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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Please PLEASE let me refer to all of the opal/pebble/chunk boss drop items as 'soulstone' oh my god please it's ruining me please i can't anymore with these things 
  • Re: R.I.P. Stavenn

    @Alitis was the first person who talked to my first character I'd made after several years off MUDs and 10 years off Imperian in specific.

    You were really mean. :(

  • Re: Improving Imperian

    make it cost credits
  • Re: I HEART

    Once when I was under the influence, my friend began to mess with me, and was just talking nonstop about if we wanted to get us a li'l baby pig, with li'l baby pig FEETS, and talking about the li'l baby pig hairs and the little pig nipples. It sounds really stupid, and it is, but since then thinking about pigs just triggers me into feeling giddy and completely foolish.

    Anyway, I love my pig's head. Easily my favorite design I've ever done. I think about it several times a day, every day. No lie. 

          Appearance: a pig's head mask
          Dropped: A mask resembling a decapitated pig's head lies here on the ground.
         Examined: While it is not entirely clear if this mask has been made from actual animal body parts or simply recreated to a shocking likeness, the result is a mask that seems to vividly create the look and feel of a decapitated pig's head. The pallid pink leather is strangely fleshy and smooth to the touch and shapes the floppy ears, the curved snout and the perpetual grin twisting the open mouth of the swine. The eyes have been either gouged or substituted with puckered holes set high and wide on the face. Various folds and wrinkles circle the flat snout and wrap down to form the thick chin of a pig. The back of the head has been hollowed out and lined with black leather. While this lining is soft, it reeks with a strange rotting smell that is not quite welcoming to the fact that it is impossible to see while wearing the mask.

    Edit: Oh also I guess i'm enjoying my new job or w/e but mostly the pig
    Jeremy Saunders
  • Re: Help PK

    edit: nevermind