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  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    I disagree with you on the value of smaller transactions. I am not the only person who has commented on the high buy-in of promotions in this very thread. I am not the only person in this thread who has said they make their purchases based on the things guaranteed to them, instead of because of the RNG aspect of the promotion.
    I absolutely know that the bound-credit package, lesson package, and iron elite - being lower-priced guaranteed value items - have netted a huge profit from more frugal players than credit sales ever could. I've spent more in 25$ chunks in six months than I did in my entire time playing IRE otherwise because I operate in a demographic where 5$ is not too much to ask, but 30$ probably is. Right now IRE doesn't give many options to people who would pay for nominal value if the price point was reasonable.

    I specifically named things that I would personally spend real-life money on. And at a few bucks a pop, I'd probably buy at least 10-15$ worth of any of the things I named in a given month, especially if they were consumables and/or if I could buy them for others the same way you can purchase lesson packages. That is 10-15$ a month more than I give them now. You're correct it'd be stupid to use this method to collect'em'all or to net profit for my purchases, but if I were operating with that goal in mind then these sort of deals wouldn't be for me anyway. That's kind of the point. People would definitely buy in if it revived a few old promotions, like the apples I mentioned earlier (which you yourself said you wish would come back), beans and animal wands. I wanted a miniature lamira and waited over six months for one and ended up getting it for free. Nobody profited from that. And I would've been thrilled to buy it and I think Imperian would've been thrilled to take my tuppence and stop me complaining about the rarity of the stupid things that I want. 

    I never said that the gaming industry doesn't prey on people's addictions. Every post I've made has been very clear that I believe they do - however, Imperian in specific does not apply the type of heavy-handed psychological tricks that other games employ. You are not taunted by the promotional items or led directly to them or blatantly shown how much worse your game is without them and all the other things I pointed out in my last post. If there were an example of a fairly-marketed F2P game with P2W elements, I'd say this is it. You can play this game for years and literally never see the screen where you pay real money - which is not true of 99.9% of other games that do this sort of marketing. As to the value and efficacy I have no real input. 
    Maybe you are being preyed upon by other companies, but IRE is not an abuser in that regards.

    Cosmetics absolutely matter in this game to a reasonable chunk of the playerbase. Being on a non-visual medium makes the customizations more valuable, not less, since the range of customization is literally whatever you can imagine. Did you really suggest crafting eliminates the need for cosmetics in this game? I actually don't even know what to say to that. 
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  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    I said this ages ago somewhere, but I would really genuinely be in favor of Imperian offering microtransactions that guarantee your purchase. Let me buy a 'vanitypet/familiar token' that'll give me any vanitypet/familiar. Let me buy a 3 pack of customisation tokens. Let me straight-up buy some artifacts for real life money at 35 cents a credit. Make special mounts available for money. Bring back apples and beans and token wares and promo items on a constant rotation for money money. Sell title token packs. Make some behaviors and special mounts that you can only get through these kinds of purchases, offer the city-specific ones for sale there. Go hog.

    Edit: zombie/ogre horns, mob reactions - almost any non-combat related thing could reasonably be sold all the dang time.

    And I don't mean these as promotions, I mean let this be a thing.

    Open up your revenue avenues away from the random-chance mechanics so people can catch up if they missed a promotion and so they can invest in something other than various levels of RNG. Right now the choices are to buy credits or gamble if I want to give money to the game. I hate both options because I'm not a gambler and I have to spend about 200$ before I can justify the per-credit price to my bank account and my bank account hates spending $200. Iron Elite is the only thing Imperian offers me consistently that is worth what I spend for it - its far more valuable than anything I've seen otherwise. Imperian's buy-in is pretty high for promotions in general and it offers minimal small-caliber reasonable-payout purchases for the more frugal of us. Give me a way to spend 5$ on Imperian on a whim and feel good about it. 

    /end relevant input


    Backpedaling a little to what @Justus said about the gaming industry, I've actually been pretty avidly following the media for a while. For those who aren't aware, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was hit with some pretty fantastic backlash last month for having a progression system that was intrinsically tied to the P2W aspect of things - a couple hundred dollars could leapfrog you beyond what hundreds of hours of grinding could accomplish. The backlash was to the point that it actually froze its microtransactions and has done a few little squeaks to try and relieve some of the grind associated with going the unpaid route. 

    In response we have a representative from Hawaii and an investigation in Belgium pushing for heavier regulation of lootbox-type mechanics in video games and trying to determine if it falls under the legal definition of gambling and how closely it should be regulated as a result. 

    I've been especially fascinated by this as a player of this game realizing that any result from this might affect IRE's system of promotions as well. Justus is absolutely not wrong that this sort of RNG mechanic has become commonplace in even full-price games. Imperian as an old-school P2W game certainly paved the way for this sort of mechanic and has since certainly followed the bandwagon on that front.

    That's all mostly an aside. I think anyone who hasn't followed the topic at all, especially IRE admins, it'd be worth at least a read or a few youtube videos to catch up on where the industry stands and how it might affect our little corner.

    tldr; Star Wars lmao
  • Re: IRE Demographics Survey

    Definitely link or post whatever you come up with from this. I'd be really into seeing it. 
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Pepehi said:
    Pha said:
    Dimitri said:
    Arakis said:
    Posters are majorly broken at the moment. And maybe it's just personal experiences but I've noticed that almost every promotional item that's been coming out this year has had bugs. Maybe they could create some sort of system for promotional item testing before release? Especially items that relate to combat. We have players test classes before they release why not create the same sort of thing for new artifacts and items?
    With how powerful some of those promo items can be, i'm wary that someone might go 'oh this is a neat little bug' and then just not say anything with a particular item and stupidly abuse it until someone catches them and shrubs them for it. That could be the reasoning behind it, or simply because they don't want people to know what's coming before it happens.
    How does releasing promotion items that don't even half way function compare? It's been several weeks and all you can do with a poster is hang it.

    It could be worse. Lusternia once released colour-coded racial pins that gave the wearer the emotes of that race, including dwarf racial emotes. Dwarves didn't have any racial emotes at the time.

    IDEA: Unless I've just missed it, being able to STOP a channeled action, including timed instakill. If you want to stop a channel but can't leave the room, what else should you do?

    DIVE is better, since it can be used offbal. 
  • Re: Upcoming Combat Changes

    Galt just brought my attention to the artifact, and I follow up with this question:

    once every 12 days for 500 credits vs once an hour for 1000?

    For the purpose of allowing more frequent reincarnation for combat this is really lackluster, not just 'for the cost' but as a solution to the problem of statpack accessibility in general. I would gladly pay 500 credits to, say, automatically reincarnate into an intelligent lamira every time I become a Bard, but to pay any amount to be stuck in the same profession/statpack for 12 days is a chore more than a boon. The CD is too long. I'd rather pick up a profession in 12 hour increments via aspect than be stuck in a statpack that is not my primary for two weeks.