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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Players have made it very clear they want more divine interaction in Imperian. We are working on
    making this happen. We currently have 6 new entities which will start joining cults and sects over
    the next couple of weeks. We will be looking to take a few more over the next couple of months.
    We've had feedback from players on how they would like to see increased entity influence over what
    happens in the game world. We will be making some changes to the entity system over the next few
    months to allow for this. This will probably mean entities will be able to directly influence your
    actions more, but this seems to be what players are looking for. We will be getting more feedback
    about this over the next few weeks.

    This is a very divisive issue. It may be the case for AM and Demonic that they want this, and it is the case for six (yes, a whopping six) people in Magick. But seriously. Just how loudly and obnoxiously must we scream that we want nothing to do with entities and furthermore giving them powers to influence us is an explicatively terrible idea. Kinsarmar DOES NOT WANT entities. @Justus doesn't, @Jannette doesn't, @Jules doesn't, @Morgaze doesn't, @Arina doesn't, @Alvetta doesn't, I do not. What more do we need to say??? We're tired of this bad hail mary. They're not the gods; the gods are dead. Please be done with this in Kinsarmar. I've already gotten into personal spats with @Rhaladin and several of your entities have already gotten in trouble for abusing the powers they already have.

    If everyone else wants them, fine. Let them have them. Just leave us out.

    EDIT: You know what I'm all for, that everyone in Kins would get behind? NPC play. Why people are so caught up on the idea that it must be this stupid divine thing they can suck up to, I have not a darn clue. NPC roleplay is dope. Please do more of that.
  • Re: Mudlet Scripting

    If you didn't have some sort of wrapper, now's a good time to start updating your systems. The way actions are queued is going to change soon to where you can stack action queues natively. This queue update also means that if you're spamming an alias that's using queue eqbal, you're now making a legit list of actions instead of just one. Friendly reminder.
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  • Re: Discussion: Commodity Production, Replacements for Duplicate/Transmute/Devastate

    @Kyraic I'm pretty sure this kind of logic is exactly what got raiding made useless for a while before they made it what it is now.
  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    Point I think @Cassius is making is, he and Owyn are the types to do that. They both do what they do and accept the consequences of doing them. The problem is when you say "themes blah blah" is that you're trying to force everyone to put their characters in this small niche. It simply doesn't happen that way. Let me use Owyn as an example.

    Owyn is from Antioch. Antioch was a really, really cool place to be. Raiding wasn't around anymore because it was functionally useless to raid (guards were free, etc.) Antioch at the time was the only completely "gates open" city -- open to any and everyone. What did Owyn do? He went around preaching that as the gospel. He worked pretty hard to talk to city leaders and convince them that everyone opening their gates and leaving battlefield business on the battlefield was the best course of action.

    Every place except for Ithaqua adopted this attitude for a time even, although it did take me delivering flowers to Rei while intentionally dying to guards in the process to prove a point. Cue the return of raids, new and improved with objectives. Well, by this time Owyn is still an Antiochian combatant, but he's also now married to Alvetta, Duchess of Kinsarmar. Why didn't Antioch throw him out? Because he killed his wife (: 3) pretty much every day, or she killed him, and then that laughed about it. That's why.

    But wait! Now raids are a thing. Owyn could tell that the world was about to change again. People would close their gates again, etc. to combatants. So with this knowledge combined with the fact that at the time AM was roflstomping EVERYONE into the ground he went magick, and some friends went with him.

    The point of this story is Owyn isn't a zealot -- not for magick or against it or demons either. He's just a guy living his life, as much on his own terms as he possibly can. There is zero roleplay reason for him to care about what mount you have, etc. The world as it was is not as it is. His whole life in Antioch it wasn't 'thematic' either. Antioch were just trying to be the game's bad guys. I like being a bad guy; Owyn pretty much still is a bad guy.

    @Krysaliss side note: If Dregaur did even 1/10th the stuff he did back in the day, people would be raging and up in arms so hard they'd be leaving in droves. You're talking about a dude that would team-gank people and then spend a couple hours methodically rifling through their possessions and stealing all of it.
  • Re: PK and excessive promo items

    Double post, but I love this announce in bug fixes after the uproar about promo items:

    "You can no longer FLY out of ethereal shackles."

    I mean... you and I are the ones who bugged it though. :wink: