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  • Re: I HEART

    Creaky dock over a dark lake.
    (Verbose Room Description). A lamira girl with long whiskers and murky black scales fishes here, lazily leaned against one of the posts. This is a post office. 
    You see exits leading northeast and south.

    She Has One Job To Do: 
    The whiskered lamira girl does not even look up as she takes the letter from you. When you ask her to deliver it to Lynyssa she repeats the request lazily before tucking it in her pocket and mumbling something about delivering it later. She turns back to her fishing.

    Meanwhile, Elsewhere: 
    With a long fishing pole bouncing over her shoulder, a whiskered lamira girl 
    enters the room, clearly in no particular rush. Spotting you, she approaches, deposits a letter in your hands, and wordlessly leaves with a trail of fishline dangling behind her.

    didnt think i could love an npc more than my librarian but i dooooooooo
  • Re: I HEART

    You start unearthing a partially buried emerald cluster, careful not to break its delicate structure.
    A swirling aura of raw Diachaim slowly forms around you.
    H:550/550 M:370/370 (eb db) [10|48.91] [Wolf] [SHARD] 
    You finish unearthing a partially buried emerald cluster. Satisfied, you pick it up and the shard 
    glows dimly upon your touch.
    H:550/550 M:370/370 (eb db) [10|48.91] [Wolf] [SHARD] 
    You drop an emerald cluster of crystals.
    As it touches the ground, an emerald cluster of crystals disappears.

    i dont even feel bad. 
  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    Galt said:
    You say being nitpicky about pets and that sort of thing pushes people away, but so does disregarding more than a decade of roleplay and lore just because people want a certain pet, buff, costume etc. If you want to play with undead things, fine - just don't get upset when characters with good reason to react badly do so.

    I started playing imperian the literal month before the Gods were crushed. That was at least 5 years ago. I understand your 'decade of precedence', but I can say firsthand that the time between the Gods dying and now, there has been a lack of support or endorsement of this lore. I take umbrage at people still complaining about Gods' existence in a 'bring em back' type of way, because people fail to realize that roleplay is in the past, and instead of committing effort into creating new avenues of roleplay and conflict, we are clinging to 'old gods' and 'old conflicts'. That is the issue with guilds, too, and I say that as somebody who tried and succeeded at, if not reviving the guild, making it active for as long as I was putting in the effort. 

    For Galt the character I understand 100% where he's coming from, because he's waking as a person who lived those things. Most characters walking around haven't, and most of those who were don't care, and all of these characters would benefit from a new meta. ESPECIALLY when you are imposing these rules on characters who will have no idea about any of the undead precedence from an RP standpoint, and especially when we are being nitpicky and pushing people away when trying to revive aspects of roleplay that haven't been acknowledged in in-game decades if not centuries.
  • Re: Treasure Maps

    I got a freaking moose lmao
  • Re: I HEART

    Bards          189      88       32       36       33       0        765
    Vindicators    191      88       37       40       26       0        765

    From topguilds. I don't know the exact numbers, but the Vindicators have jumped up almost 100 points in the last several months and I've been hungry to see us bypass the once-1000 Bards purely for my own reasons of validation.