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  • Re: New Retiree

    Yeah, just view pretty much any creative outlet as for its own sake, but don't let that discourage you at all. =D
  • Re: Quotes

    You direct a powerful pulse of telepathic energy into Galt, throwing his mind into chaos and
    Equilibrium Taken: 2.20s
    You have regained your mental equilibrium.

    You ease yourself out of the Dragon stance.
    You climb up on a lightning-wreathed elemental serpent named Drama.
    A gentle rise on Guards Approach. (road).
    You see exits leading north, east (closed door), and south.

    Autocuring disabled.
    Equilibrium Taken: 30.20s
    You bow your head, and concentrate on preparing a channel for your mental power.

    You focus your mind, allowing the image of Galt to form a picture within your mind's eye.
    H:580/580 M:332/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    You nod your head.
    H:580/580 M:332/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    A gentle rise on Guards Approach. (road).
    You see exits leading north, east (closed door), and south.
    H:580/580 M:332/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (mapper): Stopped walking.
    (mapper): Stopped walking.
    You are not currently speedwalking.
    You are not currently dictating.
    H:580/580 M:332/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    You now begin to draw on your willpower to gather the mental energy necessary for the task ahead.
    H:580/580 M:322/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    You feel an odd sensation of glowing warmth fill you, minute ripples of energy washing through your mind.
    H:580/580 M:347/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Ahh I want to stop."
    H:580/580 M:347/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (Kinsarmar): You say, "I can't stop help."
    H:580/580 M:347/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    Glittering points of light grow together in your mind, luminescent stars coalescing into one brilliant, blazing sun. A thrill of energy ripples through you as you bask in the radiance of your telepathic power.
    H:580/580 M:337/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Galt I'm sorry!"
    H:580/580 M:337/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Not like this!"
    H:580/580 M:371/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    You summon up the vast tide of telepathic energy you have collected, preparing to release its awesome might.
    H:580/580 M:361/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Noo."
    H:580/580 M:361/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Somebody stop me."
    H:580/580 M:352/400 (-b db) [64|27.63] [Ozreas] 
    Your preparation is complete, and with a piercing cry you hurl an almighty blast of mental energy at Galt. In your mind's eye you see him let out a shriek of agony, stifled speedily as his entire body bursts into flames and disintegrates into smouldering ashes.
    You have slain Galt.
    Your mind lock with Galt has been broken.
    You feel replenished as you absorb the life energy of Galt.
    You have regained your mental equilibrium.
    You start plodding carefully across the constructed trenches.
    H:580/580 M:392/400 (eb db) [69|27.68] [Ozreas] 

    Guards Approach nearing Kinsarmar Gate. (road).
    You see exits leading north and south.

    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Uh."

    (Kinsarmar): You say, "Don't tell him that happened."
  • Re: Owned

    the man in gauze ~
    the man in gauze ~
  • Re: I HEART

    Coded something for my scepter that'll switch to the best active AoE attack if there are 2 or more mobs in a room and alternate between fire/ice (to keep both active) if there are not.

    And just updates the cutest little line in my bash window.

  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Pepehi said:
    Pha said:
    Dimitri said:
    Arakis said:
    Posters are majorly broken at the moment. And maybe it's just personal experiences but I've noticed that almost every promotional item that's been coming out this year has had bugs. Maybe they could create some sort of system for promotional item testing before release? Especially items that relate to combat. We have players test classes before they release why not create the same sort of thing for new artifacts and items?
    With how powerful some of those promo items can be, i'm wary that someone might go 'oh this is a neat little bug' and then just not say anything with a particular item and stupidly abuse it until someone catches them and shrubs them for it. That could be the reasoning behind it, or simply because they don't want people to know what's coming before it happens.
    How does releasing promotion items that don't even half way function compare? It's been several weeks and all you can do with a poster is hang it.

    It could be worse. Lusternia once released colour-coded racial pins that gave the wearer the emotes of that race, including dwarf racial emotes. Dwarves didn't have any racial emotes at the time.

    IDEA: Unless I've just missed it, being able to STOP a channeled action, including timed instakill. If you want to stop a channel but can't leave the room, what else should you do?

    DIVE is better, since it can be used offbal.