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  • Re: I HEART

    Sarrius said:
    On a side note, I did have fun almost ruining Anti-Magick's night during their raid on Kinsarmar. They only managed to capture one objective and it took almost the entire duration of the raid because of me interfering inside a city whose guards were also attacking me.

    You're new to raiding, but you can only ever capture one objective and it always takes almost the entire duration of the raid, even sans defenders. But! I will say thank you because I'm not a monster ~ 
  • Re: New Artifacts Wishlist

    a can of paint 100 cr/3tk

    Lets you customise the dropped and read message on the sign pointing into your token shop. 
  • Re: Quotes

    A dove comes flying into the room, deposits a letter into your hands, warbles cheerfully, and flies away.

    You have emoted: Oystir's gills flutter as his eyebrows lift in interest.

    ********************************[ Letter List ]********************************
    #       Type                       MtD  Written Text
    198290  an elegant white letter    9    Durest citzen,  I am Nassor, croWn Pri
    You have 1 letter in your inventory and letterholders.

    You read what is written on an elegant white letter:
    Durest citzen,

    I am Nassor, croWn Prince of Antioch. Firend, I am in trouble.

    Doo to recent troubles and war between Antioch and KinsArmar,
    my accounts worth 1,000,000,000 gold have been seized and locked
    up by the authorieis of kinsaRmar!

    With ur help, I have uncle in Ithaqu that can help. If you, fried,
    transfer 1,000,000 gold to my accounts in Celidon I will share
    500,000,000 with u once my cousinnn receive 1,000,000.

    After I hav recieved funds, it will take approtimatel one oR two
    years for me to git my seized funds from KhandaVa and depoSit into
    your StaVenn accounts.

    Nassor, CroWn Prinse of Caanae

     :D  :D :D :D
  • Re: I HEART

    Creaky dock over a dark lake.
    (Verbose Room Description). A lamira girl with long whiskers and murky black scales fishes here, lazily leaned against one of the posts. This is a post office. 
    You see exits leading northeast and south.

    She Has One Job To Do: 
    The whiskered lamira girl does not even look up as she takes the letter from you. When you ask her to deliver it to Lynyssa she repeats the request lazily before tucking it in her pocket and mumbling something about delivering it later. She turns back to her fishing.

    Meanwhile, Elsewhere: 
    With a long fishing pole bouncing over her shoulder, a whiskered lamira girl 
    enters the room, clearly in no particular rush. Spotting you, she approaches, deposits a letter in your hands, and wordlessly leaves with a trail of fishline dangling behind her.

    didnt think i could love an npc more than my librarian but i dooooooooo
  • Re: I HEART

    You start unearthing a partially buried emerald cluster, careful not to break its delicate structure.
    A swirling aura of raw Diachaim slowly forms around you.
    H:550/550 M:370/370 (eb db) [10|48.91] [Wolf] [SHARD] 
    You finish unearthing a partially buried emerald cluster. Satisfied, you pick it up and the shard 
    glows dimly upon your touch.
    H:550/550 M:370/370 (eb db) [10|48.91] [Wolf] [SHARD] 
    You drop an emerald cluster of crystals.
    As it touches the ground, an emerald cluster of crystals disappears.

    i dont even feel bad.