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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Please PLEASE let me refer to all of the opal/pebble/chunk boss drop items as 'soulstone' oh my god please it's ruining me please i can't anymore with these things 
  • Re: Help PK

    I'm not suggesting the administration don't take issues seriously, only that for a large majority of issues filed about PK, the appropriate administrative response is to say 'stop that' which they do, which could have been done without the issue if a person had allowed themselves the option to let it go before escalating things to the administration.

    Issues have not been being used appropriately in the majority of the filings in my awareness, especially lately. People are attempting to use it as a tool to humble and assert power over people who have more PK ability than them instead of as a tool to combat actual harassment. I don't take them seriously when they're used like that either and I think I'm reasonably sympathetic to these situations.

    I don't want to say don't issue if you feel harassed; please do. I'm just saying if you let go of a little bit of pride you'll probably be able to deal with unpleasant people better than Jeremy's intervention can. And if you feel like you're being griefed, then maybe you'd be better off changing your expectations about PK and accepting a few deaths than you would trying to alter somebody else's behavior. 
  • Re: Help PK

    This has been a thing floating around the forums the last couple of days, and I just want to give my advice as somebody who engages in PK but does not consider it to be one of my 'favorite' parts of the game:

    If you don't want to fight someone... don't fight them.

    Let them kill you if they have a reason, even if it's a garbage reason you feel is unjust - fight back if you're feeling enthusiastic, idc - Then let them walk away feeling like winners. Let them gloat and don't call them names. Let them have it. They need it. And then you can go back to roleplaying/bashing. 

    Consider 1-2 deaths your entrance fee for participating in PK. Any engagement? Expect to die. Shardfall? Raid? Defending your sister from a bounty? Just expect to die. Dying isn't bad. It's a two-minute time-out. PK Levels matter at exactly level 100 and level 50. Not any other time. It's going to be okay.

    And griefing? It's a form of harassment. 1-2 deaths with relatively tentative justification is not harassment, especially when you engage the person. 1-2 deaths with NO justification is barely issue-worthy unless the killer is making it a pattern of behavior. Your best recourse if you've been killed is to run to a bigger, badder dog in-character or to let it go.

    All an issue does is make the person & their friends laugh, lets them know they've gotten to you, removes any alternative options YOU have (calling on other friends or pulling some sneak jumping later), and considering the absence of genuine harassment of most of these issues, will be shrugged off, justly, by the administration who are exclusively policing for toxic players, not just assholes. Being an **** isn't an issueable offense.
  • Re: Clueless

    Can't post in I HATE anymore???

    Also the lag is back and I'm C L U E L E S S as to how to cope w/ it.
  • Re: Exciting Upcoming Changes

    But bring back Shallah that could be fun.