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  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    For some thoughts on bleeding:

    This is something I've fought about a fair bit when trying to make longswords less bad against good curing. My conclusion basically comes down to this: classes without either (1) dryblood to complement haemophilia or (2) excessively high bleeding values just are not good at bleeding against artefacted targets. This is because imperian bleed classes are very much attrition rather than burst, which means a single roll of the di on the nightshade eat can be a full progress reset, and because kill sequences tend to be fairly long, the reallistic chance of that lucky haemophilia cure happening is extremely high.

    This is partially because of how bleeding works with being able to instantly clot it all away as well, but that's a far mor far reaching change and fairly necessary just because of teams. This is also why dk's position is so tenuous - teeth somewhat works because the values are too high, but if they weren't high they'd be in just as subpar a position as templar (and arguably they still have the same issues, it just comes down to how much artefact weight the target can throw at the problem). Its also why rg actually does its job fairly well (though rg suffers from many of the other issues). Naturally, runeflares obviously help.

    I would personally recommend avoiding bleeding for berserker. The successful bleed class formula hasn't really been nailed down yet for the classes its already used by, adding another one into the mix is probably not going to work out. Impatience could work, though personally I feel one of the biggest issues berserker suffers is that outside of its endgame there's not much going on - there's no mid fight pressure etc. The target can basically go full throttle the whole fight until the execution phase where they just have to play safe for a few seconds. That execution phase is actually pretty good, its just in a vacuum so is trivial to deal with.

    Its not a coincidence that most people play the classes that can kill outside of their closers if the target plays poorly. I think if this part of berserker can be improved it would see much more adoption.

  • Re: PK and excessive promo items

    Shackles were bad for combat because if I bring two friends and have five minutes to work something out there is noone in imperian past or present who isn't going to die. Its a licence for a free kill and that is dumb. There is no degree of quick reactions or smart play that is going to save a person in that situation. Personally I used to just doomworm because why bother.

    Chains are actually (slightly) more balanced because 1 minute is somewhat more reasonable - this means if the people attacking you are incompetent you do have a shot at surviving. The problem is chains last too long - I have enough chain charges that I probably would not have ran out within 5 years of active play and I did not buy heavily into chain rewarding promotions. Shackles are a (very debatable) limited resource. Chains are a staple that superceeds every other hinder skill in the game.

    Personally I'm opposed to mechanics like this in general though - I'm of the mind that you should have to exert some degree of effort to force someone into a fight that they have no mechanical recourse of evading. Its why I went out of my way to make greensharding me as miserable an experience as possible.

    Making shackles/chains block exclusively special forms of travel is a superb solution, imo. It preserves the use against powerful artefact escapes (and skill escapes too, but that's probably fine) while meaning people will still be able to escape the situation if they play well.

  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    To be honest I think the comparrison is irrelevant anyway. Assassin and shaman play very differently (assassin is arguably far more of an attrition aff class whereas shaman is a lot more bursty). It probably doesn't matter a huge amount as one being op (or not as the case may be) doesn't inherently mean the other is or isn't.

    They're both incredibly strong classes. I don't think anyone is going to contest that fact.

  • Re: Owned

    Fanglor giving Dyun temp arties.

    Fanglor flashes Dyun a joyous smile.
    Alpha Pup Fanglor says, "There's another one."
    A great weight seems to have been lifted from Cyr.
    Cyr rubs some salve on his skin.
    The thunderous crackle of Diachaim rumbles around you, distorting the air.
    Alpha Pup Fanglor says, "Wear that one, good boost."
    As Dyun dons a macabre dirk-shaped pin, he clutches at the talisman before it suddenly shatters. A shadowy figure appears before you.
    Dyun backs away and eases off.
    Reurr the surgeon says, "You would seek me out, Dyun? Very well. Meet me at the Necropolis, and we shall play."
     Unable to restrain himself, Fanglor begins laughing out loud.

    A+ troll.

  • Re: Raiding

    Tomas in Caanae still works, yeah. Room #8424.