrition aff class whereas shaman is a lot more bursty). It probably doesn't matter a huge amount as one being op (or not as the case may be) doesn't inherently mean the other is or isn't.

    They're both incredibly strong classes. I don't think anyone is going to contest that fact.

  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    Naruj and I actually disagree on the bard issue - and that's fine (I'm pretty sure it was our most argued thing last time we were both active for classleads). Its also one of the big problems with the envoy style systems: players will always have conflicting opinions about what constitutes balance or a good class. None of those players need to necessarily be wrong, but then you have people pulling in different directions which isn't conducive to consistent progress or a consistent vision for the game.
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  • Re: Current Sale

    Honestly I don't think the 15s damage immunity thing would bother me at all. If someone drops it against me one v one my reaction will be walk out of the room, count to ten and walk back in. They've got one shot at it and at high tier you execute your kill multiple times anyway, so one more wouldn't bother me overly much. My prediction is most people would mistime it anyway. It'll matter, absolutely. But I don't think it'll be significant in the grand scheme of things. For teams it'll just be one of those things leaders will need to watch out for when focussing down targets, resist the desire to flip their desk and immediately switch.

    Though the cooldown needs to be on the person and not the tome, or someone will just buy like five and that would be bad.

  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17


    Removing classleads from the hands of the players is the only reallistic way you will get an entirely unbiased classleads process. Unfortunately, the players are also best placed to know the legitimate issues with mechanics in a game with the typical population of the ire muds, so its a bit of a catch 22. The problem with having a small group making balance calls basically comes down to longterm competency decay. You'll probably start out with a fantastic group (or the system wouldn't have gone in), but after a year or two and you've lost some of those people to inactivity or whatever else, there's a good chance their replacements will be less qualified/more biased/etc. You then probably start taking recommendations from these people for the next replacements, and get more people of a similar disposition. Basically, it goes downhill fast after a while.

    I wish I had an answer though, sadly I don't.

  • Re: Current Sale

    I've got no horse in this race currently, but the shield tome seems /shrug to me personally. Its good, but 15 seconds every hour is pretty tame IMO. I had a look just now and it didn't really jump out at me as something I felt would be something I would bend over backwards to get. That may change based on how easy these page things are to obtain and thereby extend the duration (I've not logged in so haven't read the announce), and whether there is a page cap. That's the only real concern I'd have with it, personally. Numb artefact is just straight up better.

    For myself, I'd be more down for the tome that hides you from alertness. Combined with stealth favour that is very, very strong.

    Also has anyone tested if it blocks snap, because if it does you're all barking in the wrong forest let alone up the wrong tree: I would log in and buy one right now and I don't even play at the moment.

    Tome of the Holy Martyr is straight up fantastic. The only reason that price isn't massively too low is because of the painful cd. I would 100% buy one if I was playing, it just opens so many options.

    Widow tome is interesting. Not sure I'm sold on it being that useful, but depends how rapidly they reweb. Thirty seconds not so great for a room locked effect given most conflict systems are more mobile now  with the cooldown, but maybe someone will make it work.

    Rashamir tome is cool. I don't think it impacts raiding a massive amount, but there are some fun things you could use it for. Also I bet you can troll greensharders with it, which would be the best countertroll ever when you summon your legion. Guaranteed hilarity.

    Aquamarine earrings are fairly ridiculous though, that does need looking at.