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  • Re: I HEART

    "beef8484"                well-seasoned steak of beef
    "beef8543"                well-seasoned steak of beef
    "beef9237"                well-seasoned steak of beef
    "beef9258"                well-seasoned steak of beef
    "beef9475"                well-seasoned steak of beef
    "beef10063"               well-seasoned steak of beef
    Number of matching objects: 6 (out of 79 total)

    There are 6 well-seasoned steak of beeves here.
  • Re: What is the pettiest thing you've done in character?

    Oh, also, there was once this guy who was a **** to one of my characters, so I made an alt and joined his guild and asked him for help and proceeded to type custom emotes emotes and prefaced says at him but roleplayed that my character was like s u p e r slow even though it was obvious I knew what I was doing. It took over an hour for him to give up and it was like... so satisfying. 

    Edit: She told him he couldn't read so I made him type out stuff that was in the scrolls. XD it was so kek. I'm dying just remembering it. 
  • Re: Quotes

    Your ally, Theophilus Aracelia, the Celestial, has entered Imperian.
    (Ring): You say, "I literally got up 5 minutes ago."
    (Ring): You say, "Checked cwho."
    (Ring): You say, "And said 'oh good theo isn't here'"
    (Ring): Theophilus says, ":'(."
    (Ring): You say, "'maybe I can bash dp at least once before he comes on'"
    (Ring): You say, "No offense to you."
    (Ring): You say, "D=."
    (Ring): Theophilus says, "I always let you have DP."
    (Ring): You say, "Ya but you wake up before me in the mronings."
    (Ring): You say, "So I try not to step on your toesies when you're already dere."
    (Ring): You say, "Oh and it's alvetta here."
    (Ring): You say, "Sdfjlkasjdfaksdhfhasfhasdfj."
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "All I can say is I hope you have a warhorn."
    (Ring): Theophilus says, "True. I went to church this morning because a friend was speaking."
    (Ring): You say, "Why'd I even wake up."
    (Ring): Swale says, "Just leave my dragon cows alone."
    (Ring): Alvetta says, "Cause I had the same thought before you woke."
    (Ring): You say, "Lol."
  • Re: New Profession: Engineer

    are we calling them engi's now? ffs that took like 3 hours to become terrible. 

    ... 30874 in Caanae, already has steampunk glasses in stock guys.
  • Re: What is the pettiest thing you've done in character?

    I wanted to break up with this girl in-game and I didn't know how to do it so I just started rping him going soft.

    I hope my phrasing is gentle enough for the forums. >.>