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  • Re: Raiding

    This has been fun to read. I don't have much to say for fixes, but I do want to observe something to the administrators:

    The majority of the players who have participated in raids from the beginning are frustrated to the point of apathy. In this thread alone you've had three individuals, who are all people to leap on PvP opportunities, express their frustration to the point of wanting to opt out of the system entirely. All of these people are in Demonic/Magick. In Theophilus' case, I mostly just want to pat him on the back and welcome him to the raiding system, since he joined in quite a while after we'd been bashing our heads against the dozens of bugs that have been uncovered. Maybe things are to a functional point right now. That's an exciting prospect in theory, but the means to that ends has been wearing down the patience and enthusiasm of the people who were eager to pick up this system from the start and play with it. 

    I don't want to criticize the administration at all, especially after going through the effort creating and putting out this system that works enough that people care about enough to get angry. That said, I think that we deserve a bit more credit owed to us and our opinions that are exclusive from mechanical functionality. Everyone's gotten mad. Every single circle has failed at least 1 raid because of a bug - and those of us at a disadvantage have fewer opportunities and greater investment in these failures because we can't just log on tomorrow and do over. As you said, @Jeremy, it does require organization and planning. We haven't bothered seriously raiding since Kinsarmar lost 8 v 2 in Antioch - which we planned for downtime hours (still garbage). Yes, we made a few mistakes and Antioch had some very good strategies up their sleeves we did not anticipate or recover from, but at the same time... we lost 8 v 2, at the downtimiest downtime we could manage for people shifting their sleep schedules to wake up early or stay up late etc. It's our fault, fine. It's happened to all of us exclusive from bugs. But to what ends is that continued effort when we'd have to do that consistently to even keep our own objectives? Why should we do more cross-circle mingling, which was fun during the shade event, but with raiding will mean a constant alliance, not an interesting event, but something we will have to stay vigilant with every. single. day. 

    I'm personally not sore. I don't have any insight further than the contributions I've already made. I do want to say I've enjoyed not being raided and not raiding (edit: over the last couple of weeks. It's been a much needed break from something I was very up close & personal with but have enjoyed very much) because it's been a real headache this entire process. I also want to say that @Swale is exactly the reason I've never hit the point where I want to opt out of raiding, because of her decision TO take things seriously to the point of reading over logs to find ways to improve and strategize. It's like... a good thing? 

    I understand the attitude the admin have, and I can easily see how our frustration sounds like losers crying and expecting fairness and winsies where fairness and winsies are frankly not possible; but we happy few were genuinely disadvantaged mechanically for quite a while and now we're in a spot where our only recourse to recover from that is to create a 2-circle game indefinitely and still roll the dice at our efficacy? And that is how the system looks like it is going to work forever? And the tone of this news from the admin/@Jeremy isn't exactly inspiring. 

    But as I said, I don't really have any suggested fixes (edit: and I honestly don't think a reset will help), but I do know that the situation began out of our control mechanically and the aggravation and many of the inherent design disadvantages have not dissipated now that it is more balanced. I think Antioch and admin should keep that in mind. Especially when addressing individuals. :/ 

    tldr; I have no input for changes but like 1000 words about perspective. 
  • Re: Raiding

    I agree, speaking with no experience with numbers. As was said above, it's a defensive edge that defenders should have, especially when we have no control over the number of people around when a raid begins and it very well may be only 1 person. Guards are barely mobile during raids now, and although above a 'group of healers' was mentioned as a bad thing, in the context of 'a group of healers' being what a defender chooses to have instead of like, webbers or damage or blockers should be a viable defensive strategy. It tilts the defense away from 'u vs my npc' and makes it 'my pk vs urs'. Have it scale to the # of people in a room, and not happen if there is 3+ or something, whatever.

    Bug #62400                    Reporter(s): Oystir
    Priority: Unassigned

    Reported by Oystir at 2017/02/17 18:01:
    guards Guards: Some of our guards in the 'Footmen' squad were killed and have not returned since the raid 2 days ago.

    Bug #62401                    Reporter(s): Oystir
    Priority: Unassigned

    Reported by Oystir at 2017/02/17 18:04:
    guards: Squads are being broken up during raids to the point that single guards no longer end up being considered in squads unless manually re-added. The majority of the guards I find wayward like this have been (G) standing guard per CITY GUARD LIST, but not all of them. I suspect part of this may be the guards dying and coming back and not being reset to the squads

    We've had several guards not repop, some for almost 2 weeks now. Nearly every raid I've had to manually hunt down the ones standing around, and we're definitely down 4 guards at least from when I put them together. 
    Ty hoping not to have to spend in-game money to fix a bug just yet ~~~
  • Re: Raiding

    I really don't care if you have the statue, which I think was pretty obvious when I decided to do nothing to stop you. I just care that the not insignificant bugs I put in 2-3 raids before weren't fixed, preventing me from feeling like we could defend, but your single problem to enable your win was prioritized and subsequently credited. Especially when the entire reason we did nothing was because of the bugs.

    I appreciate Dec and Jeremy both for getting in touch about it though. I hope we will see some changes soon.

    Edit: I mean some people care a lot that you have the statue. Not me. I'm cool.
  • Re: Leylines and Surges

    or just remove the natural demonic affinity from DP -_-
  • Re: Raiding

    allow healing but no bal/eq moves for the objective channel. This is really unfeasible as-is if there is literally any resistance/siege, especially netthrowers.