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  • Re: Air ships?!?!

  • Re: I HEART

    Up next in Useless Things Ozreas Made: The Miniseries:

    (yeah that's right the fire/ice bar goes in opposite directions because having one caps the other)
  • Re: Outrider Help

    Oh hey, I've played this class!

    1) Pets. 
        As long as haemophilia and butisol are both stuck on the target, both of which are easily tracked, what you surge from there lands in the weird limbo of "it's kind of up to you but at the end of the day it doesn't matter." As you mentioned, surging strip is wasteful so don't do that. Disrupt is great in specific situations, most of which are easy to achieve, but smash and transfix benefit you more. If as long as butisol is active, smash is brutal and leads almost directly to shatter. If impatience is on, the affs on transfix ruin someone's day. Disrupt's epilepsy is weird: if they have asthma and impatience and lethargy, great, you probably just made them ragequit! If they have only impatience, it's an extra smoke balance to slow down rebounding.

    2) Toxins
        This depends on several factors, but in general chiltran>ditran>hemotoxin>xeroderma will do all you ever need. Your defensive toxin is avidya: intelligence-based damage professions are probably the ones giving you the kind of trouble where taking less damage is your best recourse. It's a non-focusable orphine cure and pairs very well with the passive afflictions from the transfix pet. 
    3) Bloodfreeze
         As mentioned, trans frost gives 25% cold mitigation. A lot of people are going to be carrying something closer to 40% due to other defences. Don't be discouraged by that seeming like a large chunk of your damage being resisted - it is, but keep in mind that with nausea, dryblood, chiltran, and the general damage of your various attacks you whittle people down FAST. It doesn't need to do the full amount of their max health in damage (though this can be achieved if you're a jerk). 
    4) Batter/Smash
         Both of these ignore the aura of rebounding, and that is where they really shine. Smash is okay against physical profs. Batter is great all day every day. As with a large part of Outrider offense, however, using batter is certainly a situational choice. Usually you'll use it if the target has rebounding and neither of the afflictions (okay) or one of the afflictions (best) to continue your offense without needing to pierce. If they have both afflictions, and not all three from blacken, a blackened pierce might serve better.

        As has been mentioned, it isn't really worth the headache to try to do a limb setup and it can actually end up hindering your offense significantly. Switching to icecoat if the target has both butisol and dryblood is fine - only really need to push for lethargy if a balance profession is actively giving you trouble - in which case you're probably fighting a Shaman or a Druid.
  • Re: Recent Event Opinion

  • Re: [split] Circle Switching Costs

    As someone who has changed circles as much as (if not more than) most people over the years, I'm going to skip the long rant about hating most experiences had with alts and the diatribe about how any reasonable person should have no problem switching freely between the game's organizations. Instead, here's some support for a good idea:

    Increasing the availability of the No Brainer lesson packages as a solution for circle switching, both as the same character or through multiple, solves many cross-circling issues. Many of the things that a character can do are determined by possession or lack of certain skillsets. Artifacts are, have always been, and would remain perks for those willing to make that investment for extra benefits. 

    As @Jules pointed out, IRE's big spenders are often the lifeblood of their games and it is for this reason that a "shared investment" across multiple characters would be silly. However, these same people become much more likely to purchase artifacts for multiple characters when those characters have easy access to transcendent skills like Trueassess, Focusing, and the damage resistance skills. The Iron Elite gating of the packages would open this up further. For example, after three months of play, the spending personality thinks "Okay, I've transcended most of my skills, I have three hundred fifteen credits from my elite membership, and I have the hunter's belt I bought on day one. For about $70 I can upgrade to Girdle of the Titans! Done!"

    Seems like a no-brainer.