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  • Re: October Update Coming

    Is that lesson that new ones that are cooler will come out halfway through the month? :P

    Is some of the update information on the sect shrines?
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Plenty of changes already do that. Your objection is born purely from the fact that Khizan is asking for it. Didn't one of you Khandavans ask for consequences to be attached to in game action? I feel like shardfalls, a system of zero consequence, should not be a way to escape bounties, which you accrue for acting like an asshat towards opposing political powers.
  • Re: Where to begin?

    Setheil said:
    It's disappointing to hear that shops are bad now, I used to love Antioch and Kinsarmar's custom-made items. So that's only really found in Stavenn and Caanae now?

    No, Ahkan is just being obtuse in an effort to pick a fight with Khizan and I. Antioch has stocked shops, with laws provisioning for the confiscation of poorly stocked shops (and I would know if the law is enforced, I run the city). When the year passes over in game, we review shops, warn the shop owners, and then repossess if they do not act on the warning.

    The Priest and Outrider bashing is just as boring as any bashing - you smite **** or stab **** with a spear.

    The Priest class lost Healing in Imperia - now they have Kanai, which is a righteous crusading skill that utilizes a steadily growing meter to modify your offense or use powerful attacks. It also modifies your smites, saps, etc in different ways. There's a censer you burn stuff in, it is sort of cool. You get your rites/devotion and angel skills like most other IRE games, but there is no 'seraph power' or 'seraph health' that limits your usage of these skills. If you don't like the idea of coding a very complicated offense, Priest is probably the class for you. I have played it, and switched to Outrider because it looked fun and the circle needed an Outrider more than a Priest. A downside is you will usually be targeted first in prime engagements if you know your head from your **** as a Priest.

    The Outrider class is a mounted combat specialist. They ride their icewyrms and stab things from the saddle, commanding a group of animal friends to attack their enemies as well. The animals can be 'surged', which modifies their next attack to be much more devastating. This skill costs equilibrium and can be chained with most other Wyrmriding attacks for devastating effect. An Outrider has a lot of avenues of attack, making the class very diverse. While you will be stabbing a lot, you have the option of starting a steadily mounting damage over time effect (with access to a whopping three damage over time afflictions in the form of nausea, recurring freezing, and sun allergy and a very powerful amount of bleeding coupled with the dryblood affliction, which discourages clotting by making you take scaling damage per clot) that is modified by your sizable spear/trident stab damage. This bleeding you cause can be converted to a large amount of frost damage. Or, if you prefer a limb damage offense, you can prepare multiple breaks with stabs and the freezing spear modifier and then stack up levels of hypothermia for an instant kill. There's also room to just stab people repeatedly as an Outrider in teams and just get kills that way. The class is very easy to get in to and has lots of fun toys courtesy of Trailblazing.
  • Re: Cult and Sect Expansion

    Ahkan said:
    Haha, yeah. Sarrius is sort of bored picking on a cult that doesn't fight and then killing people while they bash for faith. He's getting concerned that he may actually lose some of the issues that he's earning. Update needed. Unable to stop being dumb.
    Or maybe I'm just sick of the sect system being an immense failure from a myriad of perspectives, one of which is conflict generation. Since desecration was a mistake to implement (says the man who probably has the highest logged amount of time using the command), sect conflict is pretty much a question of 'will they, won't they', with 'won't they' just really translating to a handful of people bashing faster than desecration can take effect and not saying a word to said offender. Even entity-less sects are in zero danger when being desecrated, which is something of a shame considering we were put under the impression that entity-less sects would be at a disadvantage (they aren't).

    It isn't about issues at all. It is about how bored I am with the mechanical aspects of the system. My entity only has so much free time to keep me from being bored and picking fights. We were discussing this idea in December, and nothing has really been delivered on it.
  • Re: I HEART

    Are we really going to nitpick over wording when neither of you are capable rational reading comprehension when it comes to me? You two take any and all opportunities to miscontrue what I say. I mean, it is easy to do so, for sure, but you two really need to take potshots elsewhere.