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  • Re: IRE Demographics Survey

    Definitely link or post whatever you come up with from this. I'd be really into seeing it. 
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Pepehi said:
    Pha said:
    Dimitri said:
    Arakis said:
    Posters are majorly broken at the moment. And maybe it's just personal experiences but I've noticed that almost every promotional item that's been coming out this year has had bugs. Maybe they could create some sort of system for promotional item testing before release? Especially items that relate to combat. We have players test classes before they release why not create the same sort of thing for new artifacts and items?
    With how powerful some of those promo items can be, i'm wary that someone might go 'oh this is a neat little bug' and then just not say anything with a particular item and stupidly abuse it until someone catches them and shrubs them for it. That could be the reasoning behind it, or simply because they don't want people to know what's coming before it happens.
    How does releasing promotion items that don't even half way function compare? It's been several weeks and all you can do with a poster is hang it.

    It could be worse. Lusternia once released colour-coded racial pins that gave the wearer the emotes of that race, including dwarf racial emotes. Dwarves didn't have any racial emotes at the time.

    IDEA: Unless I've just missed it, being able to STOP a channeled action, including timed instakill. If you want to stop a channel but can't leave the room, what else should you do?

    DIVE is better, since it can be used offbal. 
  • Re: Upcoming Combat Changes

    Galt just brought my attention to the artifact, and I follow up with this question:

    once every 12 days for 500 credits vs once an hour for 1000?

    For the purpose of allowing more frequent reincarnation for combat this is really lackluster, not just 'for the cost' but as a solution to the problem of statpack accessibility in general. I would gladly pay 500 credits to, say, automatically reincarnate into an intelligent lamira every time I become a Bard, but to pay any amount to be stuck in the same profession/statpack for 12 days is a chore more than a boon. The CD is too long. I'd rather pick up a profession in 12 hour increments via aspect than be stuck in a statpack that is not my primary for two weeks.
  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    Trolling people with PK is the RP equivalent of a fart joke: An Essay. 

    Look, the people who make the biggest impact and difference in the game are the PKers. You've paid/coded your way into this position of authority, and it is an authority that everybody in the game respects because mechanics exist first and foremost for this purpose. 

    Instigating people for the purpose of getting PK cause is lame. Killing people's pets is lame. Making people so angry they call you toxic and griefers is lame - as is letting yourself get so twisted up that you poison your own view of the game by calling people toxic and griefers. Aggravating the divide between PKers and non-comms because you can is the biggest obstacle to roleplay in this game. Most of that power lies with the PKers, short of telling people to sit down be humble if some big bad begins pushing their buttons, or trying to soften this hard-stance namecalling, issuing and raging that just vindicates this sort of behavior. Don't make it so fun to harass you, in other words. That's gradeschool stuff. 

    Dyron and Iniar are examples of the kind of PKer we need more of. People who are in character just enough to recognize and acknowledge the thin line between righteous vengeance and just being a troll. That thin line is also very special, because a PKer who has an engaging character, or even just a functionally approachable one, has a lot of authority. If non-comms feel they can talk to and interact with you without worrying that one misspoken word will end in their city being raided and you being pursued actively for PK cause indefinitely, they'll be happier. They'll interact with you more meaningfully. They'll be less angry when they die and they will more eloquently respect your effing *character's strength* instead of just seeing *you as a bully*. And IME if done right, you've made yourself an enemy who respects you enough to find opposing you with the expectation of losing worth their time.

    It is suuuuch a small difference but that nuance is the biggest thing I've seen make conflict fun for everyone: make avoiding it less engaging and less satisfying than participating on the PvP level. Make interactions options, not threats. Give people an out. 

    And I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, though if you think this post is about you, it is.