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  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): You say, "What's the syntax to lie down on furniture?"

    (Ring): You say, "Lay down. whatever."

    Kinsarmar Crossroads.
    An unadorned bench of green marble sits here. Bellini Keth'Aera is here. She wields a banded shield faced with a weeping willow in her left hand and a brass knuckled longsword in her right. Sunkissed Sela Keth'Aera, The Garden Gnome is here, a blank look in her eyes. She wields a lunar shield in her left hand and a shining longsword in her right.
    You see exits leading north, east, south, west, and in.

    (Ring): Jhin says, "Lie on <x>."

    BAD COMMAND: lie on bench

    (Ring): Myrcella says, "Lay down? Lie down? Lay on? Lie on?"

    (Ring): You say, "I've tried literally all of those."

    (Ring): You say, "And like layon and lieon and just lay bed and so on."

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "Lie down on X."

    You lie down on a simple marble bench.
    You are afflicted with prone.

    You stand up from a simple marble bench.
    You have cured prone.

    (Ring): You say, "Oh snap."

    Bellini grins mischievously at you.

    (Ring): You say, "Y."

    (Ring): You say, "Ty."

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "Welcome."

    (Ring): You say, "I've been trying to like 5 days to figure it out. >.>."

    You clear your throat.

    You say, "Nice bench."

    You say, "A little hard."

    You say, "Think I'll go lie down at home."

    You nod sagely.

    Bellini grins mischievously at you.

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "I told you yesterday on clan after I tested it :(."

    Bellini Keth'Aera says to you, "See you later."

    You wave goodbye.
  • Re: What is the pettiest thing you've done in character?

    I don't always win, but I never lose.
  • Re: Raiding

    9 ) (2017/02/15 21:09) Oystir: "Raids: I was pushing the objective east with nobody in the room for
    a while, for most of the channel. Septus entered the room, killed me, and began to push the
    objective west. Apparently my time pushing the objective east credited his time pushing it to the
    west, because the objective moved within seconds. This happened twice. Shouldn't the channel reset
    if you change the direction of the push?"
    10) (2017/02/15 21:09) Jules: "Oh ----."
    11) (2017/02/15 21:09) Oystir: "Guard243100 dispersed last night during the raid and somehow ended
    up in a locked house. Also I mentioned the guards in the sewers. I feel like they should remain in
    the city proper, and at least not enter houses."
    12) (2017/02/15 21:09) Oystir: "Real bugs."
    13) (2017/02/15 21:10) Oystir: "GUARDS: The guards definitely scattered when there were less than 10
    in a room and are completely unuseable after they scatter. I have tried manually regrouping them
    during raids but it is not really possible, they do not regroup and begin working with squad
    commands. It would be really nice if I could like, call my guards and have them attempt to come to
    me even if it's in a raid. CALL FOR HELP called so many guards that they began to spam
    entering/leaving and never stayed in the room to help. I also had a similar problem as in bug 62346
    where I attempted to order a squad to move while standing in the room with the squad leader and it
    14) (2017/02/15 21:10) Oystir: "And then I commented that it happened again."
    15) (2017/02/15 21:10) Oystir: "In the squad with guards in the sewers, I am standing in the room
    with the squad leader, but when I order the squad to move, it tells me The leader for that squad is
    not here. I try to reassign him to the leader of the squad but it says he is not assigned to that
    squad. If I reassign him to the squad, then to the leader position, and then try to order the squad,
    I still get the message that The leader for that squad is not here."
    16) (2017/02/15 21:11) Oystir: "That one happened during and after the raid."
    17) (2017/02/15 21:11) Jules: "Ugh."
    18) (2017/02/15 21:11) Oystir: "I am fixing this manually right now, but several guards from one of
    my squads that dispersed last night during the raid have not returned to normal guard behavior. When
    I order the squad to standguard in a room, which I did last night and this morning, they remained
    scattered in groups of nine and do not attempt to return to the squad until I manually move them.
    Also some of them went into the sewers."
    19) (2017/02/15 21:11) Oystir: "That's all of them."
    20) (2017/02/15 21:11) Oystir: "Nbd."
  • AFK Automation: Harmful to Imperian?

    So I've been gone for a while, but I heard recently about an instance of automation ending in another shrub, and it got me thinking hard about the issue. Why does our Administration care about automation? To the point that they will cull what are by definition our more plugged-in of our already low playerbase. Let's talk about it.

    1. Unfair Advantage
     I see plainly this being the major concern, but in practice, why? 'Unfair' requires there to be a limited number of resources, and that is not the case here. The same tools of automation (coding knowledge and mud programs) are available to everybody, and just as importantly the people who have this skill and knowledge are not stingy about sharing it - see Theo's autofisher for details. Bashing areas are plentiful, and boosts to bashing are in such high numbers its almost ridiculous. Harvesting is individually counted. Fishing might actually happen if it could be automated. The playerbase is far too small to generate a physical need the game cannot already compensate for. It is also peppered with far too many artifacts, and even more utility items (warhorn, bug coin, atlas pages/shrines), that already craft an 'unfair advantage' in the same areas of the game. The major difference I see is that coding automation can theoretically be learned by everyone, whereas artifacts and utility items can only be compensated for with equal or greater investment in artifacts and utility items (...or coding, look at that).

     In the event of a game or Great Hunt, I understand very much that 100% automation is unfair against those who do not take that method, however, the way the Turkey Hunt was conducted proved very much that 1) it is possible to monitor who is AFK during a short and crucial period of time and 2) that automation is accepted as a function of our game and the issue lies with being AFK and not with the coding itself existing. 

     A quick and lazy mention that 100% intelligent automation is not possible or feasible. The disadvantages to being AFK and trying to accomplish something are pretty self-evident.

    2. 'Play the Game'/AFKers:

     One word: Ironbeard. 

     More words: I'm serious. Even though 85% of everybody who was online at 4:30 am on a Tuesday the last week of December was AFK, seeing that many people online made the game seem big and lively. While AFK used to be a punishable offense by shrubbing, the game has changed so much that the basis of a Holiday Promotion is to just be AFK, and I don't see why taking it one step further to be bashing or fishing -- generating activity for the game, creating a stronger character (which creates competition), encouraging 'always online' which is at least a better direction than the alternative -- is to be demonized. This isn't exactly bug-abuse, generating limitless goods by manipulating a system -- these are systems in place that have been determined as 'fair' and have been moderated to a level of 'fairness' that is acceptable to the Administration. As stated above, it has been accepted that these systems can and will be used optimally through coding and that their ability to determine how close to the computer a person is is not only imperfect, but is also largely irrelevant. If I can be playing a two-handed FPS or my guitar or be on Skype, for HOURS, while I'm bashing, who is to know or care if I was avidlt watching Imperian the whole time, or if I looked over every time I got a tell, or every 5, 10, 30 minutes, an hour? Etc, or if I risked dying and sitting AFK at Dis because I went pee? Or to a movie? Or fell asleep at my keyboard? These are all wildly different circumstances that play out the same game-side, but player-side result in very different levels of rulebreaking that cannot be quantified or proved, but can be and have been punished. For the record, I've never intentionally AFKbashed, though I've fallen asleep at my keyboard more than once. 

    3. Love your Playerbase
     AFK Checks made me crazy when they were being perfected two summers ago. I understand that at the time Admin were trying to figure out how to do them for Great Hunts to be visible without being easily manipulated or automated. That's certainly their role as administration, however the feeling by those autobotters being tested on (on like, a normal Wednesday) that they were being tested and constantly monitored. Mens Rea aside, there *isnt* a rule about having an autobasher or using it, only about using it when I cannot actively steer. The concern, at least for me, was that I'd be looking away one of the two-times-daily I was tested, be deemed AFK and punished accordingly despite only being in tetris one inch to the left or something. It was one of many frustrations, but I found it easier to not bother bashing at all, or even being online, than it was to watch the game as actively as I felt the Administration were expecting.
     The AFK rule itself is loose enough to allow for some less-than-full attention to be paid just for the sake of having players doing things and being online. I believe that anything that discourages people from the game should be identified and at least acknowledged, and this is something that has cost us at least one long-time player recently to shrubbing, anecdotal extended-period qqers in response to afk checks (myself among this pile)  - and for what? 
     This game genre is rolling over and this game itself is already - or should already - be extending itself to gain and retain players, to encourage more consistent playing, and to bolster interest in game mechanics.

     I dunno, I'm too busy to play lately, I just heard somebody got shrubbed and I thought it was pretty stupid that anyone is being shrubbed for something as benign as automation when we are still struggling to have 3 daily players in every guild. And I cared enough to write about it apparently. 
  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): Leighanna says, "How many books does a bookshelf hold? Does anyone know?"
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    Wayward leaves rise up to circle Leighanna upon an ethereal breeze, creating a cyclone of foliage.
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    (Ring): Tikal says, "Fifty."
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    (Ring): Iobelia says, "Shades."
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    (Ring): Ichimoru says, "Of."
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    (Ring): Iobelia says, "Grey."
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    (Ring): Leighanna says, "..thanks guys."
    H: 640/640 M: 340/340  [ebpdb] [74.67%] [Trader] [0 0] [blk haw app] []
    (Ring): Iobelia says, "No problem."