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  • Re: Quests

    One of my novices just brought to my attention that quest 177 in Black Pines was not properly counting his whatever is needed to finish the quest. He was at 22/10 mob kills(?) and greeting the quest giver person was not making any progress for him. 

    I had him abandon and restart, idak if it's working, but I'm mentioning it here. 
  • Re: Help PK

    Yeah, as I said before I absolutely don't want to discourage anyone from contacting the administration if you feel attacked or harassed. Please do. Forums or issues or messages; do it. Make sure you're enjoying Imperian. 

    I just think it's important to clarify to somebody like @Wyll, who seems very much the type to expect rules to be followed to the letter, that that expectation is one that makes PK frustrating. Updating HELP PK is a worthwhile endeavor as long as it is done while also emphasizing that you're probably going to die a couple of arguably illegal deaths if you engage in PK or with a PKer), that even the defined rules are going to be pushed by multiple people, and that PK is supposed to be fun, and if you're not having fun you can opt-out without administrative intervention at literally any point provided you're willing to die to somebody you don't like. 

    I'm not trying to enable poor behavior or create an atmosphere where rule-breaking is normalized - especially when a certain somebody is walking around killing people just because they're bored (lets all stop and stare @ them rn). Only instead hoping to encourage the combat mindset where you don't have to feel victimized or angry over a death or two, where you don't throw around profanity or accusations of harassment that are simply not the case, and where you are able to navigate a fun and largely consequence-free aspect of the game with full control over your actions, reactions and options.
  • Re: Quests

    Osatia in Khous has been broken forever (bug 62080). Daisy works half as often as you need her to (bug 61535). 
  • Re: Help PK

    This has been a thing floating around the forums the last couple of days, and I just want to give my advice as somebody who engages in PK but does not consider it to be one of my 'favorite' parts of the game:

    If you don't want to fight someone... don't fight them.

    Let them kill you if they have a reason, even if it's a garbage reason you feel is unjust - fight back if you're feeling enthusiastic, idc - Then let them walk away feeling like winners. Let them gloat and don't call them names. Let them have it. They need it. And then you can go back to roleplaying/bashing. 

    Consider 1-2 deaths your entrance fee for participating in PK. Any engagement? Expect to die. Shardfall? Raid? Defending your sister from a bounty? Just expect to die. Dying isn't bad. It's a two-minute time-out. PK Levels matter at exactly level 100 and level 50. Not any other time. It's going to be okay.

    And griefing? It's a form of harassment. 1-2 deaths with relatively tentative justification is not harassment, especially when you engage the person. 1-2 deaths with NO justification is barely issue-worthy unless the killer is making it a pattern of behavior. Your best recourse if you've been killed is to run to a bigger, badder dog in-character or to let it go.

    All an issue does is make the person & their friends laugh, lets them know they've gotten to you, removes any alternative options YOU have (calling on other friends or pulling some sneak jumping later), and considering the absence of genuine harassment of most of these issues, will be shrugged off, justly, by the administration who are exclusively policing for toxic players, not just assholes. Being an **** isn't an issueable offense.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Ya do it.