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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Add additional functionality to banks. 

    o Allow you to transfer gold to other accounts (currently the only way to give gold is to mail it or give it in person, so if that person doesn't log in to 10 days then 2 bad 4 u. Good for credit sales too!)

    o ^ Would be great if it were an option to do so anonymously.

    o Let us have joint bank accounts/multiple bank accounts.

    o Allow you to purchase market credits/promotion items/house add-ons via a bank account - allowing you to designate a set an artificial limit to your purchases and removing some aspect of things that *require* large sums of gold in your hands. Obviously this will need to be made possible to do outside of a bank. 

    o Change shops to, if designated, automatically transfer shop funds (or % funds or all but X funds) to a bank account annually. Sends a message about it. Guild shop management made simple! Let your shop literally pay for its own taxes like god intended! 

    Failing major changes, removing the funds could be reasonable. Interest is a bad idea. Imperian has already hugely fudged passive gold generation and tbh its the last thing we need. 
  • Re: Quotes

    Went overboard with the perfume apparently.

    You take a sea glass perfume bottle from a single-strapped linen book bag.
    Taking up a sea glass perfume bottle into your hands, you gently squeeze the atomizer ball, lightly 
    spraying it on your skin, surrounding you with the lovely scent of the ocean.
    You put a sea glass perfume bottle into a single-strapped linen book bag.
    H:610/610 M:394/400 (eb db) [4|99.26] [286864] 
    The heavy aroma of saltwater drifts in the air and causes a longing for the seaside.
    The smell of the ocean slowly drifts across the area before being overwhelmed by other aromas.
    The heavy aroma of saltwater drifts in the air and causes a longing for the seaside.
    H:610/610 M:394/400 (eb db) [4|99.26] [286864] 
    You peer about yourself unscrupulously.
    H:610/610 M:400/400 (eb db) [4|99.26] [286864] 
    You say, "Okay."
  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    Galt said:
    You say being nitpicky about pets and that sort of thing pushes people away, but so does disregarding more than a decade of roleplay and lore just because people want a certain pet, buff, costume etc. If you want to play with undead things, fine - just don't get upset when characters with good reason to react badly do so.

    I started playing imperian the literal month before the Gods were crushed. That was at least 5 years ago. I understand your 'decade of precedence', but I can say firsthand that the time between the Gods dying and now, there has been a lack of support or endorsement of this lore. I take umbrage at people still complaining about Gods' existence in a 'bring em back' type of way, because people fail to realize that roleplay is in the past, and instead of committing effort into creating new avenues of roleplay and conflict, we are clinging to 'old gods' and 'old conflicts'. That is the issue with guilds, too, and I say that as somebody who tried and succeeded at, if not reviving the guild, making it active for as long as I was putting in the effort. 

    For Galt the character I understand 100% where he's coming from, because he's waking as a person who lived those things. Most characters walking around haven't, and most of those who were don't care, and all of these characters would benefit from a new meta. ESPECIALLY when you are imposing these rules on characters who will have no idea about any of the undead precedence from an RP standpoint, and especially when we are being nitpicky and pushing people away when trying to revive aspects of roleplay that haven't been acknowledged in in-game decades if not centuries.
  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    For the record, I consider imposing rules restricting dumb stuff like what mounts you can have to be in the same vein of behavior. Whether or not that's the cited reason for leaving, being nitpicky about that sort of thing does push people away.

  • Re: Help PK

    This has been a thing floating around the forums the last couple of days, and I just want to give my advice as somebody who engages in PK but does not consider it to be one of my 'favorite' parts of the game:

    If you don't want to fight someone... don't fight them.

    Let them kill you if they have a reason, even if it's a garbage reason you feel is unjust - fight back if you're feeling enthusiastic, idc - Then let them walk away feeling like winners. Let them gloat and don't call them names. Let them have it. They need it. And then you can go back to roleplaying/bashing. 

    Consider 1-2 deaths your entrance fee for participating in PK. Any engagement? Expect to die. Shardfall? Raid? Defending your sister from a bounty? Just expect to die. Dying isn't bad. It's a two-minute time-out. PK Levels matter at exactly level 100 and level 50. Not any other time. It's going to be okay.

    And griefing? It's a form of harassment. 1-2 deaths with relatively tentative justification is not harassment, especially when you engage the person. 1-2 deaths with NO justification is barely issue-worthy unless the killer is making it a pattern of behavior. Your best recourse if you've been killed is to run to a bigger, badder dog in-character or to let it go.

    All an issue does is make the person & their friends laugh, lets them know they've gotten to you, removes any alternative options YOU have (calling on other friends or pulling some sneak jumping later), and considering the absence of genuine harassment of most of these issues, will be shrugged off, justly, by the administration who are exclusively policing for toxic players, not just assholes. Being an **** isn't an issueable offense.