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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Fanglor said:
    Krysaliss said:
    My character is trying to raise 4 million to do what she wants in her new house. 

    That's not that heavy duty....

    It is when she's not getting her gold by grabbing @Gjarrus by the ankles and shaking him. 
  • Re: Quotes

    You see the following objects:
    "giraffe82520"            a lanky giraffe
    "giraffe160223"           a lanky giraffe

    There are 2 lanky girafves here. 

  • Re: Current Sale

    oooorrrr give everyone an aff route that self-tracks like Outrider. That'd solve the problems raised with both promos. No afftrackers and no damage routes; level the playing field for everyone. 


    But actually. I don't know much about Imperian balance, or any profession except druid, and not even that really, but I do feel the need to observe that the atmosphere of team fighting right now is absolutely decimated by a no-downside numbness, especially for that amount of time. Most of magick circle's (idk or c about the other two not gunna lie) professions that are 'good' for lowbies are good because they are able to mash damage, with added affects, until target dies. That's all I can really do too, in fact, even though my aff tracker is functional and good-looking thank you very much.

    It's already a pain in the rear to incentivize people outside of the normal pkers to action but there's not even a point to trying if there's a chance that their only contribution will be "+1 target for enemy team". If a person with reasonable PK talent without this tome gets one, there's minimal reason for anyone but other people with reasonable PK talent to go fight them. Especially in a major combat engagement, where you *know* that stuff will be combat ready. 

    Edit: I'm being facetious, but if we plug in this universal aff-route stuff I'm super down. 
  • Re: I HEART

    I heart shop log.

    2017/06/22 03:01:05 - grey cotton boxer shorts purchased for 300 gold.
    2017/06/22 03:00:47 - a black shoulder-wrap cloak purchased for 600 gold.
    2017/06/22 02:58:07 - a white neutral face mask purchased for 500 gold.

    2017/06/19 06:19:42 - a sinuous silver snake bracelet purchased for 1500 gold.
    2017/06/19 06:18:28 - a choker holding a tear-shaped ruby purchased for 1000 gold.
    2017/06/19 06:16:15 - a ruby red camisole blouse purchased for 400 gold.
    2017/06/19 06:14:03 - a hip-hugging skirt of leather and lace purchased for 400 gold.

    2017/06/18 00:07:18 - a crystal wine flute purchased for 200 gold.
    2017/06/18 00:07:18 - a crystal wine flute purchased for 200 gold.
    2017/06/18 00:06:35 - a foil-wrapped champagne bottle purchased for 250 gold.
    2017/06/18 00:03:28 - a stuffed white cotton pillow purchased for 700 gold.
    2017/06/18 00:02:08 - a luxurious white floor pillow purchased for 700 gold.

    2017/06/16 03:22:15 - fifty small vials purchased for 2500 gold.
    2017/06/16 03:22:12 - fifty small vials purchased for 2500 gold.
    2017/06/14 03:53:10 - fifty small vials purchased for 2500 gold.
    2017/06/14 03:53:07 - fifty small vials purchased for 2500 gold
    2017/06/11 06:13:14 - fifty small vials purchased for 2500 gold.

    Somebody bought 80 pairs of panties a couple weeks ago. 50 of one kind and 30 of another...
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Please PLEASE let me refer to all of the opal/pebble/chunk boss drop items as 'soulstone' oh my god please it's ruining me please i can't anymore with these things