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  • Re: Enslavery

    Aodan said:
    Sarrius said:

    Do they need some tweaks to Enslavery? Yes. Non-pact unleash shouldn't exist. Cadmus needs an eq cost or a narrower curing table. 

    lol you people have lost you minds. I assume by non-pact unleashes you mean you have to be possessed by them to use them? are you you being serious? why in the **** would you tie the few defensive skills summoner does have into what attacks they can use? I also don't agree that cadmus is that bad. there is way more powerful healing in this game than that(see Lynyssa giggling her **** off in priest as she sits and heals here afflictions away and never dies, just as one example). it just sounds me like everyone wants everything to be the same. lets sit down and change the numbers to all match guize. or better yet, lets just take professions away and just headslam each other to death, that sounds fun. anyways, you guys can say summoner is overpowered, whatever. all you're really doing is making it that much harder for people to buy in while the heavily artifacted won't be that affected. good job. 
    While I am firmly against the homogenization of profession kits, I am really only asking that you be required to choose between attack and defense like any other class. I don't want to take viability away from you and I feel that removing some of your damage totals will make room to let us make the Tarot route better. I ultimately want Summoners to be a damage class with low complexity for entry, with an alternate route for advanced players in the form of Tarot and affs. Enslavery power might figure in to that, but we'll get to that later.

    I don't want to make your class useless. I want to lower the buy in, in the form of other changes I constantly push for. You're upset with the wrong person if you think my goal is to make Summoner harder to get in to for low artifact players. Please understand that it is fairly well accepted at this point that Summoner has a little too much power in a few columns. I also concede that Shaman and Bard are in the same boat.

    However, this is how basic class design works: you get certain strengths in exchange for certain weaknesses. Right now, the list of strengths that Summoner gets is much larger than any weaknesses they suffer. The class has a lot of useful tools, a lot of passive defensive bonuses, a very viable team insta, and great damage. In theory, your high defense should be weighed against your high offense in the form of opportunity cost. You give up some offense to be tankier, or some defense to be more powerful on the offense. My perception here is this: pactless unleash means that you can take all the defensive bonuses and still get access to the offensive spells, albeit at a slower unleash speed. It makes the skillset a list of non-choices for passive benefits at a low expense to your power, which is not OK. You get a wide breadth of options without having to 'give up' anything. I haven't thought on it enough and, because of that, haven't rushed to make a thread crowing about the virtues of your class. I firmly keep my mouth shut until I have a formulated opinion. I never want to make the wrong decision when it comes to the balance of a profession that more people than myself play. This is one of those cases where I don't know what to change yet and I am mostly wondering out loud what aspect is OK to take away. Make no mistakes, one aspect needs to take a hit. It is likely in Noctu, to be totally honest.

    I think there's room to adjust Summoner class. It received a lot of love over the years due to perceived circle imbalance, a very hectic remake, and some interim reports. This was mostly by way of some admirably argued false equivalencies, in my opinion. This is, not surprisingly, also how Shaman ended up in the same state. Bard's power, as well, is born of misguided or straight up disingenuous classlead reports; the difference there is we tried to fix it and ended up breaking it in a different way.

    Combat Council does not have a hidden agenda of making the game inaccessible. That would be like McDonalds getting together a council of vegans to redo their menu.

  • Re: Enslavery

    We are discussing a class that belongs to the circle that, no offense, in not so many years past had the most prolific reputation for playing identity politics during classlead seasons. Shaman is a clear indicator of what happens when we let that kind of mindset reign supreme. This brand of thinking has really poisoned a lot of Imperian's combat environment and done untold damage. Frankly, for that era of the game, classleads are sometimes not about what was healthy for the game, but about 'winning' that cycle overall.

    It was pretty despicable. :)

    Anyways, Summoner needs nerfs and anybody claiming otherwise is kidding themselves. There's very little meaningful gameplay behind Flash Spam, there's very little meaningful choice behind what Pacts you select, and Taint comes up fairly fast IMO. Their damage values are frankly outrageous and the excuse at design was 'Demonic needs easy classes to play'. Easy should not imply the absence of choices that differentiate a skillful Summoner from an inexperienced or poorly played one.

    Much like Bard and Shaman, Summoner is not far from properly scaled or balanced. People like to make a big stink about all three classes, but frankly the bar for average power level in a class should be just slightly lower than any of these three classes.

    Enslavery nerfs are really not the best answer here and this thread is generating a huge smokescreen that might mean Summoners get away with less nerfs than they truly need. Do they need some tweaks to Enslavery? Yes. Non-pact unleash shouldn't exist. Cadmus needs an eq cost or a narrower curing table. Sorry, Demonic players of the Now, but your forefathers truly screwed you for their own gain and now it is time to fix that. That means nerfing my own class, but whatever. I also think this thread is going to be used as a platform to, in the future, create a false consensus that Bard doesn't need as many nerfs as one would think. Not trying to accuse anybody of anything here, but there's a lot of nonsense going on in this thread and y'all gotta get a grip.

  • Re: Quotes

    Myrcella said:
    (Ring): @Aodan says, "Time to submit a clockwork pickle that shakes."
    Kill two birds with one stone, @Aodan - clockwork saboteur's bone that vibrates. You might even get paid 200 credits for your vibr- .. I mean, uh, artifact writ!
  • Re: Clueless

    Ozreas said:
    Engineer: low-key secret Change sage.
    Moradeim ammo - a different damage type every shot!
  • Re: Clueless

    Eoghan said:
    There was at one time a plan for "moonsages" to exist as three classes, one per circle. That plan was abandoned; the only remnant of the moonsage concept in the game is the Defiler class, which uses the power of Sukhder.
    #AryanaSage2018 #GiveUsWarhammers #NeverForgetIniar :(