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  • Re: New Retiree

    I would suggest dropping the mana sip ring and saving for druidic robes.
  • Re: New Retiree

    Since its a complete no brainer and I've not seen it mentioned yet: if you're berserker, you want the warmask. Its the cheapest statistic artefact in the game. If you're antimagick, you want the ring of magic's bane. You should also consider transing constitution, philosophy, frost and thermology (that'd be the order I'd recommend after Sarrius' above suggestions, but its pretty flexible: I'd learn that way because you're more likely to run into summoners than knights, and philosophy also helps with defilers/runeguards). After you have miniskills and the ring of magics bane, I'd also suggest picking up more tank artefacts, but this depends on your remaining budget.

    Don't get an artefact broadsword.

    Do get an artefact shield.

    Longsword is dependent on your build. The shield is a no brainer, the longsword is a potentially good buy. Would not be top of my list personally.

    For reference, monk is an amazing class if you like manualling your offense and can tank it up a bit. Its also top tier, might be worth considering for a second class down the line.
  • Re: Mudlet Scripting

    Leading on from Owyn's comment, a better way to handle that kind of thing is to pass a function rather than a prefix. I tried to avoid that in the example above because that can confuse a lot of people who aren't used to first class functions, but something like:

    function queueEqbal(command)
        send("queue eqbal clear" .. your separator .. "queue eqbal " .. command)

    function rawSend(command)

    function ifeqbal(command)
        send("ifeqbal " .. command)

    function dispatch(sendMethod)
        command = join(action table, your separator)

    then you can do like:


    Etc. This is objectively  better, but its also more complicated if you're not comfortable with how functions work. It does let you weather major gameside changes like queueing rewrites etc without significant problems, however. Of course, you can achieve similar behaviour using a prefix style with something like:

    dispatch("queue eqbal clear " .. your separator .. "queue eqbal")

    However, this limits what you can do and is also fragile. At this point you're starting to make the system do something outside of the obvious and are having to compose strings as arguments to get the behaviour you want. This isn't ideal. Some people like to pass a string to their dispatch equivalent then lookup the correct function from a separate table. This does work, but is almost always because they went with a prefix approach initially then didn't want to rewrite major sections of their aliases to conform to a more function based approach. Perfectly valid, regardless.

    But basically, do what you're comfortable with. I tend to recommend a prefix approach to people who are just learning, because it works and has less abstraction from what you already understand (game mechanics). The function approach is better, overall, though.
  • Re: Apparitions Event

    I would think it worth posing the question if org deletion has actually solved any issues. From my (admittedly now limited perspective), it has not. Circle deletion is a very different beast and I think there are tangible pros/cons there, but I remain sceptical of the idea that single org deletions has any nontrivial benefit without a very specific aim in mind.

    As for the event, I don't have the full picture (I turned up for the ending and got randomly mobbed by Kinsarmar and then got recruited by Khandava), but a couple of thoughts:
    - I think its important to give established characters a bit of hype when they do die. I suspect people would've cared less about Esmyrsia getting smashed if it'd been a bigger send off.
    - Liked that we got to decide who would die when it came to the lichs.
    - Like the thematic changes to death.
    - Sad we lost Lhortae because he's easily one of the toughest bosses in Ire and has some of the best(griefiest) mechanics. It takes a special kind of boss to only die twice to players in half a decade.
    - Obviously, I liked the pk chaos. Do think some more things to do for the rp types while they were being defended would've been good, and would've added an additional sense of urgency.

    Re Grashella saving Antioch: going to disagree with the people who said it shouldn't have been allowed. I understand their side (that Antioch is struggling and a logical org to kill if one has to die), but most of the reason to play a mud in 2017 over typical multi player games is you get to tangibly influence the direction things go. Just look at the last few posts to see how people react when they feel they lose their agency to influence something they think they should've been able to.

  • Re: I HEART

    There's no one shoe fits all answer. It depends on the pker and it depends on the rper. It also depends on how many other pkers you have: i.e. can I afford to kick this arrogant little... where was I.

    Tldr: I don't think its fair to say rpers or pkers are more advantaged or disadvantaged in this situation. It very much depends on the faction and the individual.