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  • Re: Outrider Help

    You and I already had a discussion on what I would suggest you consider, but I figured I'd drop some more info here: do not discount how powerful lethargy is on blacken. Switching to icecoat is well and good, but I have won most of my fights off the back of the bloodfreeze route and that doesn't require you to swap away from blacken at all. I would also recommend writing a script for converting Wyrm Bloodscent reporting to a theoretucal bloodfreeze damage result (it'll teach you some nice functions if you don't already know them!) .. my advice would be to cut ~30% of the formula result to account for average cold resist.

    When you have the free time to do so, keep studying autocuring behavior. Recognize that the average player will be running basic, unmodified autocuring and because of that, you have their curing system right in front of you to learn all of its intricacies and etc. In the old days, duels were won on curing information and that is no less true today.. it's just that the info is more universally available.

    The best advice that all of us will give you underneath everything is practice, practice, practice. Get outside your comfort zone. Get as much exposure to PK scenarios as possible. Log everything and read your logs religiously. Build your system to make it easier to read these logs and pinpoint bugs or weaknesses in tracking (I.e my system tells me when I remove an aff or add an aff to my tracking table, which lets me recognize pivotal points.)

    The best way to get better at any game is to watch your replays, etc and evaluate your wins and losses intelligently. Always have a take away from every fight or log of a fight. 

    To be fair with you, your attitude is what makes it obvious you have potential. Please just hold on to that attitude and remember that getting good doesn't happen overnight​. 

  • Re: Enslavery

    We are discussing a class that belongs to the circle that, no offense, in not so many years past had the most prolific reputation for playing identity politics during classlead seasons. Shaman is a clear indicator of what happens when we let that kind of mindset reign supreme. This brand of thinking has really poisoned a lot of Imperian's combat environment and done untold damage. Frankly, for that era of the game, classleads are sometimes not about what was healthy for the game, but about 'winning' that cycle overall.

    It was pretty despicable. :)

    Anyways, Summoner needs nerfs and anybody claiming otherwise is kidding themselves. There's very little meaningful gameplay behind Flash Spam, there's very little meaningful choice behind what Pacts you select, and Taint comes up fairly fast IMO. Their damage values are frankly outrageous and the excuse at design was 'Demonic needs easy classes to play'. Easy should not imply the absence of choices that differentiate a skillful Summoner from an inexperienced or poorly played one.

    Much like Bard and Shaman, Summoner is not far from properly scaled or balanced. People like to make a big stink about all three classes, but frankly the bar for average power level in a class should be just slightly lower than any of these three classes.

    Enslavery nerfs are really not the best answer here and this thread is generating a huge smokescreen that might mean Summoners get away with less nerfs than they truly need. Do they need some tweaks to Enslavery? Yes. Non-pact unleash shouldn't exist. Cadmus needs an eq cost or a narrower curing table. Sorry, Demonic players of the Now, but your forefathers truly screwed you for their own gain and now it is time to fix that. That means nerfing my own class, but whatever. I also think this thread is going to be used as a platform to, in the future, create a false consensus that Bard doesn't need as many nerfs as one would think. Not trying to accuse anybody of anything here, but there's a lot of nonsense going on in this thread and y'all gotta get a grip.

  • Re: I HEART

    This is me every time I'm reviewing a log for combat and wondering why my system does something the way it does. :(
  • Re: Stagnation and super duper lame October promotion

    I expected a new round of costumes and the vouchers; this makes me wonder if stockings won't be coming back either. :(

    I obviously appreciate this shot at a few artifacts I have not be able to collect pieces for - namely the signet ring and the circumwhozzit. I don't know how I feel about the pricing, frankly. Seems like a less 'obvious' value on crates, which makes me less likely to buy. The value is surely lower than September's promotion and I did not buy then, either. 
  • Re: Quotes

    Aodan said:
    why does weird stuff happen to me when I stick around for more than an hour...
    The Sphere of Stasis. (inside).
    This room has not been mapped.
    This is the place where we keep you whilst you are offline. If you are actually seeing this, 
    something's gone a bit wrong, so just go north to leave.

    You tell The Lovely Kabaal Lynne, Organ Grinder, "What is the sphere of stasis?

    You tell The Lovely Kabaal Lynne, Organ Grinder, "I broked it."

    Kabaal tells you, "It's where bad people go when they die."

    I knew this day would come D:
    I love how you asked this question, Kabaal gave a perfectly acceptable answer... and all promptly ignored the logical explanation in the roomdesc. :P